Facebook Gaming Music Policy in 2023 | Updated DMCA Regulations

Facebook Gaming Music Policy

Facebook gaming music policy has been stringent for gaming streamers regarding copyright since the beginning. Using copyrighted music in the background was not an option if you are a streamer. But with the Updated Facebook Gaming Music Policy, streamers have good news! Now, you might not have to think about getting a copyright strike if you follow certain terms and conditions! 

Despite the fact that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has been in force since 1998, many streamers were able to “get away with” playing copyrighted music in the background of their shows until about the middle of 2020. Over every broadcasting network at that time, including Facebook Gaming, strikes were distributed like candy. But, now, we have a different scenario.

This article will discuss what typically occurs when you get a strike for playing copyrighted music on Facebook and what you can do to prevent it, along with the updated terms and conditions of the Facebook Gaming Music Policy. Keep reading to know!

Role Of DMCA On Facebook Gaming Music Policy

Facebook Gaming Music Policy

According to the Facebook Gaming Music Policy, any VoDs, Clips, or other content that plays music protected by copyright may be removed by Facebook at any time. This is done to ensure that the legislation is being upheld and that the platform itself won’t be questioned. 

While Facebook Gaming can give you a strike for content and possibly ban your stream, your material will mostly only be muted. Users are not allowed to play music that is protected by a copyright on stream in order to prevent a Facebook Gaming strike. That’s how DMCA works as per Facebook Gaming Music Policy.

Updated Facebook Gaming Music Policy | Sept 2023

Facebook Gaming Music Policy stated that it would let Facebook gaming partners stream copyrighted content on the network in September 2020. Accordingly, you will be able to start playing some Copyrighted music if you sign up to be a Facebook Gaming Partner. The platform will notify you of any changes, and there will still be some music that is prohibited. 

Facebook Gaming Music Policy

Those who are not Facebook gaming partners will still have to either not play any music at all or only play royalty-free music as per the Facebook Gaming Music Policy.

Where To Find Facebook Gaming DMCA Free Music?

As per the Facebook gaming music policy, if you don’t have a Facebook gaming partnership, use royalty-free music when using Facebook Gaming to skip DMCA strike. You may gather this music in a few different online locations. Epidemic Sound is among the greatest music streaming services for DMCA-free music. You can find music that appeals to you and your audience because of its extensive catalog of over 30,000 tracks, which spans many different genres. 

Facebook Gaming Music Policy

Epidemic collaborates with musicians and songwriters to add new music to its database on a weekly basis. Epidemic owns the rights to all of its tracks. Copyright claims are only made if the content was made available at a time when there was no active account; they never target content providers. It’s a very useful way to put up with the Facebook gaming music policy.

What To Do After Receiving Facebook Gaming DMCA Strike?

Having DMCA strike is very common if you are not familiar with the Facebook gaming music policy. Take quick action by removing any content you can locate where the violation was created if you receive a DMCA strike for playing copyrighted music on your broadcast without authorization. You won’t receive any more strikes as a result of doing this. 

Facebook Gaming Music Policy

If you receive a DMCA strike for using licensed material, such as music, you can request to have Facebook overturn the penalty. You’ll need to demonstrate that you didn’t break any rules as per the Facebook gaming music policy. Regardless of the cause of your strike, be sure to protect your channel going forward by only posting high-quality music to Facebook.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the Facebook gaming music policy. Be careful whenever you are putting any background music into your stream. Share this article with whoever getting issues understanding Facebook gaming music policy. Also, stay tuned to the Path Of EX website for more such updates. Happy streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Play Copyrighted Music On Facebook?

It is against Facebook ToS to play copyrighted music on the platform unless you are a partnered streamer. It is illegal to share or distribute music without permission. Purchasing a song on iTunes or leasing it through Spotify doesn’t give you ownership of the song’s rights. As bots scan content, they pick up on music and will mute a VoD or issue a DMCA strike against you. 

2. Can I Play YouTube Music On Facebook Gaming?

If you have permission from the copyright holder to play a song on YouTube, then you are free to do so. Some royalty-free music on the platform is available, but it must be specified. Both the music from record labels and original content on YouTube belongs to the creator or record label. You cannot use it without permission. 

3. Are You Allowed To Play Spotify On Facebook Gaming?

A Spotify subscription doesn’t give you the rights to rebroadcast the music to your Facebook Gaming audience. Unless you own the rights to the music, get permission from the person who does it, or only makes playlists of royalty-free music, you cannot use Spotify on Facebook Gaming without the risk of a strike and potential ban. 

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