All The Interesting Facts about Finger Of Death 5e | Zombie!

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Whenever someone gossips about DnD Finger of Death 5e, we hear people saying- What Finger of Death 5e DnD is actually? Does the Finger of Death 5e turn you into a zombie? In this article, we are going to answer everything that is probably revolving in your head from endless months.

This spell is all about hit points dropping to zero, unconsciousness, and about to touch death. You are not dead-dead when damage hits your points to zero, but probably you lose consciousness. However, it continues to be so till the hit points are gathered. 

There is much more about Finger of Death 5e, Zombie, and Death saves so head on. 

Description of Finger of Death 5e

Finger Of Death 5e

When a creature is spotted by you within the range of your feet, he sets out the negative energy which is dead painful. The target is ought to throw a constitution saving throw. If the saving throw fails, the damage that has to be dealt is around 7d8+30, the damage reduces to half when the throw succeeds. 

Humanoid is killed, significantly, and it turns into an undead Zombie during the beginning of its next turn. This goes on as per the verbal orders imposed. 

When Cleric brings back MAC and allows a lengthy nap, Mac heads on to intimidate a high-level Warlock NOC(non-player character). Warlock, in its reaction, casts Finger of Death 5e on Mac. When Mac fails to undertake his saving throw, he deals with 67 hit points (rolling 7d8+30). Despite the fact that now his hit points have reduced to 44, damage of 23 is still present to be dealt. However, this doesn’t rise to more than 44 which means that Mac is unconscious and not dead. 

Finger Of Death 5e

Currently, Finger of Death 5e DnD is used to respond to the negative energy sent by the creature. This negative energy is the same energy that stops flowing from Mac’s body after the spell ends. This has nearly vanished and has exhausted Mac’s commendable powers. The magic is said to be finished with the next three failed saving throws. This further on, leaves Mac on the verge of dying because of no energy left to continue with his heartbeats. Mac doesn’t recover as Zombie as there is no negative energy left. 

Casting Time1 Action
Range60 Feet
ClassesSorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

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Does Finger of Death 5e Turn you into a Zombie?

Finger Of Death 5e

It is always assumed that a strike made by PC with a hit point of 0 turns you into a Zombie but it doesn’t. Neither PC dies. He only lies down unconscious and is on the verge of dying. After dropping to zero hit points, an unconscious PC starts hitting death-saving throws. However, If the damage of the PC exceeds its maximum hit point, dropping down to 0 hit point will probably kill the player character. 

A player who has failed two death-saving throws can be, somehow, affected by Finger of Death, Prior the spell leaves its impact. If a damage is lived by the spell, this will be a third failed saving throw. 

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Can Finger of Death 5e Lead to Instant Death?

  • Finger Of Death 5e
  • Finger Of Death 5e
  • All The Interesting Facts about Finger Of Death 5e | Zombie!

If a player owns the hit points of less than Zero and still has a damage with him, gigantic damage can surely lead to instant death.

Wrapping Up

Finger of Death 5e can be too much to deal with, especially with 0 or less than 0 hit points. However, it is highly advised to escape this spell if you do not have many hit points. 

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