Where to Find Quilava (2022) | Locate Quilava in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

Where to Find Quilava (2022) | Locate Quilava in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

Many congratulations to Pokemon legend game players on reaching the 36th level. Now you are trying to figure out ways to be a champion. All the best to you! One of the ways to be a champion is to discover where to find Quilava? 

Quilava is one of the starters of Pokemons in the Pokemon Legend Game. It is Fire-type Volcano Pokemon. Quilava’s slow growth rate has one special Attack and one Speed EV Yield. Having such a Pokemon is a champion situation for any player. There are many islands where you can locate Quilava, namely Obsidian Fieldlands, Crimson Mirelnads, Cobalt Coastlands, Coronet Highlands, and Alabaster Iceland. 

Quilava is the second evolution of Cyndaquil. There are ways to find Quilava and be a champion. Keep reading the article until the end and discover ways how to catch Quilava.

How to Find Quilava?

Your way to be a champion is to locate Quilava in the Pokemon Legend Game. Quilava being a fire-type Pokemon, is a bit difficult to locate. You can locate Quilava from Space-Time Distortions inside Crimson Mirelands. 

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Interesting Information About Quilava

Being a Pokemon game lover, you must be interested in collecting information about Quilava. The below mentioned might play a smart role in catching Quilava in the Pokemon Legend Areceus Game.

Preferred Food items by Quilava- Hearty Grains and Plump Beans.

Items Carried by Quilava- Sitrus Berry and Spoiled Apricon.

Details to Locate Quilava

Hisui Pokedex: #005 Quilava

Type: Fire

EXP Group: Medium Slow

Height: 2’11”

Evolution: Cyndaquil > Quilava (Level 14) > Hisuian Typhlosion (Level 36)

Characteristics: Hails from the Johto region. Though usually curled into a ball due to its timid disposition, it harbors tremendous firepower.

Quilava Location in Pokemon Arceus:

  • Evolves from Cyndaquil at Level 14

Quilava Stats:

  • HP: 58
  • Attack: 64
  • Defense: 58
  • Special Attack: 80
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 80
  • Total Combat Points: 405

Wrapping Up

Quilava is an attacking Pokemon; capturing it will be a task. But, if you desperately want to be a champion, you need to figure out ways where to find Quilava. Your online friend Path of EX presents you with ways to capture Quilava in the above article.

Do share in the comments how was your journey to capture Quilava. Do not forget to share in the comments your favorite Pokemon.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what level does Quilava evolve?

Quilava evolves at level 36.

Where can I find Quilava?

Crimson Mirelands.

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