5 Best Facebook Email Finder to Trace Email Addresses in 2023

Facebook Email Finder

Facebook has grown and developed beyond just a social media platform. It has emerged as one of the most important platform in the world of business, marketing, and corporate communication. Facebook is connecting people in all spheres and domains. If you also belong to a business or marketing profession and often face difficulties finding emails, don’t stress out! Here is a detailed guide to Top Facebook Email Finders

Primarily, Facebook has rigid and strict policies when it comes to its user’s privacy policies. These privacy policies are so strong that users were led to claim Privacy settlement. Facebook keeps on adding new privacy controls to strengthen its security systems. Emails are the prime lead while we connect to someone on official and professional terms. Sometimes you may want to connect to someone, but their contact info may have a Facebook privacy wall. For that reason, you might need to know about the Facebook Email finder tool free. 

Here in this blog, I have mentioned all the details of Facebook Email finders and various other methods so that you can manage to get Emails out of Facebook accounts. Read the blog till the end to attain complete knowledge of the topic. 

5 Best Facebook Email Finder Tools

There are many Facebook Email address finder tools that you definitely need to know about. Here are some best options listed below. 

1. Mailbiz

Facebook Email Finder

Mailbiz is a free email finder tool that you can use to find your lost emails. This email finder helps you in keeping an organized list of emails so that you can easily find them and they don’t get lost. With this tool, you can easily share your Emails easily with each other. 

Features of Mailbiz

Mailbiz is laced with many amazing features. Some of them are here mentioned below:

  • Mailbiz is a very convenient app to use. Finding Email is just a deal of a few clicks. 
  • It has the ability to extract Email UIDs from almost everywhere, like groups, fan pages, friends, etc. 
  • It cuts out all the guesswork on your part; it acts as quick work.  
  • It helps in finding Emails easily without digging too deep into old Emails. 

2. AeroLeads 

Facebook Email Finder

AeroLeads is a Facebook Email finder tool that allows you to find emails through your Facebook ID. There is a free trial version and then a paid version worth $49 per month. This tool helps in finding the email addresses of other people on Facebook by entering your details like Email and Facebook details. You will need to sign up for this service to use its beneficial services. 

Features of AeroLeads

The features that Aeroleads carries in its services are mentioned below: 

  • Aeroleads sources out the Emails that are relevant and relatable to your business. 
  • It automatically finds people of your Interests and people. 
  • Aeroleads target the targeted audiences and cuts off the extra waste of time. 
  • After the account is set, you can simply find Emails by logging in. 

3. VoilaNorbet

VoilaNorbet is another Facebook Email finder tool that is a very intelligent generational tool. It helps in finding any corporate email, and then it manipulates and enriches with topic-oriented data to drive further the conversation. It also acts like a social media marketing tool that helps you in finding new leads, tools, and projects. 

Features of VoilaNorbet

There are plenty of features that VoilaNorbet is laced with. Here are some of them mentioned below:

  • VoilaNorbet helps you in leveling up your engagement and communication scale.  
  • This tool helps you by providing details of the person, like contact number, last seen, and profile picture. 
  • It magnifies the search of the people that are interested in your content, pages, and posts.

4. Swordfish AI

Facebook Email Finder

Facebook Email Finder tool is another service that is brought by Swordfish AI. It gives you access to find an Email address for your Facebook contacts. This Facebook Email Finder tool is absolutely free of cost to use. It can find out the Email ID of any person that you know on Facebook or are friends with, regardless of whether their account is public or not. 

Features of Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI has plenty of features in it. Here are some listed below. 

  • Swordfish.AI has more trusted scale of customers worldwide.  
  • For business dealers and marketers, it helps and works in the direction of generating revenue.  
  • It usually targets in keeping its network lines and wires full. 
  • Swordfish.ai has a strong notification game, it notifies you every time you receive an Email or you send an Email.
  • It helps in finding Emails by searching through the phone numbers associated with your friends. 

5. Extractor X

Facebook Email Finder

Extractor X is another one of the best tools in the list of Facebook Email Finder. As the name drops, the hints, Extractor X extracts the information from Facebook, including Emails. In conducting any activity on Facebook, Extractor X will help you. It is offered as a highly flexible tool. 

Features of Extractor X

Some of the prominent features that Extractor X has are here mentioned below:

  • Extractor X helps in extracting the phone number and contacts other than Emails from Facebook.
  • This tool gives the benefits like spam filtering and time support. 
  • It also filters spam, junk and looks out for the promotional ones so that you can find the good ones and save time.

Other Methods to Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook 

Facebook Email Finder

Other than using third-party apps and sites, there are some other methods to find someone’s Email address on Facebook. Here are the other possible reasons listed below. 

1. Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook Using the ‘About Page’

Facebook allows you to have access to the Facebook profile of the other person. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to reach out to the Email of the other user without using the Facebook Email address finder. 

1. Open the Facebook app and search for the profile of the person. 

2. As their profile opens, go to their About info section. 

3. You will find the Email there. 

And that is all. This is a simple and convenient way to find someone’s Email address on Facebook using the About page. 

2. Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook by Searching on Google

If the person you are looking for an Email account is well-known and renowned, you can easily trace their Email address on Facebook. Nowadays, Google holds all kinds of details and information from large to small scale businesses and business persons. All kinds of information are easily available on Google. Digging out an Email is no big deal. 

3. Find Someone’s Email Address on Facebook by Asking Them Directly

If all the methods fail and none of the above-mentioned works, then the most direct, simple, and effective way to find someone’s Email is to ask them directly. You can text them on any other platform or as them in person directly. This is effective and surely will result in a positive outlook. 

Wrapping Up

In this blog, I have mentioned all the important details and information about Facebook Email finders. I hope this information will serve you well and in your best interest. If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to comment below in the comment section. We will reach out to you soon. To read more about such informative and interesting blogs, keep visiting our website, Path of EX. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I find someone’s email on Facebook?

You can find someone’s email address on Facebook by following the following steps:
1. Type the user name of the person in the search bar.
2. Open their profile and go to the About section.
3. Click on the contact and basic info section. 
4. The Email address of the person is mentioned on the top there.  

2. How do I find someone’s social media email?

To find somebody’s social media email address is to open their profile and go to their contact info. This information is usually found in the contact information section of the profile page.

3. How do I find an email address from a name?

Type the name of that person and @gmail further their name. You need to keep a confirmation check on the person you’re searching for. There is a very high possibility of getting mistaken for somebody else’s Email with the same name. Check whether the person is correct by verifying them through the profile picture on Gmail id, if they have updated it. 

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