18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

You didn’t know anything about St. Nick, until now!

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We cannot celebrate Christmas without thinking about our very jolly Santa Claus. To say the least, today, the whole festival of Christmas revolves more around Santa than Jesus itself. The craze among the kids, the Secret Santa gifts, from candy to the cookies, God, everything has Santa engraved in it. Even if you are not a Santa fan, I am sure you must have heard a lot about the guy, however, there are still so many less-known Facts About Santa Claus that the world hasn’t ever heard about. 

The journey from a mere fictional character to a cultural icon has taken decades and centuries to flourish. For what it’s worth, writers in the last century have a huge contribution in shaping the Santa Claus we see today. From designing his jolly character, his sleigh and reindeers, how he will only give gifts to the good kids and not to the bad ones, and every minute detail you know about Santa is actually a gift from all those writers who framed the guy this way.  

Moving on, every Christmas comes with a lot of work to do. You have to decorate your places, host a dinner, most importantly, you have to cater to all the questions your kids ask about Santa. In this case, the facts about Santa Claus that we have mentioned will only help to know anything and everything about him. 

18 Fun Facts About Santa Claus  

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

For starters, let’s think about what we already know about Santa. He is a white old man with a huge beard. He always wears his classic red and white coat and laughs like “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. Brings lots of gifts for all the kids. Moreover, we also know that he lives somewhere in the North Pole and rides his sleigh with a beautiful reindeer. Not just that, his elves help him to make all the toys for kids on Christmas. And that’s it. 

One can ask a hundred more questions about his origin, family, evolution, how he became this, what he likes and dislikes, and a lot more. Kids can be a lot more curious than they usually are when it comes to their dear Santa Claus. Among these amazing and funny facts about Santa Claus, you will find all your answers. 

You only need to scroll and go through each one of these Santa Claus facts and enjoy reading everything the world has yet to know of Santa Claus. 

1. Santa Is Real!!

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

The legend of Santa Claus started with an actual saint whose name was Saint Nicholas born in 280 A.D. in Patara. In modern-day Turkey, St. Nicolas was born near Myra. The saint was extremely popular for his kindness and deeds of compassion. From helping kids to giving all his wealth to the poor, Saint Nicholas was truly great. Known as the protector of children and sailors, St. Nicholas truly deserves all the admiration. 

Even if the old saint has turned into a man who rides a sleigh and drinks coca-cola, Santa is still inspired by Saint Nicholas. Moreover, the fact that there did exist this saint who actually gave gold to the poor to help them discreetly, is enough to say that Santa is or was real. 

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2. Santa Claus Has Two Hometowns On Earth

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

Since we all know the real Santa, Saint Nicholas lived and died in Myra, the modern-day Demre, it is easier to say that the cartoonist Thomas Nast created the Santa Claus who lived on the North Pole. 

No doubt it was very smart of Paul Brown, the general manager of the Santa Claus House, to claim the fact by saying they are the only Santa’s house in Alaska, North Pole. Contrary to this fact about Santa Claus, another town, Rovaniemi, in the northernmost part of Finland claimed that they are “the only Official Hometown of Santa Claus”. 

The Rovaniemi tourism department has also claimed that there you will find a Santa Claus 365 days a year. Hence, the confusion begins. You will find many unknown facts like this in the list of fun facts about Santa Claus. 

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3. Santa Receives Letters

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

Among many Christmas Traditions adopted by people over the years, sending letters to Santa is the favorite one of kids. They ask him to come early and bring the gifts. And send those letters to Santa Claus, North Pole. Didn’t it ever occur to you, these letters will not actually be sent to the North Pole?

All the letters sent to the North Pole are actually received in Indiana, United States if you live in the US. The famous Santa elf, Pat Koch, herself receives all the letters and replies to each one of them along with her other elves. I bet you didn’t know those letters got a reply from Santa. This is one of the jolly facts about Santa Claus. 

Moreover, the most number of letters received is not from Latin America or Mexico. It’s France where 1.7 million boys and girls send letters to Santa Claus on Christmas. 1.35 million kids send letters from Canada and more than a million letters are written in the U.S. 

There is a tradition in Mexico to send the letter in a helium balloon that will reach Santa in the sky. So, that’s why Mexico is not in the top three countries that send letters to Santa. 

4. Forget Letters, You Can Call Santa By Phone

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

It’s 2021, you can’t always send letters to Santa. Even he has got smarter with technology. Many countries have introduced a Kris Kringle or Santa Claus direct line. In fact, there are many contact numbers that let you call Santa across countries. 

