Final Fantasy 16 Eikons List: Detailed Guide On How They Work?

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Are you searching for some Final Fantasy 16 Eikons? Who can enhance your gaming experience? Look no further! Final Fantasy 16 is an epic battle game that features multiple characters and challenges on our table. Head on through this page and grab the confirmed list of Final Fantasy 16 Eikons.

We all know about the Clive and Ultima Rivalry and face-off in the end. But how does Clive makes it to death at the end of FF16 is no less than a surprise, considering his massive powers and abilities.

But how does Clive become so powerful? From where does all this power come from? Does Final Fantasy 16 Eikons have to do anything with this power? Well, all your questions are answered well in this article. Let’s Go!

List of Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Confirmed Summons

Eikons, referred to as Espers and Eidolons, are summonable monsters who can take many shapes along their journey. Below are the confirmed FF16 Eikons. Check them out:

  • Ifrit
  • Phoenix
  • Garuda
  • Ramuh
  • Titan
  • Bahamut
  • Shiva
  • Odin
  • Typhon (not summonable)
  • Titan Lost (not summonable)

Have a look below and see what each eikon brings to your table in Final Fantasy 16.

Detailed Information on Final Fantasy 16 Eikons: Story of All the Summoned Eikons in FF16

Eikons really know how to pull our thoughts into action and mold well into the situation. Every eikon is a different-theme-based eikon, build up with a set of strengths and weaknesses. Head on below and grab in-depth information on various Final Fantasy 16 Eikons.

1. Ifrit

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Ifrit is one of the Final Fantasy 16 Eikons that is also known as the Fire Eikon in the FF16 world. This one is closely related to Ifrit, and the mysteries of them are stretched throughout the game.

  • Limit Break: Tap L3+R3 and semi-prime to enhance your battle performance.
  • Will-o-the-Wykes: Summons a storm of fireballs that circle about Clive, damaging nearby targets while also absorbing damage.
  • Ignition: Attack while charging, inflicting multiple hits, and forcing the enemy back. Can be used in midair.

2. Phoenix

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

The next Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 is Phoenix, who is said to be an eikon of Dominant Joshua. The power of Phoenix is said to unlock earlier than expected during a fourth quest, Sunrise, Sunset. Hence, you can expect to be dishing out fiery attacks in no time.

  • Rising Flames – Summon a fiery wing that deals damage and can launch lighter enemies into the air.
  • Scarlet Cyclone – Spin quickly, creating a ring of fire that burns all enemies in range.
  • Heatwave – Summon a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame before launching several deadly shockwaves. Wave force is amplified upon dispelling magic.
  • Flames of Rebirth – Summon a massive pillar of fire that burns all enemies caught within the flames, while also partially restoring Clive’s HP.

3. Garuda

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Garuda is a wind-based Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 which is dominated by Benedikta Harman and, after getting defeated, can grant his wind-based attacks to Clive. It is encountered in the 13th main quest of the game, Winds of Change, so you don’t have too much to get through before whipping up tornadoes.

  • Gouge – Summon twin claws that relentlessly tear at a target. Can be used in midair.
  • Wicked Wheel – Perform a rising attack, striking all enemies within range and lifting them from the ground. Can be used in midair.
  • Rook’s Gambit – Jump back, then deliver a punishing counter. If the jump evades an attack, counter potency is increased. Can be used in midair.
  • Aerial Blast – Summon a tornado that slowly hunts down nearby enemies and, upon ensnaring them, inflicts multiple hits.

4. Ramuh

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

As Ramuh makes a massive return to FF16, it is hosted by Dominant Cidolfus Telamon. This Final Fantasy 16 Eikon is a light-based Eikon that has abilities such as Pile Drive. Clive learns Ramuh’s abilities through the main quest during the 27th mission, Cid the Outlaw.

  • Pile Drive – Drive Ramuh’s staff into the ground, electrifying all enemies within a radius of the strike.
  • Thunderstorm – Call forth a powerful thunderstorm that rains multiple bolts of lightning down upon a target.
  • Lightning Rod – Create a ball of lightning that, upon being struck, chains lightning to other nearby enemies.
  • Judgment Bolt – Summon from the heavens a mighty levinbolt that deals massive damage to a single target.

5. Titan

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

After making a massive hit in the first summon in FF3, Tital, an earth-based Eikon, is here residing in the powerful Dominant Hugo Kupka. This holds the capacity to rule over and above all the Eikons. After Clive defeats Titan, this is when the Earth-based powers become eligible for unlocking.

  • Windup – Punch forward. Hold the button to wind up the attack, further increasing potency.
  • Upheaval – Slam a fist into the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within range. Hold the button to increase the range. Can be used in midair.
  • Raging Fists – Step forward and deliver a blinding flurry of high-speed punches. Blocking an enemy attack with the step forward increases the potency of the following punches.
  • Earthen Fury – Drive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.

6. Bahamut

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

One of the oldest characters in FF history is Bahamut. It is dominated by Dion Lesage, Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Bahamut is a Light elemental Eikon in Final Fantasy 16. After unlocking the Eikon after coating with Dion, this is when Clive will unlock the Light-based skill tree.

  • Impulse – Summon multiple spheres of light that, upon striking an enemy, deal it continuous damage, binding it to the spot.
  • Flare Breath – Breathe forth a plume of light-aspected flame that deals continuous damage.
  • Satellite – Summon multiple light-aspected familiars that attack any enemy upon which Clive uses magic.
  • Gigaflare – Fire a massive beam of overcharged light that burns any enemy it hits.

7. Shiva

Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

Shiva is an Ice Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 which makes it clearly evident that it is quite agile as one expects. Hosted by Jill Warrick, dominant from the frozen Northern Territories, it aces the Ice attacks. After getting defeated, all the attacks become available to Clive.

  • Ice Age – Unleash a river of icicles that greatly knocks back any enemies it strikes. Hold button to increase potency.
  • Mesmerize – Launch multiple shards of ice that, upon striking lighter enemies, draw them toward Clive. Can be used in midair.
  • Rime – Summon a colossal ice crystal that deals continuous damage to all enemies that become trapped inside it.
  • Diamond Dust – Summon a winter storm that freezes enemies in place within a radius before dealing massive ice damage and knocking them back.

8. Odin

Another Eikon in Final Fantasy 16 is Odin. Odin is a darkness Eikon, which is hosted by Dominant Barnabas Thamr of Waloed. His powers will only open up to you right before the game is about the end. After getting defeated by Clive, his dark powers will be unlocked and will grant more powerful attacks through a skill tree.

How Do Eikons Work in Final Fantasy 16?

Eikons are the ones in Final Fantasy 16 who are hosted by a person called dominant, and their powers are used perfectly in the game, where some are earth-based, darkness-based, wind-based, ice-based, or even light-based.

A Dominant can also be transformed into Eikon during certain conditions. Many times, Eikons are hosted by people who don’t even have any idea about that, just like Hugo Kupka, who had no idea of him being a Dominant Eikon Titan.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Final Fantasy 16 Eikons. Check out the above guide and learn which Eikon suits perfectly for you today. My personal favorite is Shiva! Which one is yours? Let me know in the comment section below.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you asap.

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