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Making a name for yourself isn’t exactly easy for women, even in the 21st century. However, these young ladies have made their name with such grace that we had to write about them. These ‘Female Celebrities under 25’ are everything we need in this world right now. Be Ready! It’s time to get amazed. 

Did you know most female celebrities are successful actresses? It has been over a century since the silver screen was introduced, and it still holds such power over people. Talking about actresses, you haven’t only heard their name but have also seen their mind-blowing performances over a zillion times. Curious to know who they are?

Some of these Female Celebrities under 25 are not just actresses but also entrepreneurs and singers. They have done exceptional work in their fields and continue to amaze us every day. Zendaya and Anya Taylor-Joy are just two of those names, there are many other young women who rose to popularity by receiving Grammys and Golden Globes. 

Who are those amazing women? Let’s get you inspired. Move on to the next section and know everything about these gorgeous beauties with brains. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Trust me when I say there’s no stopping them. These female celebrities under 25 will become true icons for the generation. They have already created milestones and are on their way to make new ones. 

A lot of these girls have grown up in public eyes and have done hundreds of ads and many movies, shows, and more. You’ll know them if you have watched Pitch Perfect 2? The Kissing Booth? Game of Thrones

Shh! No Spoilers!

1. Zendaya

Zendaya, who is popular for far too many reasons, is the top one on the list of female celebrities under 25. The actress is only 24 and has gained extreme popularity in such a short period. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Her debut in the movies started with Spider-man: Homecoming, which came out as a massive success to her. Also, since the movie is out she and Tom Holland have been together and almost every day we see pictures of them together.

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Recently, Zendaya has been spotted on the sets of Spider-Man: No Way Home, with the very cute Tom. We cannot wait for her to shine brighter and rule this world. 

2. Anya Taylor-Joy

The actual Queen of The Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy, is an exceptional actress who has swooned everyone just by her one performance. Although, The Queen’s Gambit is not the only first series she has acted in. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Anya Taylor has also acted in Peaky Blinders and The Witch, which were her breakthroughs. Thank God for these shows! Lucky for us, she is one of the great actresses who’s one of the Female Celebrities under 25. 

The young actress is coming back to our screens with her latest project ‘Last Night in Soho’, which is coming out in October and we cannot be more excited than this. 

3. Florence Pugh

How can we miss our Little Woman?

The award-winning English actress, Florence Pugh, is the third one on our list of Female Celebrities under 25. She rose to fame with her role in the drama Lady Macbeth, which ended up winning her a British Independent Film Award. Wow!

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

One of her breakthroughs was her role as Amy March in Little Women. Oh! My Absolute Fav! Florence Pugh was also nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this role. 

That’s not it! She was also a spy in Black Widow. All these roles of Florence have helped her a lot to gain the stardom that she has now. 

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4. Hailee Steinfeld

Who Run The World? Girls!

Hailee Steinfeld has been stuck in my head since the day I watched Pitch Perfect 2. She was phenomenal no doubt, but she’s more than an actress. She sings, she acts and she’s a model. Whatta Goddess!

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Our Emily Dickinson and Bumblebee star is the fourth one on this list of Female Celebrities under 25. Hailee was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in The Edge of Seventeen

We cannot wait for her to rock everything she does. Can you? 

5. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning, who acted as Princess Aurora in Maleficent is the next one on the Female Celebrities under 25 list. This charming actress is the youngest person to be a jury member at Cannes. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Elle Fanning was a child actress. She started acting before she turned 3. Among her many roles in movies, she has also done a scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 

Her international fame started from Maleficent and now there’s no stopping her. 

6. Chloë Grace Moretz

If you have watched Desperate Housewives then you would remember Sherri Maltby. The then-child actress had now become one of the most famous Female Celebrities under 25.  From acting in The Eye to 500 days of Summer, she has done a lot of roles. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

She has also done many photoshoots, editorials, covers for many magazines. Vogue, Flaunt, teen vogue, Elle being a few ones from the list. She openly accepts her identity as a Feminist and has turned down many roles that overtly sexualized women.

