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I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love
When Chandler said this, I am sure a lot of us resonated with his ‘needy’ vibe. He might be popular for using sarcasm as a defense mechanism but there’s more to the guy than we know. Follow through everything on “Facts About Chandler Bing” and know all the lesser-known things about your favorite character. 

We can easily call Chandler Bing the most sarcastic character in the history of television. The way Chandler was played had a lot to do with Matthew Perry. In fact, Matthew Perry influenced the role just like Matt LeBlanc influenced Joey Tribbiani. Even the writers had to take his perspective over his take on Chandler. Did you know all of this? 

A lot of characters in FRIENDS thought Chandler Bing was gay. But, did you know, someone from the lead cast also thought the character was actually gay. The person was absolutely shocked to hear the truth about Chandler’s sexuality. We guess it’s something about the way Chandler carries his hair. Or is it?

Who was this person? When did they realize he’s not gay? Let’s go through everything on facts about Chandler Bing and find out ASAP. Stay Tuned!

10 Fun Facts About Chandler Bing You Never Knew

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: Marie Claire

Matthew Perry was the best actor that could play the character. He even had a lot in common with Chandler, including their parents’ divorce. If you want to know more about the things in common, then quickly go through every fact about Chandler Bing, and revisit all memories of your favorite sitcom show. 

1. Chandler Bing Was Inspired By Matthew Perry

When they were choosing the cast for FRIENDS, Chandler and Phoebe weren’t supposed to be in the top four leads. It was only Rachel, Ross, Monica and Joey. However, once they started shooting the creators of the show realized that Chandler and Phoebe cannot be just kept as supporting characters. 

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: Buzz Feed

The writers even confessed that Chandler’s character was inspired by Matthew Perry. Although we cannot imagine how desperate Matthew Perry was for girls, he has himself said in an interview that he was pretty awkward around women. 

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2. Matthew Perry Wrote Chandler’s Lines (sometimes)

As we just told you, Matthew Perry inspired the character of Chandler Bing. He was quite similar to the character, in fact, the writers wanted the character to look like Matthew Perry. They were actually impressed by Matthew’s wit and comedy and often called him during the writing sessions.

Can you believe that? Some of the jokes that Chandler said were actually written by Matthew Perry. It only sounds logical cause we know nobody could have done it better than Matthew, so it’s fair that he used his organic reactions in the script. 

Now you know why Chandler Bing is such a dynamic and funny character? Those gags and punches were a result of some amazing brainstorming sessions of Matthew with the writers. 

3. Fans Thought Chandler Was Gay

When the show began, there wasn’t any involvement of Chandler with any girl. He and Joey were the bros and there wasn’t much talk about his sexual preferences. This leads the fans to believe that Chandler was actually gay. 

Do you know what’s funny?
It is not only the fans who thought Chandler Bing was gay. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) also that the character was gay and she was shocked when she learned the truth. 

I guess there’s just something about that hair that everybody thinks he’s gay.

4. Monica and Chandler Were Only A One Night Stand

Many would already know this fact about Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. They were only meant to be a one-night stand in London. The writers did it for fun and thought it would surprise the audience.

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: Screen Rant

But the audience seemed to absolutely love the relationship between Chandler and Monica. Isn’t that strange? Initially, there wasn’t supposed to be a relationship between them, only a fling, but because of the love that showered over them, they were kept together. 

It was only good that the creators actually gave importance to the audience and ended up with the couple having beautiful kids. 

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5. People Started Naming Their Kids ‘Chandler’

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: ET Canada

Before the show, there wasn’t a name like ‘Chandler’. People never used ‘Chandler’ as their first name. Why would they? It was only the name of a Candlemaker. But after the show, that narrative changed.

People actually started naming their kids Chandler. Such was his craze that ‘Chandler’ became the first name of many 90’s kids. No one could ever beat that goal. 

6. Chandler Dances Like No One’s Watching

Did you fall for Chandler because of his dance? High-five bro! Me Too! 

That cute movement of fists with the bum out is hilarious. I’m sure you went ROFL after watching Chandler Bing dance. Jokes aside. He was never ashamed of being bad at dancing.

We have heard a million times ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’ and Chandler Bing literally showed us ‘That’s how it’s done Bi***es.’ It’s one of the best things you can learn from him. 

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7. A Perfect Bro

Chandler Bing was always there for his friends. Especially when it comes to Joey. From paying for his acting classes to getting him into auditions, he has been a brother no one could ask for. 

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: Bustle

The way he hugs Joey shows how much he loves him. Even when Rachel says bye to him he replies, “I just wanna say that I love you and I’m gonna miss you and I’m so sad that you’re leaving.” These simple straightforward words show how much Chandler loves his friends and is a perfect brother for everyone. 

8. Messed Up A Lot of Times

Remember when he accidentally told Rachel that Ross loves him? Or when he almost gives Rachel that list of good and bad things about her? Or when he tells that kid that he’s adopted? Lol, he always ends up in the mess created by him. 

From just trying to help to be the center of chaos, Chandler Bing has shown us what a mess he is, just like us. It gets really funny when Monica tells him out of frustration, “Chandler we have talked about this. You are not supposed to give people advice.” It can’t get funnier than this. Truly. 

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9. Always Tried To Make Monica Happy

Chandler Bing is such a romantic at heart. The way he proposed to Monica and planned everything was magical. His lines “You make me happier than I ever thought I could be” made everyone cry. 

He didn’t even let Rachel and Phoebe open the gifts he bought for Monica, instead of agreeing upon giving both of them better gifts. Such a cute husband. I also love the way he confesses to Monica that she’s a little high maintenance, but says “I like maintaining you”. Can I get a husband like that? 

10. Drug Addiction Caused That Weight Fluctuation

In the seventh season of FRIENDS, Chandler was seen having a major weight loss, and there was just something wrong with him. We all saw it. It was actually Matthew Perry going through a bad phase in his life. 

10 Incredible Facts About Chandler Bing | The King Of Sarcasm
Source: Metro

He had battled drug addiction during the show and has even admitted that he can’t recall filming the middle seasons. From 1997 to 2001, he went to rehab and in a part of that phase, he was called for a shooting. But after that Matthew was healthy as ever and continued to shoot as soon as he could. 

Wrapping Up

Chandler is all fun and crazy until you realize he’s also a great brother, a perfect husband, and more than anything, a true FRIEND. If there are more sides of him that you have come across then let us know in the comment section. 

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