Where to Find Dartrix (2022) | Locate Dartrix in Pokemon Legend: Arceus

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Hey Pokemon Legends lovers! It seems you have figured out a way to be a champion. If I am not wrong, your way is to discover where to find Dartrix and be a champion. Am I right? 

Dartrix is one of the starter Pokemons at Pokemon Legends. It belongs to grass-type Pokemon and has evolved from Rowlet. Moreover, Dartrix will further evolve into Decidueye. Being a Pokemon lover, you must be wondering to know more about Dartrix. Let me also tell you that the most preferred items by Dartrix are Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans. 

You must be wondering, is there any way you can use preferred food to find Dartrix. The answer is no, and you cannot use them. Below mentioned ways will help to locate places where to find Dartrix. Keep scrolling to know more. 

How to find Dartrix?

Congratulations on reaching level 36 of the Pokemon Legend game. You must be thinking, how do I know? The answer is very simple, you have reached the 36th level; that is why you are looking for ways to find Dartrix. You have landed on the right article. Keep reading till the end to figure out ways how to find Dartrix.

1. Professor Laventon in Jubilife Village

Professor Laventon is the most reliable source to catch Dartrix. He is great at catching starter Pokemons. Adding to this, the Pokemon you want to catch is one of the Starter Pokemon. Hence, Professor Laventon will be a great help in finding Dartrix.

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2. Space-Time Distortion 

Yes, you heard me right; you can find Dartrix in Space-Time Distortion. You can catch Dartrix with the help of Space-Time Distortion at random areas, but after clearing the main game.

Details on How to Find Dartrix?

Hisui Pokedex: #002 Dartrix

Type: Grass/Flying

Height: 2’04”

Evolution: Rowlet > Dartrix (Level 17) > Hisuian Decidueye (Level 34)

Characteristics: Regularly basks in sunlight to gather power—presumably due to the frigid climate. Nonetheless, the edges of the blade quills set into its wings are keen as ever.

Dartrix Location in Pokemon Arceus:

  • Evolves from Rowlet at Level 17.

Dartrix Stats:

  • HP: 78
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 75
  • Special Attack: 70
  • Special Defense: 70
  • Speed: 52
  • Total Combat Points: 420

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Wrapping Up

One of the most tricked ways to be a Champion in the Pokemon Legend game is to find the starter Pokemons. Dartrix is one of the starter Pokemon. If you can figure out a way how to find Dartrix, you can surely be a champion. The article’s above-shared information will help you find Dartrix in the Pokemon legend game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evolve Dartrix?

Rowlet evolves into Dartrix at level 17, later Dartrix evolves into Hisuain Decidueye at level 36.

What egg group is Dartrix in?

Dartrix is in the Flying Egg group.

Which pokemon evolves into Dartrix?

Pokemon Rowlet evolves into Dartrix.


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