11 Hilarious Female Comedians Who Will Make You ROFL!

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The world is a sexist place and these badass women are fighting it every day. To be true they are rocking the scene better than any man. Sorry boys, but these ladies make us laugh harder, oops better than you guys do. So, without wasting any more time let’s start talking about the “Hilarious Female Comedians” who are funnier than most people in the scene.    

Emily McWinter, in an interview with Glamor, said, “I was once told that I couldn’t do a show because the ‘woman’s spot’ was filled for the show”. Do you think any male comedian has ever come across such bizarre shit, ever? No! This gift is only for these beautiful and strong women and despite everything, these ladies are ravishing in their careers.

In the past few decades, we have seen a rise in the numbers of female comedians and we cannot thank God enough for it. All these queens have their own specials on Netflix. So just in case you have nothing to watch this weekend, give them a try and you’ll find yourself ROFL!

11 Famous Female Comedians In The World

Can women be scientists? Check! Doctors? Check! Comedians? Lol, double-check. Women can do anything, and these female comedians are living proof of it. Even the top female celebrities under 25 are doing their best to ace in their fields. All the ladies that do great in their respective fields are paving way for more to come. I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring than a successful woman. 

Let’s unravel the funniest female comedians and brighten your day even more. 

11. Anjelah Johnson

Starting her career from MADtv in 2007, Anjelah Johnson has been doing her comedy for more than a decade now. From taking improv classes to now having her own Netflix specials, Johnson has come a long way. She even had her special, Anjelah Johnson: That’s How We Do It, on Comedy Central in 2009

Her first outbreak was on YouTube, where she was noticed quite a lot in the beginning and now we all are paying to watch her. Now that’s what you call a success story. She’s an amazing female comedian.  

10. Yvonne Orji

Best known for her role in Insecure, Yvonne Orji is an actress and a great comedian. Her parents always wanted her to be a doctor, or engineer, or all those great professions. However, she was interested in making a bigger name for herself. After she completed her master’s degree from George Washington University she came to NYC to pursue comedy.

In her recent special on Netflix, Momma, I Made It!, she talks about her Nigerian-American upbringing and her struggling days before she became a female comedian.   

9. Hannah Gadsby

If you haven’t binge-watched her stand-up videos on YouTube then what are you even doing? Hannah Gadsby was discovered when she won the finale of Raw Comedy in 2006. Since then she has done several international tours. 

Hannah Gadsby has received a Peabody Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for her show on Netflix. The recent Netflix special features her bizarre incidents at a dog park. 

8. Ali Wong

Alexandra Dawn “Ali” Wong is an actor and a writer but primarily she is a comedian. She acclaimed critical appreciation because of her Netflix specials Hard Knock Wife and Baby Cobra. She has also acted in multiple movies and has done several shows.

Just like all the badass female comedians, Ali Wong also talks about several taboos and feminism. Her “The Pregnant Female Comedian” will surely make you snort while laughing, so do watch it. 

7. Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan is truly fearless. I mean she cracks two Taylor Swift jokes in her recent Netflix special and gets away with it. If the swifties can take it, that’s your cue to know that she’s really good. Till now, she had done two Netflix specials Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room and Katherine Ryan: In Trouble. Both of them were massive hits.   

Born to very smart parents, Katherine Ryan left her home for college when she was 18. She worked as a waitress in Hooters and then began taking open mics in the nights. She worked very hard to be among one of the most popular female comedians. 

6. Cristela Alonzo

Don’t you just love the sarcastic shows by female comedians? Yes, you do and that’s why you have to watch every single video of Cristela Alonzo. She is the first Latina woman to write, create, produce and star in a primetime comedy show in the US. She was raised by a single mother as her father was an abuser and left them alone. 

Cristela and her sisters were once destitute and homeless. Her mother did everything to make her daughters successful and here we are, talking about her youngest daughter as one of the most famous female comedians in the world.  

5. Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro is a famous female comedian who has been nominated for a lot of prestigious awards such as the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards, 59th Annual Grammy Awards, Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, and more. Tin Notaro first started her career in the music industry then started her first standup in the late 90s.

Tin Notaro is a dark comic. She said in an interview, “I’m always going to do whatever I think is funniest. If something’s dark, I’ll do it. If it’s a sock puppet, if it’s a stool, I’ll do it. There’s no preconceived idea of who I think I might be now”. She’s one of the few female comedians who have fought against breast cancer.  

4. Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany is another hilarious female comedian but more importantly, she’s black and fierce. She has starred in various NBC shows. Tiffany Haddish has hosted Saturday Night Live and has voiced Tuca in Tuca & Bertie. The lady has even won a Grammy for her comedy and she deserves every bit of it. 

Her genius comedy in Netflix’s new special is super funny and is a must-watch if you can’t decide what to do this weekend.    

3. Iliza Shlesinger

Illiza Shlesinger is a popular female comedian who is of Jewish descent. Iliza has hosted a dating show Excused. However, her own sketch comedy show on Netflix was the most hyped one. 

Raised in Texas, Iliza started her comedy career right after her graduation. Shlesinger was the first woman winner of  Last Comic Standing on NBC. Since then she has been rocking stages with her outstanding comedies. 

2. Christina P

Christina Pazsitzky with her stage name Christina P is one of the most popular female comedians in the world. She studied at Oxford University and just as her education was about to end she began to stand up comedy. She has even gone on tours to South Korea, Middle East, and Africa. 

Her show Your Mom’s House won six nominations at Stitcher Awards. In her Netflix Specials, she talks about motherhood, giving birth, and even talks about her own childhood. Sounds interesting enough? 

  1. Amy Schumer

If you really want to know what pregnancy feels like, then quickly watch Growing on Netflix. Amy Schumer gives a really special speech on the topic and just as you complete watching her show, she’ll be your fav female comedian ever. 

Amy Schumer started her comedy career in the early 2000s and since then you have probably seen her in a lot of movies and shows. Amy was also nominated for Grammys, twice. She is also a breast cancer warrior. 

11 Most Popular Female Comedians in 2021

RankFemale ComediansAgeNet-WorthEthnicity
1Amy Schumer40$25 millionJewish American
2Christina P 45$12 millionHungarian
3Iliza Shlesinger38$7 millionJewish American
4Tiffany Haddish 41$6 millionAfrican-American 
5Tig Notaro50$5 millionFrench
6Cristela Alonzo42$4 millionLatina
7Katherine Ryan38$4 millionCanadian
8Ali Wong39$3 millionAsian-American
9Hannah Gadsby43$1 millionAustralian
10Yvonne Orji37$1 millionNigerian-American
11Anjelah Johnson39$500,000Mexican-American 

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on “Hilarious Female Comedians”. Out of all of these amazing women, I truly cannot choose one. All of them are my absolute favorites. But I am sure you must have a different view. Comment below what do you think about these female comedians.

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