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Are you looking for the sequel of the Fairy Tail series by Hiro Mashima? Well, if that’s the case, then you’ve stumbled across the right page. In the article, we’ll be sharing all of the important and relevant information regarding Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest.

The Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest manga is the combined work of its prequel series’ writer, Mashima, and the artwork of the illustrator, Atsuo Ueda. The Japanese comic series was first launched under the licensing of Kodansha in 2018.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | New Releases

With its original run dating back to July 2018, the series is still going strong. The ongoing Japanese Shōnen manga has a total of nine volumes released and published in the Tankōbon format. 

Having made its first appearance in the Magazine Pocket under the publication of Kodansha, the Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest manga began its English release in August 2019 under Kodansha USA. Moreover, in the Hiro Mashima Fan Meeting that was live-streamed on September 11, an animated TV adaption was also announced.

Synopsis of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest

As it’s the sequel to the Fairy Rail series, the storyline of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest follows the events of the prequel and picks up a year after the death of Zeref and Acnologia. The team led by Natsu Dragneel set out on a journey to carry through a mission that’s been unaccomplished for over 100 years.

In a turn of events, the MO (Mission Objective) of the team changes to seal a group of dragons known as the Five Dragon Gods that pose a major destructive threat to their world. Follow Fairy Tail Guild’s adventures as Natsu and the team take on the challenge while a witch possesses Touka for her own motives to seize the dragons’ powers.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | Chapter List

Chapter NumberChapter TitleReleased Date
Chapter 90The ReturnSeptember 8, 2021
Chapter 89Evening Of ElentirAugust 25, 2021
Chapter 88Alta FaceAugust 25, 2021
Chapter 87An Unsightly WorldAugust 25, 2021
Chapter 86AbyssAugust 11, 2021
Chapter 85Ice GiantsAugust 11, 2021
Chapter 84An Icy FantasyAugust 11, 2021
Chapter 83Mimi The ImmovableAugust 11, 2021
Chapter 82Revenge FightJuly 28, 2021
Chapter 81Sword SaintJuly 28, 2021
Chapter 80SuzakuJuly 28, 2021
Chapter 79Outer Path: OumagatokiJuly 28, 2021
Chapter 78Parade Of 100 DemonsJuly 14, 2021
Chapter 77Whiteout VillageJuly 14, 2021
Chapter 76Battle Of The Twin TigersJuly 14, 2021
Chapter 75Memories Of WaterJuly 14, 2021
Chapter 74Yokai “nure-Onna”June 29, 2021
Chapter 73Party On A Moony NightJune 29, 2021
Chapter 72Moonlit Beauty GodsJune 29, 2021
Chapter 71Spiritual ArtsJune 29, 2021
Chapter 70SpiriorDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 69HandDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 68Moon Dragon God SeleneDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 67Aqua AeraNovember 3, 2020
Chapter 66At EdolasNovember 3, 2020
Chapter 65ElentirNovember 3, 2020
Chapter 64Aldo SpringNovember 3, 2020
Chapter 63Drameel BanquetMay 18, 2021
Chapter 62Burning WillMay 18, 2021
Chapter 61Thicket Of ArmsMay 18, 2021
Chapter 60GigantifyMay 18, 2021
Chapter 59Gears Of FateMay 18, 2021
Chapter 58Ice And WaterMay 18, 2021
Chapter 57Power To LiveMay 18, 2021
Chapter 56Reliable FriendsMay 18, 2021
Chapter 55Fate Of DeathMay 18, 2021
Chapter 54God SeedsDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 53Precious CurseDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 52Mind-Reading TreesDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 51Roaring EarthDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 50The Wood Dragon God’s SecretDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 49The Last OrbDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 48Fifth Generation Dragon ForceDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 47Clinging Dragon BerserkDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 46White WillDecember 15, 2020
Chapter 45Crimson ConclusionOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 44Scarlet ShowdownOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 43Mistakes & MisapprehensionsOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 42For the Guild, I WouldOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 41A Card in the HandOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 40Thicker Than BloodOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 39Coo-Coo, the Cocoon DragonOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 38Synchro RateOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 37Beta HeavenOctober 27, 2020
Chapter 36Rumble in DrasilMay 19, 2020
Chapter 35Reiss, the Spirit DragonMay 19, 2020
Chapter 34New FoesMay 19, 2020
Chapter 33PainMay 19, 2020
Chapter 32Star Dress MixMay 19, 2020
Chapter 31Fairy Face-OffMay 19, 2020
Chapter 30Fun with FightingMay 19, 2020
Chapter 29WhiteoutMay 19, 2020
Chapter 28White AscendentMay 19, 2020
Chapter 27Aldoron, Wood Dragon GodFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 26At RainhillFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 25Fairy NailFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 24All’s Well That Ends WellFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 23The Blessed Harbor TownFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 22Team EffortFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 21Burn It AllFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 20Lineage of FireFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 19From the DepthsFebruary 18, 2020
Chapter 18A Bitter ChoiceNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 17The Holy Water DragonNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 16Ash and Dark CloudsNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 15Dyed WhiteNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 14Rain and ShadowNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 13A Maritime MeetingNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 12Stars and LightningNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 11Blade, Armor, AshNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 10Diabolos of the Cutting HeartNovember 19, 2019
Chapter 9Black or White?August 20, 2019
Chapter 8A Dragon God’s MelancholyAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 7The Sea of DragonsAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 6The Slaying BladeAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 5The Sealing of the Five Dragon GodsAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 4Amazing ErminaAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 3The Last HopeAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 2The Dragon Slayers’ LineageAugust 20, 2019
Chapter 1The First Guild and the Strongest GuildAugust 20, 2019