To call Santa Claus dial, (951) 262-3062, +1-712-770-4404, and +1-319-527-2680. Do not get surprised when you hit the voicemail and hear him saying, “Merry Christmas! This is Santa Claus and you have reached my personal hotline. When you hear the tone, leave me your Christmas wish list and holiday cheer.” 

Knowing that you can actually call Santa is one of the jolly facts about Santa Claus in 2021. 

5. Santa Claus Has Many Names

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus

Over the centuries, the stories of Saint Nicholas have traveled to enough countries to give him a few names. Obviously, if we are reciting a name in a different language then it will definitely be pronounced differently.

The resemblance is quite evident in the pronunciation of Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus. The derivation of Saint Nicholas in Dutch is named the old-beardo Santa Claus. So it began from Saint Nicholas, the saint was called Sint Nicholas in Dutch. After Sint Nicholas, the name shifted to Sinter Klaas, which is a Dutch nickname for the saint. And at last from Sinter Klaas, the name evolved to Santa Claus when translated to English. And we are just warming up all the facts about Santa Claus yet. 

Moreover, Santa is also called Kris Kringle and Jolly Old Saint Nick in slang.  

6. Santa Claus Is Married 

18 Fun Facts About Santa Claus  

Even if the fictional character of Santa Claus has only been around since the late 1700s, the question “Is Santa Claus married?” didn’t even arise until the mid-19th century. It was in 1849 when James Rees, a Philadelphia missionary introduced Mrs. Claus in his short story “A Christmas Legend ”. 

However, only after 1899 did Mrs. Claus come into the holiday spirit.  It was a poem “Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride” by Katharine Lee Bates, in which she demanded a spotlight for herself. That was another one of the jolly facts about Santa Claus, that he actually has a wife.  

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7. Does Santa Have Kids?

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

Now that you know Santa has a wife and that too for more than 200 years now, the question itself arises, “Does Santa have kids?”. The plain answer is, no, Santa and Mrs. Santa do not have any kids. They stay with all their elves in the North Pole. Distribute the toys and gifts with the reindeer and enjoy living with them being all jolly. 

The elves and reindeer are the closest beings to kids that Santa has. That was another one of the unknown facts about Santa Claus. 

8. Santa Initially Came By The Windows, Not The Chimney

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas
Source: Mental Floss

We all know by now that it was Saint Nicholas who discreetly gave money to kids and the poor people and helped them unconditionally. At that time, it is heard that St. Nicholas would come by the windows in the night to drop the gifts and gold for the poor. How kind of him! 

Stories circulated in cities went across countries and after many versions of the same stories the windows were replaced with chimneys. Also, it is not humanly possible to go to every single house through the chimneys, place the gifts under the Christmas tree, climb back up and repeat the process for hundreds of houses. The writers definitely lacked some logic there. We cannot blame them for it,  fictional stories and what they are, fictional.

9. Santa Has A Pilot License & A Canadian Passport

I know it is one crazy fact about Santa Claus but it is 100% true. Santa is a licensed pilot. It was the US government that issued a pilot’s license for Santa in 1927. Crazy enough? Besides the license, Santa also has a passport. Can you believe that? A country actually issued passports for Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus. 

It was in 2013 when the Canadian government issued ePassports of the couple. It was Chris Alexander, the Immigration Minister who said in an official statement, “Like so many Canadian citizens who enjoy extensive travel around the world, the Claus’ were thrilled to receive their ePassports—which are among the world’s most accepted and secure travel documents… whether you are traveling by car, by boat, or with a team of flying reindeer.” 

Now, we know every other country that claims that Santa originated in their country is yet to respond to this. 

10. Santa Claus’s Favorite Food Is Cookies

18 Fun Facts About Santa Claus  

Among many queries regarding Santa, many might wonder, “What is the favorite food of Santa?”. Your answer is Cookies. Santa loves cookies and that’s why kids bake cookies every Christmas for Santa. He comes with gifts and kids leave cookies for him outside their home. It’s a cute barter. This is the tenth one of the facts about Santa Claus.  

11. Santa’s 10 Reindeer

What Are The Names Of Santa's Reindeer? Personalities, Traits & More

You might have heard only the name of 8 reindeer. But there are more and we have listed every one of them. Santa has not eight but 10 reindeer. The names of Santa’s reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph, and Olive. All of them have their own personality traits and skills like no other. 

It is these reindeer that help Santa reach every house across seven oceans with the speed of light. That was an informational one from all the facts about Santa Claus. 

