What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft | Everything To Know!

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

Are you curious to know what does Fire Aspect do in Minecraft? You have reached the right spot. Here you will get a complete guide on the Fire Aspect of Minecraft and what does fire aspect do in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a great enchantment and crafting system throughout the gameplay. Players can enchant their items to enhance them with various in-game effects and can also use the enchanting book and the enchanted table to apply these Minecraft enchantments.

Using the fire aspect in Minecraft will help you to boost the game to a great extent. This post will discuss what does Fire Aspect do in Minecraft in detail. It is a powerful sword enchantment in the Minecraft game. So without further ado, let’s dive into the article.

What Is Fire Aspect In Minecraft?

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

Before we get into what does fire aspect do in Minecraft, let’s learn in detail about various features of the fire aspect. The Minecraft Fire Aspect sword enchantment is a fantastic feature of the gameplay. It sets fire to the in-game target and has some amazing pictures.  


  • To apply the fire aspect enchantment on any Minecraft sword, you can use any enchanting table, Anvil, or game command. 
  • Up to eight enchantments can be applied to any Minecraft sword. Currently, it is compatible with almost all Minecraft sword enchantments.
  • Fire Aspect I will burn the target for four seconds, and Fire Aspect II will burn it for eight seconds. 
  • Each second of burning will cause the target to take one hp of in-game damage. 
  • The time of the second fire damage is not counted because the item causes the first hit with this Fire Aspect enchantment. That is, with Fire Aspect I, the main target receives damage for three seconds, and seven seconds with Fire Aspect II.
  • Mob normally drops meat when killed. But you will get cooked meat if you kill them with a Minecraft Aspect sword. 

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft?

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

If you apply Fire Aspect enchantment on an in-game item, the mob attacked with it begins to burn. The target burns for eight ticks(4 seconds) if attacked by Fire Aspect I. And for Fire aspect II it goes by one hundred and sixty ticks (8 seconds).

It is an amazing enchantment to use in mob farms where players must kill the mob to get food items as the mob drops cooked in-game food.

How To Get Fire Aspect In Minecraft?

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

Fire Aspect holds a greater value in the whole gameplay of Minecraft. Head on further to learn how you can get the fire aspect in Minecraft easily by following some methods. 

Here are the ways to get fire aspect in Minecraft –

  • You can use tactics like Fishing, loot chests, enchanting tables, and librarian trades to obtain the Fire aspect in Minecraft. Although fishing takes time, you can save some time by creating an AFK fish farm. 
  • You must have at least level 11 and 6 bookshelves to obtain Fire Aspect I from the enchantment table. 
  • Fire Aspect II requires a minimum level of 34 and 17 bookshelves. Getting Fire Aspect from the enchantment table will cost you a lot of resources. 
  • To find the Fire Aspect enchantment book, players can continue breaking and placing the librarian’s lectern to change its offering trades.
  • You can also use the cheat command to obtain the Fire Aspect enchantment. The Fire Aspect ID in Minecraft is ‘fire aspect’. In Minecraft, use the command ‘/enchant [level]’ to apply enchantment.

What Is The ID For Fire Aspect In Minecraft?

The fire aspect is a sword enchantment that sets the enemy on fire after being hit. The duration of the burn and the amount of damage are determined by the level of enchantment. Minecraft fire aspect’s id is 13, and its Namespaced ID is fire aspect.

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

On Which Item Can You Use Fire Aspect Enchantment?

The most important thing Fire aspects do is enchant different items in Minecraft. Although one must make sure that Axe cannot be enchanted with a Fire Aspect enchantment in Minecraft. 

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

But you can enchant a Stick, a Bow, a Sword, and a Pickaxe with the Fire Aspect. When used on a bow, it fires fire arrows that burn enemies on impact.

A Pickaxe can also melt block on break with a Fire Aspect enchantment. It works with both iron and gold, making ore smelting much faster.

How To Get Rid Of Fire Aspect Enchantment?

What Does Fire Aspect Do In Minecraft

Now that we know what does Fire Aspect do in Minecraft, let’s see how to remove this enchantment. You can simply use a Grindstone to remove all enchantments from a Minecraft sword, including Fire Aspect. And if you don’t have a Grindstone, you can also obtain a new in-game sword.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about What is does Fire Aspect do in Minecraft. After following these instructions, I guess you will be able to use Fire Aspect in Minecraft very easily. Also, many articles are available on Path of EX about Minecraft gaming. You can check them out one by one. And stay tuned to Path of EX for more such updates! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fire Aspect Good In Minecraft?

It is a great enchantment to use in mob farms that require gamers to kill the mob for food items because then the mob will drop cooked food.

2. Which Is Better Flame Or Fire Aspect?

Flame and Fire Aspect are the same enchantment but meant for different weapons. Flame is a bow-only enchantment, while Fire Aspect is a sword-only enchantment in Minecraft. Sword strikes or arrows shot from the bow will light up the enemy and cause fire damage.

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