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As an experienced digital marketing agency we have seen the rise and fall of many channels. Back in the days we had search advertising on Yahoo where marketers could create ads directly in their native platform. More recently there was a lot of fuss around Snapchat, but how many businesses do still advertise on it? Now it is the time of TikTok, Clubhouse; and there will be many more to come – no doubt.

But there are few that with time have consolidated their position and still dominate the digital marketing advertising landscape. Think of Google Ads, YouTube, and of course Facebook (plus Instagram) marketing. Advertising on Facebook is so popular that there are even digital marketing agencies that only specialise in Facebook advertising.

So what does it take to successfully advertise on Facebook?

1 Leverage on the multiple targeting options available

First and foremost one of the biggest selling points for Facebook Ads is the opportunity to carefully and precisely select the targeting criteria, choosing from demographics, including age and gender, but also education, job title, etc, location, interest, behaviour and connections (for example you can choose to only target users that are connected to your Facebook page).

2 Elevate targeting to the next level creating and using custom audiences and lookalikes

This is where targeting can get more sophisticated as advertisers can create their own custom lists which can be a mix of default targeting settings and first party user lists. Or advertisers can decide to target lookalikes and similar audiences, with the option of even choosing the degree of how close these similar audiences or lookalikes are to the original list. This option is great if you are looking at maintaining control on the quality (and relevance) of the audience that you are targeting, whilst still being able to increase the reach of your ads.

3 Ads in Facebook must be visually appealing and compelling

As the headline says when creating ads in Facebook and Instagram, ensure that they are the most visually appealing. Since the ads get shown in the users’ feed it is important to make a good first impression in order to stop them on their tracks. Ideally the ads and their graphics/images should pop up and stand out so try avoid using stock or low resolution pictures. Also the ads must be relevant (see points 1 and 2 above).

4 Ensure that the ads don’t get ‘stale’

In Facebook, especially if you are not targeting a good size audience, ads can reach the same users multiple times and therefore the frequency can be quite high. Ideally the ads frequency should not be more than 1.5 or 2, unless you are running an awareness campaign and the ads are meant to be seen a lot of times by the same user. But if that is not the case, then ads that start getting served too many times lose their efficacy and become ‘stale’. Often when that happens the average cost per click also increases dramatically.

5 Test, test, test, test

When running ads in Facebook, one of the biggest, and often untapped opportunities we see is the lack of testing. But as we mentioned above in our first tip on Facebook there are many different targeting options which can also be used for testing. For example, you could create different ad sets for different age groups or users living in different locations. Or you could test targeting similar users but that have different interests and/or connections. Then of course you can test utilising different messaging, alternative CTAs (call-to-actions), different ad formats (i.e. image ads vs carousel ads, Instagram stories, etc), or test different images altogether. As you can see the options and combinations are literally endless!

Now it’s over to you to turn these hot tips and tricks into action and make the most of Facebook Ads and run your advertising campaigns like a pro.


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