Evil Shrek On TikTok Explained Here! Decode The Latest TikTok Trend!

Evil Shrek On TikTok Explained Here! Decode The Latest TikTok Trend!

Scrolling through TikTok is fun…. At least until the videos that you see stop making sense to you. If you’ve been seeing an Evil Shrek on TikTok, you know what I am referring to. It’s going viral on this social media platform, and I’m sure you don’t understand why. 

Well, the Evil Shrek is yet another thing going viral on TikTok. But, given the number of times you’ve encountered it on your FYP, I’m sure you must have guessed that bit already. You may also have guessed that the Evil Shrek has something (read: everything) to do with a recent EDM concert. 

If you can understand these puzzle pieces, then the Evil Shrek on TikTok mystery already makes sense. But if you cannot, don’t worry, and keep scrolling through. The entire meaning and significance of this viral trend are explained below. 

Evil Shrek On TikTok Explained Here!

Evil Shrek On TikTok Explained Here! Decode The Latest TikTok Trend!

Let’s cut to the chase: The Evil Shrek on TikTok is part of a clip from DJ Excision’s concerts. The Shrek is supposed to be one of the many spectacular digital visuals from this DJ’s concert. 

However, I’m sure you’re still wondering what Evil Shrek is doing on TikTok. Well, a detailed explanation of the whole phenomenon is given below. Keep scrolling to find out. 

EDM (abbreviation for Electronic Dance Music) concerts are all the hype in the world these days. Scroll through YouTube and TikTok; you will find many videos showcasing music festivals like EDC. Their eye-catching digital visuals, themed stages, and dancers decked in fancy costumes capture the imagination of millions out there. 

Why Is Evil Shrek On TikTok?

Evil Shrek On TikTok Explained Here! Decode The Latest TikTok Trend!

However, some artists, like DJ ‘Excision,’ take the whole affair to the next level by putting in much more effort than anyone else. Excision is infamous for his explosive music sound and has delivered mega hits like Robo Kitty and The Paradox to his fans. 

Another thing that he’s known for is the digital visuals that are used at his live performances. Again, if you’ve scrolled enough EDM-related concert videos on YouTube, you must know what I am talking about. 

Excision’s music, combined with his out-of-the-world digital visuals, takes the EDM experience to an entirely new level that can’t even be put into words. However, his latest digital visual has sent the viewers for a loop. 

The Evil Shrek on TikTok is part of a clip from one of Excision’s live performances that is going quite viral on the platform. In the clip, the Evil Shrek roars out at the crowd. 

Although Evil Shrek is supposed to be yet another spectacle at Excision’s festivals, fans aren’t exactly taking it as one. Well, at least not all fans. Some of them had already expected something like that, given Excision’s history. But some claim to be “terrified” to have a giant, malevolent green orge roaring at them.

However, this isn’t even the first time Excision has done something like this. In the past, as well, Excision has made popular memes in his live sets. Take the song about Harambe, for example. In that one, Harambe was shown on the screen as a massive Yeti-like gorilla walking straight at the crowd. 

Furthermore, Shrek has been a part of the EDM circles for a while now. Fans of the green ogre have even had Shrek-themed raves in the past. However, it’s to be noted that it’s this latest Shrek movement that not everyone seems to be on board with. 

Wrapping Up

Okay then, everyone! This article was about another thing that wasn’t making much sense to a typical user like you on TikTok. And so, I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. If there’s any other viral TikTok trend or term you need my help with, mention it in the comments below, and I will share an article with you on that, too! Until then, stay tuned for more such unique content! 

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