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | Main Characters  

1. Natsu Dragneel

As one of the main protagonists of the Fairy Tail manga series, we’ll start off our list with Natsu Dragneel.

Appearance: Along with pink spiky hair and black-colored eyes, Natsu has the figure of a young man with a lean yet muscular body. Natsu’s differentiative characteristic includes a number of scars with the most prominent being the scar on the right side of his neck that is mostly hidden by his scarf.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | Main Characters  
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Personality: Despite his carefree attitude, Natsu is showcased as a loyal character protective of his friends. While he often takes a reckless and violent approach to problems, Natsu can be seen showing compassion for even his enemies.

Abilities: As a Dragon Slayer, his abilities include Fire Dragon’s Roar, Iron Fist, Wing Attack, Exploding Flame Blade, Purgatory Slashing Dragon Fire, Darkness Phoenix Blade alongside Transformation Magic and Thought Projection.

Quotes:I am not alone. I can hear them… I can hear everyone’s voices… I can sense everyone’s feelings… I am not alone… everyone’s feelings… they support me… they are what give me the will to stand and fight!

2. Lucy Heartfilia 

Up next, we’ve got one of the members of the Team Natsu that’s also the series’ female protagonist – Lucy Heartfilia.

Appearance: Along with blonde hair that’s usually tied into a ponytail or pigtails, Lucy has brown eyes with her characteristic pink-colored Fairy Tail stamp at the back of her right hand.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | Main Characters  
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Personality: Although Lucy comes off as a superficial character, she is actually a very kind and clever individual with a passion for literature.

Abilities: Aside from her enhanced speed and endurance, Lucy has magical abilities including most of the astrological celestial element powers such as Water and Earth magic. 

Quotes:There’s nothing happy about having your fate decided for you! You have to grab your own happiness!

3. Gray Fullbuster

Gray is yet another prominent member and mage of Team Natsu.

Appearance: Apart from his black hair complimenting his dark blue eyes, Gray also has the characteristic scar above his left eye along with a cross-shaped scar on his abdomen.

Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest | Main Characters  
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Personality: Although he has a friendly rivalry with Natsu, Gray is shown as a laid-back kind of individual but with fierce loyalty towards his guild.

Abilities: Grey is an expert weapons specialist and this is made evident with his magical abilities including the Ice-Make Battle Axe, Sword, Excalibur, Arrows, Wall, Shield, and Hammer along with the Ice Devil Slayer Magic.

Quotes:Sorry, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or even a child. I don’t go easy on anybody who hurts my comrades.

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of this part of our manga article series. We hope that the article on the Japanese comics of Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest was helpful in giving you the information that you came looking for. 

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