9 Unknown Facts About People with Dimples You Never Knew

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Smriti Razdan
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Do you know what’s common between Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, and Shahrukh Khan? Their Goddamn Dimples! I never knew I would fall for all three of them because of their smiles. That Damn Smile! Can’t wait to know some amazing facts about dimples? We get it! Let’s unravel everything we know about Facts About People With Dimples.

Dimples are pretty rare, as they should be. Otherwise, why would all of us be crushing so damn hard on all the people with dimples? They look so cute and charming on everybody. I haven’t seen one person who looked drab with his/her dimples. That makes Dimples a cool thing. However, there are a lot of facts about people with dimples that aren’t known to all. Stay Tuned to know about them. 

The list is merely the tip of the iceberg, a lot is in the stack below. Quickly give it a read for knowing the fun facts about people with Dimples.

7 Psycological & Fun Facts About People with Dimples

Besides making the human a public crush, there are many facts about dimples that will astonish you. Here are all the amazing facts about people with dimples.

When it comes down to facts, a lot of points need to be thought of, the credibility of the sources, the societal interpretations, and more. I have gathered all the credible information on people with dimples. Give it a good read. 

1. Dimples On Cheeks Are Important

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

Who would have thought this? No one right? But it is so. Dimples on cheeks have a proper name in the dictionary. Gelasin is the word, which means a dimple that specifically forms on cheeks or when one smiles. 

The word Gelasin is obsolete today. It was derived from the Greek word ‘gelaein’, whose meaning is to laugh. 

Dimples on cheeks became so important that they have to create a word for people with dimples on the cheek. This was our first in the list of facts about people with Dimples.

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2. Dimples  Occur Due To Genetic Deformity

9 Unknown Facts About People with Dimples You Never Knew

Yes, these beautiful and cute-looking Dimples happen because of Genetic Deformities. Don’t worry! It is all normal.

Not only in Cheeks, but Dimples can also occur anywhere in the body. I have seen many people with dimples on their cheekbone, chin, back. 

People tend to relate Dimples with Astrology, especially Dimple on the left cheek. Is it true? No, Dimples, according to scientific research, occur only due to genetic deformity. 

So next time don’t bother thinking about what is the bigger meaning behind having a Dimple. Just calm down you people with Dimples!

3. People With Dimples Bring Good Luck!

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

Different cultures have different opinions on Dimples. Many tribes in the world believe that the formation of a dimple is a good sign. The reason behind it is not known for now. 

But it is quite evident, that People with Dimples are associated with beauty, happiness, and Good Luck. This was our third fact in the list of psychological facts about people with dimples.

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4. People with Dimples Are Rare! Even In Americans!

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

There’s a site 23andme.com that does DNA genetic testing and analysis. Their studies have shown that at least 9 different types of genetic variants contribute to dimpling. Didn’t understand a word? I know, Continue Reading!

Although there are good chances that these genetic defects, Dimples, are more likely to be inherited. But! They are not.

It is estimated that almost 80% of the US population doesn’t have any facial abnormality. People with Dimples are pretty rare in America. 

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That means only 20% of Americans have dimples. Hmm! 
Aren’t these facts about dimples amazing?

5. People with Dimples Look Young! 

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

One of the most charming features of people with dimples is that they look younger than their age. Like, Duh! Have you seen Brad Pitt?

Dimples definitely signify fitness and youth. Have you ever noticed babies have temporary dimples? No doubt they are the cutest. It is because babies have too much fat in their cheeks. That’s another reason why we relate Dimples with cuteness or youth. 

6. Everyone Can Have Them! 

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

“Dimples are now made to order!”, a newspaper in 1936 published. Dimples became so much in demand that Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, NY invented a non-surgical dimple creating device. 

But we can’t say we love it. Anyone who wore it looked horrifying. One had to wear the device around one’s head, which had two knobs pressed into the cheeks on the area where dimples are to be made. 

That’s how far normal people went to become People with Dimples. Such was its Craze!

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7. People with Dimples may possess the ‘Forefather Gene’

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021

It is ‘highly’ possible if your parents have dimples you might get them. But sometimes it has been seen among various people, to inherit this common abnormality from their grandparents. While their parents don’t have any Dimples. This was our last point in the list of  Facts About People with Dimples.

8. Human Psycology Associates With Youthfulness

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021
Brad Pitt dimples

It’s no surprise that people with dimples look different from the rest of the crowd. That’s because it is thought that anyone who has dimples looks youthful. Social constructs might have caused some serious harm to many, however, we cannot blame anyone for associating dimples with youthfulness. 

Every celebrity with dimples definitely young and this was a psychological fact about dimples. 

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9. Dimples Can Appear On Anywhere On Your Body

9 Unknown Facts about People with Dimples | Truth Revealed in 2021
Dimples on back

Didn’t you know it before? You can have dimples not just on your cheeks but on any part of your body. Some people have dimples on their lower back and god it looks sexy. However, not just back, chin, above brows, you can actually have it anywhere. 

Wasn’t this fun fact about dimples uber cool?

Wrapping Up

All the dimple facts listed here were really fun to write about. Hope you like this article on “Facts About People With Dimples.” If you liked it then leave us a comment below.

We will be back with more interesting and cool stuff. Till them Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Have an Amazing Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How rare are dimples?

Only 20% to 30% of the whole world’s population have dimples. So that makes them quite rare.

Why are Dimples so attractive?

Dimples are attractive because they catch our eyes, look pretty and make you look cute. Not everyone having dimples is good looking but most of them are.

How can I get permanent dimples?

You can try lip-puckering exercises. There are lip fillers and surgeries to lift up the lips.

How many people have dimples?

Only 20%-30% of the world’s population has dimples. This means out of over 8 billion population, only 1 billion people have dimples.


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  2. When I was born, the doctor said, “She has dimples!” My dad was thrilled 🙂 Dimples have been my friends all my life, and I’m grateful for them!

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