Moving Cross Country? 5 Expert Tips to Your Simplest Move

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Moving is never easy. Packing all your belongings, sorting the trash from the keepsakes, and getting it all onto the moving van can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. It’s a lot to do, even if you’re moving down the street. What about moving cross country? You will be dealing with a different set of circumstances that can be even more stressful. Here are a few tricks to make your move as easy as can be.

1. Ship Your Car

Did you know you can get a free quote and an affordable transport team to move your vehicles for you? Whether you’re going 500 miles or 5,000, car shipping companies are available to transport your car or truck without adding miles to the odometer. These transport companies have affordable rates, easy scheduling, and great customer service. Depending on your needs, you can pick a car shipping company that has the right discounts, availability, and pickup.

Professional drivers will pick up your vehicle and carry it cross country, delivering it safely to your new home. It’s as easy as setting the date, handing over the keys, and worrying about the next thing on your list.

2. Pack an Open-First Box

One of the hassles of moving into a new home is not having everything you need right away. Once you’ve packed the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the boxes get thrown on the moving truck and mixed around. What happened to that one box you needed? To make the moving cross country even easier, pack a box, bag, or suitcase with necessities like:

  • toilet paper
  • towels and linens
  • common kitchen items such as the coffee pot and paper towels
  • household cleaners
  • toiletries
  • phone and computer chargers

This box should be loaded last (or kept with you) and unloaded first. Mark this your “open first” box and don’t waste time and energy searching through all your boxes for the things you need. Depending on your travel and moving situation, you may have days or weeks before you get to your destination. Where are you staying in the meantime? A box of necessities can also help you stay organized on the road or in temporary dwellings.

3. Pack By Room

This seems like a no-brainer until you’re ready to fill those boxes. Sometimes, you’ll have extra space in a box or just enough room for one last item. Avoid the temptation to pack different rooms’ items in the same boxes. Keep each room’s boxes separate when packing and only pack items from that room in its designated boxes. When you get to your new cross-country home, you will thank yourself for making sure everything that belongs in one room is all packed together and labeled. Forget looking through a zillion boxes to find that one item for the bedroom. Make sure all the bedroom boxes are labeled clearly and that there are no bathroom or kitchen items in those boxes. Do the same for each room. Start by packing all the heavier items at the bottom and then load the lighter, smaller items at the top of the box. Fill in spaces with softer items like clothing, blankets, or towels.

4. Schedule Utilities in Advance

Nothing would be worse than getting to your new home and having no lights, internet, or heat. This is a simple step, but it’s an easy one to overlook. Well before you begin the move, make sure you switch all the utilities in your new home over to your name. Don’t forget to also schedule your old home’s utilities to transfer to the new owners as soon as possible. Moving companies, moving-day helpers, and other services can be organized ahead of time as well to make your life easier. Other handy tips can be found on Path of EX for home and personal organization before, during, and after your move.

5. Create a Game Plan Before Moving

Have an idea how you want your move to go? Organize all the to-do items in one place like a file or folder, contact your movers and/or move-in helpers, and create a moving game plan. Decide which rooms can be packed first and which need to wait. Declutter all those unused items and donate them to a shelter or food kitchen.

Create a color code for boxes and furniture with post-it notes or colorful tape and label them accordingly (making sure not to damage any finishes). Plan for traveling to your new cross-country home and organize when movers and helpers will arrive and what their tasks should be. A moving-day game plan is an essential strategy for an effective and efficient day of your move.

Need more tips? This list has everything from pre-moving steps to unpacking in your new home. From scheduling your utilities, decluttering, and getting your movers and transport companies booked, to packing and moving with ease. Get ready to love your new home!


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