Finding the Right PR Firm As a Musician 

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Shivangi Gupta
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You’ve just released a new album or single, and you’re thinking about how to distribute it, engage your fans, and make the biggest impact. Today, very little music is consumed on physical media, and music has little meaning if no one listens to it. The trend is streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, etc., as well as download stores like Amazon, iTunes, etc. Currently, over 35 million songs are available on Spotify, so competition for streams and fans is fierce, but there are ways for you to get noticed.

If you want your track to be picked up, you must promote it with a public relations (PR) strategy. Do you think you can handle this yourself, or do you need to hire a music PR firm to do it for you? This article will explain what to look for in a music PR firm and hopefully guide you through the decision-making process.  

What is a Music Publicist (PR) Firm? 

A music PR firm deals with media and public relations on behalf of a music artist, a music group, or a musician. They strategically promote an artist and their musical work to the public to gain recognition and prominence through different means.

Why Do You Need a Music PR Firm?

A Music PR firm usually aims to oversee, shape, and maintain an artist’s public image using various media. In addition, they represent your music in the media (blogs, podcasts, radio, and television) and liaise with those media to ensure that your work is recognized. They can build your brand and make you marketable. They do this by creating a bio that tells a great story about you, securing audio and video premieres and album reviews, conducting interviews, taking photos, writing articles, and presenting your music in a visually attractive and easily available method.

Having your music available on as many platforms as possible is crucial to your success. A good music PR firm will bring many contacts to the table that you do not have easy access to. The list may include totally free music distribution services to get your music into the hands of millions — or at least put you in a position where millions can find your music right away, and their services can be just what you need to take your budding career to the next level. 

A music PR agency can also offer career advice by developing a compelling narrative or avoiding image-damaging pitfalls. Publicists ensure that their clients make a positive impression by providing informed perspectives.

In addition, it takes a considerable amount of time to handle all the bases associated with a music release.  Music PR firms can be a great asset if you are short on time.

How to Find the Right PR Firm for You?

Many musicians turn to PR firms to launch their careers into stardom and become the next chart-topping artists. We have put together a list of questions for you to ask yourself and your music PR firm before you hire them.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Am I ready for a PR Firm?

Establish your business and marketing goals before meeting with a music PR firm. This way, you will demonstrate to the firm that you are serious about your music and have a vision you intend to realize. To succeed, you need to generate media interest in your music, but you may not need a PR firm for this.

Can I Afford It?

You should also think about the cost and level of commitment when hiring a PR agency. If you must divert funds from your group’s expenses to pay your PR firm, you may want to wait. When you go for one, choose one that feels right to you, and make sure the payment policy is crystal clear, so there are no surprises.

Can I Do It Myself?

These days, managing your music marketing and sometimes serving as a promoter and manager is one of the biggest challenges you face. Digital marketing plays a crucial role in promoting music as well. There are websites dedicated to helping musicians market themselves effectively. Consider whether you can do it yourself or if someone else can make your music more successful before hiring a music PR firm.

Question to Ask the PR Firms:

Are They Interested in Artists at Your Level and Genre? 

Are PR firms as committed to the unknown as they are to the big ones? Another important point to remember is that most agencies specialize in specific genres of music. You may be better off avoiding PR agencies altogether than choosing one that doesn’t match your level or your music.

What are the PR Firm’s Reviews?

You should thoroughly research the firm you are considering. You can determine whether the company will take your goals seriously by reading reviews from other musicians. If there are too many negative reviews, you should look elsewhere.

Who Are Some of the Firm’s Current and Former Clients?

It’s important to know who they have represented in the past and who they represent now. The best PR firms are transparent about their clients, and their websites usually feature testimonials. Seeing what type of artists they work with regularly will help you figure out if you’re a good fit pretty quickly. 

Other questions you should ask to find the right PR agency are:

  • Can they effectively represent you, especially if they have a long client list? 
  • How many team members do the firm have to handle the clients, and how much contact will you have with them?
  • Why should you choose them over other agencies?
  • Are there detailed reports that show how effective they have been at promoting you?

Wrapping Up

You, as the artist, are the buyer, so you are in control when selecting a music PR firm. Your art and your money allow publicists to stay in business. Even if a music PR agency can help you understand digital marketing and how to use social media to your advantage, you should make sure you are in the right position in your career and find the right agent. Therefore, do your homework and research thoroughly. 


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