Chloë Grace Moretz is only 24 now and her list of roles is already long. We can surely expect her to win many Grammys and Golden Globe Awards in the near future. 

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7. Millie Bobby Brown

Let’s talk about Eleven from Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress who is only 17 but has received many Emmy nominations. All because of her role in Stranger Things. She was that good! 

You won’t believe this!

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Millie was on Time 100 list of most influential people, in 2018. In the same year, she also became UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Till now, she has been the youngest person who has been chosen for this position.

Having done so much at such an age is truly exceptional and we cannot get inspired anymore. How can she not be one of the most famous Female Celebrities under 25? 

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8. Sabrina Carpenter

Her lyrics hold far more power than her looks! 

Sabrina Carpenter is an American singer, voice actress, and actress. Do you ask why she is on this list of female celebrities under 25? Have you ever heard or looked at her?

The ‘Skin’ singer is undoubtedly going to be one of the most talented musicians. Sabrina Carpenter has been in a lot of Disney Shows and has even voiced Melissa Chase in Milo Murphy’s Law. 

Sabrina has won two Radio Disney Music Awards one for ‘Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying’ and the other for ‘Eyes Wide Open.’ 

9. Maya Hawke

The actress who starred as Jo March in Little Women, Maya Hawke is 23 and has already made a name for herself in Hollywood. Despite having a great family background, Maya had to face struggles at the beginning of her acting career. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Since her breakthrough in Little Women, people in the industry have acknowledged her talent. She acted in the role of Robin in Stranger Things. 

Maya Hawke has won a Saturn Award and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Awards both for her role in Stranger Things. Indeed a great actress to be on the list of Female Celebrities under 25.

10. Lili Reinhart

The Riverdale actress, Lili Reinhart is one of the most famous female celebrities under 25. She has done not one but many memorable roles, especially portraying GraceTown in Our Chemical Hearts. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Her role in Riverdale, Batty Cooper has won her 7 Teen Choice Awards. Recently, the news of her breakup with Cole Sprouse came up, which said that the two Riverdale stars broke up before the pandemic. 

Cole or not, we love Lili nonetheless!

There is also news that she’s coming back to the next season. Yayy!! We are looking up to watching her season 5. 

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11. Sophie Turner

Who can forget the epic Sansa Stark? 

Sophie Turner has done a little fewer roles when compared to other women in this list of Female Celebrities under 25. But! But! But! Her roles have been more powerful than most of theirs. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Sophie Turner (24) gave birth to a girl last year. Her husband Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers has been with her all along. 

Turner has shared her story of depression and how meditation and therapy have helped her to overcome it. More power to her!

Sophie has won an Empire Hero Award, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Glamour Award for her role in the Game of Thrones.

12. Kiernan Shipka

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were truly chilling no matter how cute Kiernan Shipka looked in it. The 21-year-old American actress is the twelfth one in this list of Female Celebrities under 25. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Even though her career has just begun, Kiernan has already left a mark on us. She has been on the big screen since she was five months old, maybe that’s why Kiernan was named on the list of ‘The 25 Most Influential teens of 2014.’

We have also seen Kiernan do her magic on the screen from her acting in The Silence, where she plays a deaf teenager. There’s no denying that she has exceptional talent and she will be an even more successful actress in the future. 

13. Mckenna Grace

Mckenna Grace is a child actress from America who is only 15 right now but has done enough work to be remembered forever. She has acted as a child prodigy in Gifted, in which we can see her with Chris Evans. 

Talking about child prodigies, who can forget her role in Young Sheldon. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

(P.S. If you haven’t watched the show up until now, you have missed one of the most epic comedy show ever)

Mckenna Grace was nominated in Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer because of her role in Gifted, which she nailed by the way. She has also acted in Annabelle Comes Home

Grace has also acted in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as the younger version of the lead actress. She’s the youngest one on this list of Female Celebrities under 25. 

