Five Ways to Actually Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel

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Renovating your kitchen is up there as one of the most expensive investments you can make in your home, from bespoke kitchen units to pricey appliances. But there are ways to save money at each turn in your kitchen remodelling journey; here are five simple ways you can renovate your kitchen on the cheap, without sacrificing your vision.

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Go Fully DIY

A ‘hidden’ expenditure many households don’t think to consider when pricing up a kitchen remodelling is that of the labour costs. A kitchen fitter would be adding on average £240 per day to your budget, which is money you could absolutely be spending elsewhere. So, rather than paying a premium for someone to work on your kitchen on your behalf, why not do it yourself? The cost of tools would be negligible in comparison to the time saved, and much of the work is simple enough to carry out alone – whether refitting units, grouting or painting.

Refresh Your Existing Units

Renovating your kitchen should not mean a complete and utter rebuild from scratch, but many households do take that avenue – and it ends up costing them dearly. Before you take a crowbar to your kitchen cabinets, think carefully about what you want from a new kitchen, and if the cabinets serve their purpose relatively well. Chances are they are perfectly adequate, and your new kitchen itch could be scratched by a simple refresh of your existing units, saving you a considerable amount of money and still delivering a transformative result. You could go as far as painting or re-finishing the cabinets, but oftentimes replacing the unit handles can make all the difference.

Re-use, Recycle

If you do intend to rip out your old cabinets – maybe they are showing their age in ways a repaint simply will not fix – you still do not have to lean all the way over into purchasing an expensive kitchen set. Re-using furniture is an incredibly thrifty option, and in some cases can bag you a kitchen set well outside your budget in terms of new sets. Auction sites often yield surprising results, while kitchen showrooms commonly have ex-display units they’ll sell for a fraction of their retail price.

Quality Over Quantity

This may seem somewhat counterintuitive, given that ‘quality’ is often a crib-word for ‘pricey’, but in this case a little up-front expenditure will save you money in the longer term. Buying cheaper tools and materials can quickly lead to heartache, where tools fail or perform a shoddy job, and materials show themselves to not be up to the task after a disappointingly short period of time. Ensure you purchase quality sealants for any tiling work you undertake, to guarantee the longevity of any engineered wood units near water sources. Likewise, kitchen paint is a wise purchase to futureproof your walls from moisture cracks and grease stains.

Create Your Own Worktop

The worktop constitutes the most expensive non-appliance purchase you will likely make in your kitchen, unless you have allocated the majority of your budget to black marble floor tiling. Rather than spending a premium on worktops offered by major kitchen showrooms, think about sourcing your own worktop. You could commission a local carpenter to shape and treat one on your behalf, or you could pick out some planks from the local lumber yard and cut your own to size. Either way, your worktop will not only go toe-to-toe with any commercial example, but will be totally unique – and the perfect finish to your newly remodelled kitchen.


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