Fisherfolks Received Outboard Motors Engines from EALCRP

Fisherfolks Received Outboard Motors Engines from EALCRP


by: December 28, 2020

The Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project has handed one (1) 100 horsepower engine and over four (4) 50 horsepower engines to fishers from the fish landing sites of Roseau, Stowe, Scotts Head, Colihaut, and San Sauver.

The Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security, under the Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project purchased one hundred and eight (108) YAMAHA outboard motor engines to a total cost of EC$1,758,040.

The engines comprised of sixty-eight (68) 50 horsepower 4 stroke and forty (40) 100 horsepower 4 stroke engines. The cost of one 50 horsepower is ECS13,650, while, the 100 horsepower, cost EC$20,746.

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Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Minister for Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security, Fidel Grant called on the fisherfolks to begin looking at fishing as a business.

“The Government in partnership with the World Bank is making that investment in you the fisherfolk and it will continue with the distribution of engines and with the distribution of boats. What I would Like to urge the fisherfolk here and those viewing, let us begin to look at fishing as a business and that is the first step in taking the industry seriously,” Grant stated. He added, “Let us begin by taking the records of our catch and the records of our sale because this is important for a number of reasons.”

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The outboard motor engines were procured by Auto Trade Ltd. Presently, Auto Trade is undertaking training sessions for the beneficiaries in outboard motor maintenance and warranty. The company will also, undertake, the testing of the engines and provide supervision to the fishers when mounting the engines.

Fisherfolks that are approved for boats under the project will receive a resilient seaworthy fishing boat ranging in length from 21 to 25 feet.

At the close of the Fisheries Expressions of Interest (EOI) /Applications, the project received 212 applications for engines, 76 for boats, and 5 for canoes.

Following the devastations of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, the Government of Dominica with the financial support of the World Bank US$25.0 million, (EC$67 million) started the implementation of the “Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project (EALCRP), a five-year period intervention.

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The project has four components. Component A is the Restoration of the Productive Base for the Recovery of Agricultural Livelihoods including Cropping, Livestock, and Fisheries.

Under this main component is a sub-component A2 which includes the Restoration of the Fisheries Systems (USD 1.8 million) which targets restoration of livelihood of fisher folks and repairing/reconstruction of boat/boat building facilities.

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