How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up | 9 Facebook Fixes To Date!

How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up | 9 Facebook Fixes To Date!

Facebook Dating is one of the newest additions to the app. This feature has been helpful for many where they got to meet people and even start a relationship with them in time. But many people are struggling with how to fix Facebook Dating not showing up? There can be many reasons. But the primary reason is the user’s age while registering for the app. 

The app uses the credentials given by the user and makes the feature available to them. The new feature requires the user to log in with a single email address. They have to create a new profile to be used for the dating service. After creating a Facebook dating profile separate from the main shape, users will be suggested based on interests, location, and preferences. 

Some users face problems with this new feature and are clueless about how to fix it. So here we have discussed the fixes for you to solve the problem. 

How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

Facebook Dating Fixes
Facebook Dating Fixes

Many factors may become the cause of this problem. First, the primary reason may be that the user is not using a Facebook app; second, the person is under 18. When a person is below the age of 18, then they can not solve the problem, but someone who is above 18 has a solution.

They need to download the app on their mobiles, and they would have access to Facebook Dating. The steps of how to fix Facebook dating not showing up are:

1. Update The App

When encountering a problem with Facebook dating, you need to update the app on your mobile to the most recent version. Then you get all the updated features. 

2. Check Your Connection

Check the connection of the device on which you are using Facebook. If you are using a Wifi connection, troubleshoot it and then use it. You may find your Facebook dating available.

3. Enable App Notification

Enable apps and notifications
Enable apps and notifications

You should keep the app notification enabled when using Facebook on your phone or laptop. It will show you the updated features of the apps on your profile. This will help you to know the latest features added to your app.

4. Clear Cache

Clear cache for more storage
Clear cache for more storage

The device on which you use Facebook already has stored data, which helps them run the app smoothly. However, sometimes the data gets corrupted, and the apps stop working correctly. You should clear all cache on your device, and the apps will run perfectly. 

5. Facebook Down

Sometimes the server is down for the app, and many users complain of the app not working perfectly. Hence, it would be best if you waited for some time here so the app runs smoothly. 

6. Close Apps

When you close the apps on your device, minor bugs may cause some app features to go missing. Hence, always use secure apps that do not disturb the smooth running of your device or phone. 

7. Restart Device

Turning your device off and on may solve various issues in your app. So, try doing the same, which may also fix multiple problems in your app. Sometimes there are issues in the device which does not allow apps to run smoothly, so this hack helps to solve the problem. 

8. Delete and Reinstall The App

You may also delete Facebook from your device and then reinstall it from your google or apple store. They may solve your problem and make the app work properly. 

9. Contact Help Centre

When you constantly face problems with the Facebook dating app, there is no response from anyone. Then you may choose to contact the Facebook technical team. They might be able to fix your problem. 

Wrapping Up

There are many reasons which can cause your Facebook not to function correctly. In addition, you may also have features that are missing in your Facebook app. Hence, we have curated the problems and their fixes for how to fix Facebook Dating not showing up and hope they will significantly help you when you encounter any such thing in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook Dating?

It is a feature on your Facebook app which enable a user above 18 to look for dates on the app.

How to fix Facebook Dating not showing up?

There are several ways to show Facebook dating not showing, like clearing cache, checking the network, reinstalling the app, and many more. 

Can I fix Facebook Dating on my own?

Yes, in most cases, the users can fix their problems all by themselves. In very few cases, they need the help of the support team. 

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