Solve Better Discord Not Working in 2024 | Get The 7 Fixes Now

Solve Better Discord Not Working in 2022 | Get The 7 Fixes Now

Better Discord is an integral part of the gaming industry. There are many reasons for Better Discord Not Working. So, keeping those in mind, I have framed a news article to help you to fix the problem. Some reasons can be internet issues, firewall issues, corrupted files, and the use of third-party applications.

All the reasons mentioned above and many more combined create a problem. So, if you are also experiencing a similar problem and want to solve it, then refer to the details mentioned below. Better, Discord is an extended version of Discord; hence, the problems faced by the users are pretty grave.

In such cases, I am sure users would be able to solve Better Discord not working with the fixes mentioned below.

How to Fix Better Discord Not Working?

How to fix better discord not working?

Better Discord has straightforward features, but some users report problems they face on the platform. Most gamers face the issue of crashing and cannot get back online. Hence, we have framed the below fixes to help you out.

The methods are easy to follow, and I am sure you would benefit from them. So, get to know them now.

1. Reinstall Discord

Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

To reinstall discord, you have to follow the below steps.

1. Launch Discord.

2. Open the Run prompt.

4. Select your Discord and then right-click.

3. Write CPL and hit enter.

5. Choose the uninstall options

Note: This will help you to reinstall Discord. But it will not work until the installed Discord traces files from your device. Hence, you must delete the discord and local app data. Then you can uninstall your Discord application and then install it again.

2. Reinstall Better Discord

Reinstall Better Discord

When your Better Discord is not working, you should uninstall and reinstall the app as the most initial try. To remove Better Discord, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Download Better Discord Installer and open it.

2. Select the download link in your computer’s operating system.

3. From the list of options, choose the uninstalled Bandaged BD.

4. Select remove from the stable box.

5. Click both boxes in the additional option.

6. Click on uninstall.

After Better Discord is uninstalled, then you have to reinstall the app.

3. Logout and Login

Logout and Login

This option can be a miracle and work wonders on the app. Hence, I would suggest you try it and get your job done. So, if you wish to try it, please refer to the steps below.

1. Open Discord.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Click on Logout.

After logging out, you can log in to the account again and start afresh. Your problem may get solved.

4. Remove Custom Themes and Plugins

Remove Custom themes and Plugins

Some of the custom plugins and themes malfunction, so the app may not work smoothly. So, when you remove the additional features, all the problems will be solved. So, remove them; please refer to the steps below.

1. Launch Discord.

2. Go to settings.

3. Select User Settings.

4. Select the plugins and themes.

5. Select either the open plugin folder or the open theme folder.

6. Delete the plugins or theme files on the folder.

All the plugins and theme files are removed.

5. Repair Discord

When you face similar problems in Discord, you must repair them. Hence, to do the same, please refer to the steps below.

1. Download and launch the BandageBD installer.

2. Accept all the terms and conditions.

3. Select repair.

4. Click on repair on stable.

5. Choose the issue you are experiencing.

6. Select repair and the process starts.

After the repair, restart Discord and check if the issue is solved.

6. Remove the bdstorage.json File

Remove bdstorage.json File

Some users find it helpful to remove the bdstorage.json file. It has helped to remove some of the problems. You do not have to remove the file. You only have to keep it somewhere else, and your problems will be solved. You can try this method, and I am sure your problem will be solved.

7. Change of Language

Change of Language | better discord not working

When you change the language, you help reset your client’s design. For a short period, your app will not work. But that is a part of the process. Hence, please refer to the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch Discord.

2. Open Settings.

3. Go to user settings.

4. Go to App settings and click on language.

5. Select a different language from the options available below.

After this when your problem may get solved.

Wrapping Up

Now you have all the fixes required for Better Discord not working; I hope the fixes will help you to solve the problem. Hence, I would request you provide feedback in the comments below to help us know how it worked. Till then, do not stop gaming through Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Better Discord not working?

Better Discord is not working for many reasons like the presence of corrupt files, internet issues, interruptions by third-party apps, and firewalls.

How can I fix Better Discord not working?

Better Discord is not working, but you can quickly fix it with the help of the following methods-
1. By uninstalling and reinstalling Better Discord.
2. Logging out and logging in back into Better Discord.
3. Changing language and many more.

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