12. Santa Claus And Coca Cola Has A Connection

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus

Before 1931, Santa was seen wearing multiple colors including blue, brown, green, and even tan. However, since the day Coca-Cola began their advertisements that showed Santa Claus wearing a red-white suit drinking coca-cola, everything changed. Not once, I repeat, not once Santa has ever been seen wearing any other color after that advertisement. 

We know how impactful lifestyle marketing is by looking at examples like this. After the Coca-Cola advertisements in 1931, Santa Claus always wore the ultimate red and white suit. This was one of the most unknown facts about Santa Claus. If you knew this one, then that means you are already turning old. 

13. Santa Claus Isn’t Celebrated Everywhere In The World

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

I know it’s a little hard to digest this bitter fact about Santa Claus but it’s true. Santa and Christmas aren’t celebrated at many places in the world. The Puritans believed that originally a pagan festival was celebrated on Dec 25 which Catholics hijacked. They were stunned that even if Christmas isn’t biblical, the Catholics would still celebrate it just to steal a pagan custom. 

One thing led to another and it was officially announced by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony that Dec 25 will be the day of “fasting and humiliation” and whosoever will celebrate Christmas in any way will be fined up to five shillings.

Also, the people of the Netherlands, from which the stories of Santa originated do not like to celebrate Santa. For them, Christmas is not about a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus. It is more about Jesus Christ and they like to celebrate nativity authentically, without the cultural touch it has evolved into. 

14. Even Atheists Love To Celebrate Christmas

How Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

I know the statement might look bizarre in itself, but it’s true, Atheists do celebrate Christmas and it is all for the right reasons. As I just said, many people believe Christmas is not about Santa or even Jesus Christ. It is believed that the whole idea of Christmas was stolen from Solstice and many other festivals. Atheists believe and know all these facts and they still celebrate Christmas because it has turned into more cultural things.

As I said at the beginning of this article, Christmas is more about Santa and less about Jesus today. Atheists love to blend in with the culture and enjoy all the festivities with their family and friends. This is another one of the astonishing facts about Santa Claus. 

15. Santa’s Sleigh Is The Fastest

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus

And by fastest, I mean literally the fastest. One rarely ponders upon the fact that Santa visits the hemispheres with his reindeer, goes into every house out there, and completes his work by midnight. God, that man has some speed.  

Today, there are 2.2 billion kids in the world. This means on average there are 2.7 kids in every household. After looking at these numbers, Santa has to stop 850 million times to stop at every house. 

Now, it has been calculated that Santa’s reindeer would have to move at a speed of 1800 miles per second. First, I thought to compare this number to NASA’s fastest rocket but Nah! 

Add 100,000 miles per second more and Santa’s sleigh would be traveling across galaxies with the speed of light. 

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16. We Don’t Know Who Wrote ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus

I know many might say that “Twas the Night Before Christmas” was written by Clement Clarke Moore. But hear me out once. The song was first published in 1823 in a newspaper in New York and it was sent by an anonymous writer to Troy Sentinel. It read, “We know not to whom we are indebted for the following description of that unwearied patron of children, Santa Claus… but, from whomsoever, it may have come, we give thanks for it.

It wasn’t until 1844 that the song was credited to Clarke Morre. Some insist that the song was stolen from Henry Livingston Jr. plus there did exist an old manuscript to prove it. And of course, somehow that old manuscript flew on its own and got itself in the fire only to destroy itself. This was another fact about the poem/song on Santa Claus. 

17. Santa Came To America In Only 18th Century

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus

Around the late 1700s, the people of the Netherlands started migrating to New York and other colonies in America. With them, the stories of Sinterklaas and Saint Nicholas also came. 

After some years, the poor saint was well evolved into a pop culture icon, and Dutch families gathered together to remember Saint Nicholas on his death anniversary on Dec 6. Since it is also the time for Christmas, it is quite evident how Sinter Klass in Dutch became Santa Klaas in English.   

18. There Are Many Santa Claus Universities In The US

18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas

Now it is another one of the craziest facts about Santa Claus. Never have I ever heard before that there were are legit universities that officially teach the skills of Santa Claus to people and give diplomas to the newly graduated Santas. What!

I don’t know how to react to this fact about Santa Claus. They actually have designed courses to teach people how to do “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and people take admissions from these universities and earn afterward. And they earn a good amount of money so we cannot say that this course is a useless one. 

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Wrapping Up

That was all about “18 Amazing Facts About Santa Claus That Will Blow Your Mind This Christmas”. If you found this article informative then make sure you send it to your friends and family members. Especially the ones who have little kids. 

Comment below which fact about Santa Claus was the most surprising for you. We will be waiting for your reply. Have a great day!  


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