17 Interesting Facts About Grey Eyes Along with Superstitions and Common Beliefs

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Have you ever wondered about the mysticism of the grey-colored eyes? Do you often get lost in the magnificent eyes of your grey-eyed crush? If so, then you might want to check out some interesting facts about grey eyes and their illusory trait as disclosed in the article below.

There is something magical about these light-colored eyes. It’s almost as if they foretell a fascinating story that you can’t quite figure out but they keep you falling in their endless depth. Though people associate grey-colored eyes with gloomy and depressing personas, the truth of having a set of grey-colored eyes is far from it. 

Claiming to have even less melanin than blue eyes, Grey eyes easily take the spot among the rarest eye colors with stats showing that grey-colored eyes account for even less than 3% of the total world population.

Grey-colored eyes are rather magnetic, beautiful, and tend to have warmth and depth in them. From scientifically researched facts to the most common beliefs and superstitions about grey eyes, follow through with the article to know more.

Top 11 Facts About Grey Eyes

In this subsection, you’ll find out the top 11 facts about grey-colored eyes. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

1. Grey Eyes are Pretty Rare

Grey eyes are indeed super rare with stats (by World Atlas) revealing that people with grey-colored eyes make up for even less than 3% of the entire global population. This very fact testifies for the grey-colored eyes as being one of the rarest eye colors worldwide.

2. Grey Eyes Still Stands Out as one of Mysterious Eye Colors

Facts about grey eyes

As per reports by The Tech, scientists are still not sure of the cause behind grey-colored eyes. Pertaining to one of the rarest eye colors, there is a theory that a less count of melanin (pigmentation that makes the eyes look darker) in the front of the iris causes grey eyes.

3. Grey Eyes are Isolated

As one of the rarest eye colors, your chances of inheriting the beautiful grey-colored eyes are pretty slim at best unless you’re of northern or eastern European ancestry. And even then, the possibility of having dark grey eyes is far from common making it one of the most isolated eye colors in the world.

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4. Grey Eyes come in different Shades

Facts about grey eyes

While one of the least common eye colors, the grey-colored eyes have a lot of shades to them including a smokey blue, green, and even hazel-brown color. Most of these hues depend upon the atmospheric and lighting conditions among other variables.

5. Grey Eyes are Often Confused with Blue Eyes

Oftentimes, grey-colored eyes have been mistaken for their blue counterparts even by science itself. While it can get difficult to differentiate between the two, according to the Eye Doctors of Washington, there are often small and tiny golden-brown patches in the grey-colored eyes.

6. Grey Eyes tend to Change Color with Person’s Mood

Facts about grey eyes

If you look carefully and closely, you might even observe gray eyes changing colors to hues of blue or green. This happens due to changes in the mood of the individual which leads to a change in the size of pupils. This size change compresses the colors resulting in a different but temporary hue shift in the eye color.

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7. The Rare Grey Eyes are rather sensitive to Sunlight

Facts about grey eyes

People with grey-colored eyes experience Photophobia (sensitivity to light) with a mild to moderate reaction to bright sunlight. The reason behind this over the normal sensitivity lies in the fact that grey-colored eyes have a lower count of melanin – the pigmentation that protects the eyes from light.

8. People with Gray Eyes have a Higher Risk of Developing Uveal Cancer

This increased risk of cancer is again due to the lack of protective pigmentation in the eye. Though this type of cancer is rare and roughly affects about 6 adults per million U.S. population annually, individuals with grey-colored eyes certainly need to wear UV-protected sunglasses in the name of taking precautions.

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9. Babies are often born with Grey Eyes

Facts about grey eyes

Newborn babies often have a light grey or blue hue in their eyes. These shades might deepen and change shades as they grow to an age of around 3 years old after which a particular eye color sets up.

10. People with Grey Eyes are less likely to have Vitiligo

According to the reports by Nature Genetics, individuals with grey-colored eyes were at a lesser risk for Vitiligo. In a study conducted among 3000 people, only 27% of vitiligo patients had blue or gray eyes while 30% had green or hazel eyes, and the remaining 43% had tan or brown eyes. 

11. People with Grey Eyes are likely to Drink More

Facts about grey eyes

According to a study published by Psychology Today, people with light-colored eyes such as grey-colored eyes might happen to drink more than average. This goes on to show that individuals with grey-colored eyes might be less sensitive to alcohol than their dark-eyed counterparts.

Superstitions and Common Beliefs About Grey Eyes

Now that we’ve seen the top facts, it’s time to head over to the common beliefs and superstitions about people with grey-colored eyes.

1. People with Grey Eyes are Fun Seekers

Regardless of their age, most people with grey-colored eyes tend to be fun-seeking individuals. These people enjoy thrilling experiences rather than the mundane simple things to get their daily healthy dose of entertainment.

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2. Grey Eyes Portray Wisdom

Facts about grey eyes

According to Ancient Greeks, individuals with grey-colored eyes represented characteristics of wisdom. This might be due to the mythological fact that Athena, daughter of Zeus and Goddess of wisdom had grey-colored eyes.

3. Individuals with Grey Eyes are Gentle and Passionate

Apart from having a gentle persona for the ones they care about, people with grey-colored eyes tend to carry a lot of passion for their loved ones, their work projects, and even for the everyday things of their lives.

4. People with Dark Grey Eyes make better Marksmen

Facts about grey eyes

It has been historically stated that people having blue and grey-colored eyes make better marksmen. As per reports by Sausalito News, soldiers who had grey-colored eyes make the best marksmen among other eye colors.

5. Grey Eyes Represent Strategic Thinkers

According to a study conducted in the 1990s, it was found that people with grey-colored eyes tend to think more slowly and strategically than their dark-eyed compatriots. This slower reaction time has been attributed to lower melanin content not just in their eyes but also in their brains.

6. Individuals with Grey Eyes are Considered Competitive

Facts about grey eyes

According to a study published by Current Psychology, people with grey-colored eyes and other light colors are more likely to be competitive and egocentric. So, if you’re at a game night party, you might want to team up with your grey-eyed friend. 

List Of Celebrities With Grey Eyes

You might not know people with grey eyes but we will tell you where you have seen them last. These celebrities have the most beautiful grey eyes in the world and you’ll know this the next time you see them on screen.

  • Greg Gianforte
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Nicky Hayden
  • Alan Thucke
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Bear Grylls
  • Chris Woakes
  • Damien Chazelle
  • Debbie Reynolds
  • Garry Marshall
  • Angela Ponce
  • Guru
  • Jesse Larson
  • Marcus Harris
  • Halima

Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve come to the end of our article. We hope that you had a great time reading about some interesting facts about grey eyes. And if you liked the article, share it with your friends (Grey-eyed or NOT!) Comment down below with your favorite facts about grey eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Grey Eyes Change Color?

Grey eyes, indeed, change color due to changes in the mood of the individual which leads to a change in the size of pupils. This size change compresses the colors resulting in a different but temporary hue shift in the color of the eyes.

Are Grey Eyes Attractive?

Making up for one of the rarest eye colors, grey-eyed people are often seen as mystical and beautiful personalities. Though each eye shade is unique and beautiful in its own way, a pair of grey-colored eyes certainly stand out to be among the attractive ones.

Celebrities with Grey Eyes

The list of celebrities with grey-colored eyes includes Megan Fox, Wentworth Miller, Benedict Cumberbatch, Milla Jovovich, Alex Pettyfer, Henry Cavill, Anna Arendshorst, Mitch Hewer, Simon Pegg, and many more.

How rare are grey eyes?

Grey eyes are pretty rare. We say this because less than 3% of the total world population has grey eyes.

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