Will There Be Final Fantasy 16 DLC: All Updates & Leaks (2023)

Final Fantasy 16 DLC

DLC, or Downloadable content, has become really popular in the gaming industry in recent years. DLC has evolved into a significant part of the gaming experience. With a lot of games coming out with their own, we’re left asking, will we get Final Fantasy 16 DLC as well?

Because if Forspoken got DLC, why not the impressive Final Fantasy 16? With DLC, we’d have more content and more immersive gameplay. There’s so much to look forward to. But is DLC the best way to go?

In this article, I’ll discuss whether there are plans for Final Fantasy 16 DLC and why we should or shouldn’t have it. Also, read on to know what the director says about the future of Final Fantasy 16 DLC!

Will There Be Final Fantasy 16 DLC | Possibility of FF16 DLC

According to director Hiroshi Takai, FF16 currently has no plans for introducing Final Fantasy 16 DLC.

Even though the game Final Fantasy 16 has just been released, there’s already a demand for DLC. Sadly, there are no current plans for the release of Final Fantasy 16 DLC, according to director Naoki Yoshida.

But we want DLC because, like me, most players aren’t satisfied with the unclear & inconclusive ending. I mean, imagine a storyline where you play as the dominant of Leviathan, where you destroy the first 3 mother crystals, and at the end, learn why the Eikon is referred to as the lost. Or even a story where you could fight against Leviathan.

Here’s what some of us have in defense for wanting a Final Fantasy 16 DLC:

Final Fantasy 16 Bloodsword DLC | Sword DLC in FF16

the Bloodsword has to be one of the most overpowered weapons in Final Fantasy history.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC: Bloodsword
Final Fantasy 16 DLC: Bloodsword

We have the exciting Final Fantasy 16 Bloodsword DLC in the Collectors or Deluxe Edition of the game. The good news is that even though it might cost hundreds of dollars now, down the line, DLC items like the Bloodsword will be very affordable.

And although the Bloodsword in itself isn’t as good as its hype, I’m really happy to see this because it could mean that we get more DLC weapons from other games in the series.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Final Fantasy 16 DLC

While many are demanding a DLC, some of us classics are happy with no DLC to continue focusing on the game and love Final Fantasy as it is. Some of us simply want the developers to up all that energy on producing the next game in the FF Series.

Benefits of Final Fantasy 16 DLC

To help you decide whether you want DLC or not, here are the Benefits of Final Fantasy 16 DLC:

  1. Extended Gameplay: Final Fantasy 16 DLC can provide additional content, such as new storylines, quests, characters, or areas, which can extend the overall gameplay experience of FF16. With Final Fantasy 16 DLC, Players can continue to immerse themselves in the game world and explore new adventures beyond the base game.
  2. Enhanced Replayability: DLC can offer new gameplay options, challenges, or modes that encourage players to revisit FF16. This will increase replayability and provide a fresh experience for those who have already completed the main storyline.
  3. Content Updates and Improvements: DLC can serve as a platform for developers to address player feedback and make improvements to the game. It lets them add features, refine gameplay mechanics, or fix bugs, enhancing the overall quality of the FF16 experience.

Drawbacks of Final Fantasy 16 DLC

To help you decide whether you want DLC or not, here are the Drawbacks of Final Fantasy 16 DLC:

  1. Additional Cost: DLC usually comes at an extra cost beyond the base game, which can be a concern for some players. The cumulative cost of purchasing multiple DLC packs may make the overall price of playing FF16 higher and most players unhappy.
  2. Fragmented Experience: If the DLC content is essential to the main storyline or contains important lore, players who choose not to purchase the DLC may feel that their experience is incomplete. This can lead to a fragmented player base and potential letdown among those who can’t get this content.
  3. Development Focus: The creation of DLC may divert resources and attention from addressing potential issues in the base game. If developers prioritize DLC development over fixing existing bugs or improving core gameplay elements, it may impact the overall quality and stability of FF16.
  4. Timing and Availability: Depending on the release schedule and availability of DLC, players who complete the main game quickly may have to wait for a significant period to access additional content. This can lead to a sense of disengagement or loss of interest in FF16 during the interim period.

Future Plans For Final Fantasy 16 DLC: Good News

Final Fantasy 16 DLC

About the ongoing discussion about Final Fantasy 16 DLC, the director: Hiroshi Takai, and producer: Naoki Yoshida, have some things to say to address the questions around the topic.

“I get the sense if the demand is there, CBUIII is ready on a moment’s notice to return, perhaps through DLC or, harkening back to its MMO expertise, an expansion.”

Hiroshi Takai & Naoki Yoshida

So although there are currently no plans for Final Fantasy 16 DLC, we cannot say that there are plans for no DLC either! Here’s what might soothe you:

“We have no idea if people are going to fall in love with Valisthea and fall in love with Clive’s story and want to see more of the world and more of its characters,” Yoshida says. “So while we always want to consider DLC or spinoffs or those types of things where you can learn more about the game, first we want to see if Valisthea and Clive are really things players around the world want to see more of and then make that decision.” 

– Takai

Wrapping Up

So while there is no official confirmation of Final Fantasy 16 DLC at this time, the suspense surrounding the possibility of additional content continues to grow. Including the Bloodsword in the game has sparked curiosity among fans, fueling rumors about potential DLC plans and future updates. For now, fans can wait and keep their hopes alive for new adventures in the captivating world of Final Fantasy 16.

Happy Gaming!

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