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Smriti Razdan
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If you thought only 80% of the world has brown eyes, then you cannot be more wrong. Brown eyes are not only the most prominent eye color but also the one that has survived the most. But what do we mean by this? You will know all your answers in this article on “Facts About Brown Eyes.”  

Brown iris color is the original hue of human eyes. Later in time, because of genetic mutation other eye colors developed, but it was only brown and dark-colored eyes that existed before that time. There are a lot of health facts about brown eyes that you don’t know yet and we are going to uncover all of them. 

The most interesting fact about brown eyes is that brown-eyed people are considered more trustworthy. It is not just a speculation, it is a conclusion of proper research. What might astonish you even more, is that women with brown eyes feel more pain during childbirth and have more anxiety after childbirth when compared to women with lighter eyes. Surprising enough? We have more for you. 

Okay, but why are people with brown eyes considered trustworthy? What about the other facts about brown eyes? Are there any health facts? Yes, we have answers to all these questions. Let’s unravel each interesting fact. 

Interesting Facts About Brown Eyes Revealing The Truth Behind Them

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

Brown eyes aren’t just basic. There are many different shades of brown some dark, some light, but all of them are some of the most beautiful eye colors anyone could have.

Also, I haven’t seen anyone look bad because of their brown eyes. Although, it’s otherwise has happened quite a few times. Just Kidding! All the truth behind brown eyes will make you say What! for sure. If you still want to be surprised then I won’t hold you any longer.

1. All Human Eyes are Actually Brown

Baby With Brown Eyes; brown eyes facts

We start the list of facts about brown eyes by stating that all of the human population has brown eyes. It might sound a little absurd, but it’s true. Eyes get the color brown from melanin. The higher the amounts of melanin the darker the color. 

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This means that all of the human population has melanin but only in different quantities, which makes them look like a lighter shade. Spilling the truth behind brown eyes for you guys.

2. Brown Eyes are Less Vulnerable to Some Cancers

You are going to know a lot about melanin in these facts about brown eyes. Melanin not only ensures the color of the eyes but also is a pigment that protects us from various diseases. The truth behind brown eyes is that having a higher quantity of melanin than other eye colors means that you are more protected from the sun’s harmful rays that cause cancer.

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: The Ace Black movie Blog

Although you still need shades (All of us need to wear them under sunlight), having more melanin means nature has given an extra layer of protection to you beautiful people. 

3. Brown Eyes is the Most Common & Most Survived Eye Color

 Do you know 41 percent of people in the U.S. have brown eyes? Not even that more than 80% of the world’s population has brown eyes. That’s one of the crazy facts about dark brown eyes. But why is it so?

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

Originally all of our ancestors had brown eyes and as these eyes have more melanin (Told you, you will hear a lot of Melanin here), they were capable of surviving many warmer climatic conditions having more strong sunlight.

As time passed and humans were to live in cooler climates there wasn’t much need for a higher amount of melanin. So they developed the eye hues into lighter shades.

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4. People with Brown Eyes are Less Likely to be Alcoholic

People with brown eyes are more sensitive to alcohol. According to the American Journal of Medical Genetics, European-Americans that have blue eyes or lighter shades of eyes have 83% more chances to be addicted to alcohol. This means that people with darker shades of eyes have fewer chances to be Alcoholic.

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

Why is this true? Nobody knows. Scientists are yet to know the reason behind this another one of the fun facts about brown eyes. But if you know any superstitions about this fact then comment below.

5. People with Brown Eyes are Reactive | The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

The next one of the facts about brown eyes leads us again to Melanin. This magical pigment not only protects us from various diseases but also increases the efficiency of the brain. 

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

Loosely translating, this means that human bodies with higher melanin can process many signals at a time, quickly and efficiently. Maybe that’s the reason people with brown eyes are better at baseball or tennis. Have you ever wondered? 

