Is Your Fitbit App Not Working Today? It’s Fixed Now!

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An error has occurred in Fitbit, and it has left users scratching their heads since it has added to the user’s woes. At about 1 p.m. GMT, the problem appeared. The users flooded the Down detector with complaints about the Fitbit app not working.

Almost all the users, Android or iOS users, complain that the app is not syncing. Therefore, data of any sort is not apparent. Unable to track the fitness data, including steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and the time spent exercising.

Since the app is not properly syncing with the fitness tracker or the smartwatch. What could be the possible reason? In this article, I will try to answer your question. Please give it a read.

Fitbit App Not Working! Here’s the Official Statement

Is Your Fitbit App Not Working Today? It's Fixed Now!

Update 1: At about 9 a.m. PT, the Fitbit outage was noticed. Many users complained the app is not syncing with the device.

Update 2: Google came with an official statement and confessed that there was an outage.

Update 3: At 11 a.m. PT, some of the stats were calculated by Fitbit. At the same time, some issues were yet to be resolved.

Update 4: At 2 a.m. PT, the official statement was put forth, claiming that the issue is resolved.

How to Fix Fitbit App Not Working?

Fitbit device and Smart phone/ Is Your Fitbit App Not Working Today? It's Fixed Now!

The issue has come to the fore, and the users are aghast over the issue. Several tweets and the complaints logged on the down detector are testimony to this fact. One thing has to be remembered if the problem has developed on the part of Fitbit. Suppose the server is down or under maintenance and can be rectified only by the company. Then you have to wait till the issue is resolved.

Apart from this, it could be due to some other manual faults. What could be such possible causes? Let us try to find out.

  1. Check Blue tooth Settings: Check your Bluetooth settings. All the data synced to Smartphones, tablets, and computers is done via Bluetooth. So to sync the data, you have to enable Bluetooth.
  2. Update Your Fitbit: Update your app. it might be problematic for the device to connect to the tracker if it is outdated.
  3. Sync the Fitbit to One device: Turn off the Bluetooth of the other device and connect it to a single device. Connecting to multiple devices might cause this problem. So it is better to connect it to a single device at a time.
  4. Turn on WiFi: Sometimes, turning on the wifi and Bluetooth of the smartphone or tablet at the same time develop lagging, and the device stops working properly. So in such cases, if you are trying to sync a Fitbit tracker, it could hinder the Blue tooth Connectivity and prevent syncing.
  5. Restart your Fitbit: Restarting your Fitbit is the same as restarting your computer. It resolves many issues that users commonly face. So you can try this method. This may prove helpful.

Learn How to Fix Fitbit App Not Working

Wrapping Up

Since this is an issue that ought the redressal on behalf of the company, firstly, they instantly admitted that there was an outage and straight away tried to rectify the outage. It is not necessary that this will be an outage problem always at times. It could be otherwise. all you need is a guide to get through, and you can type in Fitbit not working, and you will find this article to let you pass through the hurdle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Fitbit app not working right now?

Ans: Yes, there was an outage. Some of the things stand resolved where, and Fitbit is trying to rectify the others.

Q: How do I reboot my Fitbit app?

Ans: Find the settings app by swiping down from the clock screen.
Open the Settings app and Restart Device. Restart

Q: Why is my Fitbit app not working?

Ans: Restart your Phone. Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app

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