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14. Peyton R. List

Being a child model, Peyton R. List appeared on the cover of American Girls in 2009. Then after two years, she covered for Justice Magazine and after appearing in over 400 advertisements she began her television career.

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Peyton has featured in many Disney movies since 2010 and even has worked with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me. 

Well, the actress is 23 now and after having such good exposure in the acting industry, we can only wonder how great her career will be in the future. There’s no doubt why she’s one of the famous Female Celebrities Under 25.

15. Dove Cameron

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

The American actress and singer were recently in news for coming out as Queer but that wasn’t the first time we saw her on the screen. Dove Cameron has played many roles in Disney movies since her childhood. 

Even though she’s American, she speaks French the most and is of Slovak, Russian, and Hungarian ancestry. Dove has also given many hit singles. Her cover of ‘On Top of the World’ charted at 17 on Billboard Kid Digital Songs. 

16. Sadie Sink

Sadie Elizabeth Sink, best known for her role in Stranger Things, is an actress from Texas. When she was a kid, she was obsessed with High School Musicals. She used to act as if she’s in the show and so her mother sent her to acting classes because of her interest. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

She has done Theatre, Films, Television and is still on her journey to be the next leading actress in Hollywood. Sadie Sink is 19 and has won Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards for her narration in Dominion. 

She has also been nominated for MTV Movie & TV Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in Stranger Things. 

17. Mackenzie Foy

This 20-year-old actress has played her roles with such prominence, that it is nearly impossible to forget her. Ever! Mackenzie Foy is the same girl who’s the daughter in Interstellar and the daughter of Edward and Bella in Twilight. You do remember her, Right? 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

The little girl has seen more fame than most celebrities. Mackenzie has won two Golden Raspberry Awards for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and a Saturn Award for Interstellar. 

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We can see how she is going to be a bigger name in the future. Her upcoming projects are already super exciting. For now, she’s one of the most popular female celebrities under 25. 

18. Maisie Williams

My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark, smiling down at you, as you die.

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

It wasn’t long before we were in awe of the heroic Arya Stark, aka Margaret Constance “Masie” Williams. Her debut role as Arya Stark can not be outdone, ever. She’s one of those few female celebrities under 25 who rose to fame as they entered this massive industry and made their mark instantly. 

Williams is not just an actress, she’s also an entrepreneur. She has made her own social media platform, Daisie. The app is designed to help the new artists in the industry and give a boost to their careers. Paving the Way for Others!

19. Olivia Holt

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Olivia Holt is the next one on our list of Female Celebrities under 25. She has acted in numerous Disney movies and also voiced many Disney characters. Olivia has also started her career in music, she has released an EP so far.  

Since Olivia Holt was 10 she has been doing theaters. She was cast in Disney XD’s Kickin’ It because of her skills in gymnastics. Now, because of her interest in singing, she’s going to shine brighter than ever before. 

20. Joey King

Do you know Elle is coming back to our screens? 

The Kissing Booth actress, Joey King is a well-deserving actress to be on this list of Female Celebrities under 25. We have seen her act exceptionally in The Act, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. 

20 Female Celebrities Under 25 Who Inspire The Whole World 

Her flings in The Kissing Booth have made the show even more popular, despite the fact that there are some very hot young men in it. (I see you, Marco, and Noah). 

Joey King was born in LA and has been acting since she was 4. She has acted in some really big roles like in Crazy, Stupid, Love and has also appeared in the music video of the song “Mean” by Taylor Swift

Wrapping Up

Having these beautiful women act on screens is more than we could ask for. Now we are going to see more of them as they become even more successful in their careers. Truly, there’s nothing sexier than a successful woman. 

Comment below your fav Female Celebrities under 25 from this list. You can also share this article with your female friends who will be as successful as these women if not more.

Have an amazing day!


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