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6. Women with Brown Eyes Feel More Pain

This one from our interesting facts about brown eyes is scientifically proved. A study at the University of Pittsburgh concluded that women with brown eyes had less endurance to the pain of childbirth when compared to other blue-eyed women. It’s one of the most brutal truths about brown eyes.

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: Lists – Famous People

It was also said after the research that women with darker eye colors have more anxiety and pain after childbirth. The reason behind this interesting fact about brown eyes is not clear but it is assumed it is because of genetic differences between Caucasian and Asian people. 

7. Brown Eyed People Have Less Hearing Problems

An article by the National Library of Medicine says that eye color is a risk factor for sensory hearing loss. Again melanin plays the hero. The greater amounts of it protect the nerves in our brains from the noise. 

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: Medical News Today

This means if you are out in a factory sight (or someplace with high noise) with a blue-eyed friend of yours, they might suffer hearing loss, but there are chances you won’t. I bet you didn’t expect this in the list of brown eyes facts. 

8. Brown Eyes are Less Prone to Macular Degeneration

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: Skinny MS.

Brown Eyes aren’t just beautiful, they are less likely to face Macular Degeneration. A disease in which the central vision of the eyes is completely lost. As compared to lighter eye colors, people with brown eyes don’t often face this condition in their 50s or 60s. 

9. Brown Eyed People Have Lower Risk of Diabetes

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes

The next one of the brown eyes facts is a health-related fact. Research has shown that people with brown eyes have a lower risk of type 1 diabetes when compared to people with lighter eye colors. Eye color can be so beneficial, who knew?  

10. Higher Chance of Cataracts

Brown eyes are more likely to get Cataracts than other eye colors. You definitely didn’t know about these health facts about brown eyes. Australian research showed that there is a connection between the Iris color and cataract. 

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: YourTango

The results showed that dark brown irises are more prone to getting cataracts than other lighter eye colors. 

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11. Research Says People with Brown Eyes are Trustworthy

In research at the Charles University in the Czech Republic, 238 students were given photos of 80 students and they were to rate it based on trustworthiness. Not surprisingly, brown-eyed faces were rated more trustworthy than blue-eyed ones. 

Also, another point that was found after the research was that it didn’t matter who was judging the pictures. Men or women, blue or brown-eyed, all seem to think that brown-eyed faces were trustworthy.

Facts About Brown Eyes; The Truth Behind Brown Eyes
Source: WIRED

When looked deep into this one of the intriguing facts about brown eyes, it was found that it is not the brown eyes that cause this perception. Rather it is the facial morphology linked to brown eyes. 

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, now you know how precious it is to have those deep brown eyes. Hope these facts about brown eyes, helped you gain a little knowledge of brown eyes. If it did then share this article with your favorite brown-eyed person. 

Comment below if you want to know more about other facts and researches on eyes. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the personality facts about brown eyes? 

Brown-eyed people are more confident and assertive. Intelligence is also associated with the color brown.

What are some fun facts about brown eyes?

1. Brown eyes are actually blue, (if you remove the melanin).
2. Dark eyes are the most attractive eye color.

Are brown eyes blue underneath?

Every brown eye is blue underneath because actually there’s no blue. Eyes get their color depending upon the amount of melanin present.

Can brown eyes turn blue naturally?

People go through laser surgeries to destroy the melanin eyes which makes their eyes look a lot lighter. Otherwise, there’s no way to naturally turn brown eyes into blue.

What is special about brown eyes?

1. Brown Eyes are Less Vulnerable to Some Cancers
2. Brown Eyed People Have Less Hearing Problems
3. Brown Eyes are Less Prone to Macular Degeneration
4. Brown Eyed People Have Lower Risk of Diabetes
5. Brown Eyes is the Most Common & Most Survived Eye Color

Why are brown eyes better?

People with Brown eyes are better because they have fewer chances of macular degeneration, diabetes, hearing problems, and more. Also, brown eyes don’t change color often.

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