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Smriti Razdan
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Living in NY is a dream. It’s not just the city but its people also live life on the go. While that might sound amazing, sometimes it can be a little demanding on your budget. Especially for people who need to get their eyes tested but are waiting for their payouts. Do not wait anymore! We have got you the best eyewear boutique in NY where you can get your eyes tested for free. 

Located in Manhattan, EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique is the most convenient place you can visit to get a free eye test. They are equipped with the best eye care technologies that make your eyes feel more comfortable and your look more stylish. You’ll be amazed to know about the services they provide. 

The eyewear store of EuroOptica Boutique is already famous for so many reasons. Read along to know all about their highly qualified team, greatly reviewed services, luxury brands they deal with, and contact information.

Who Are EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique? 

EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique in NY | Get An Eye Test For Free!

EuroOptica is a team of highly qualified opticians. Dr. Phen is a Licenced Optometrist who is quite skilled and experienced. Konstantin is an ABO Certified Licenced Optician (he’s the guy with the magical hands). There’s Roy who is also an ABO Certified Licenced Optician and Mike who is a pro eyewear stylist. 

In short, a complete team that will correct your vision while making you look your best. This exceptional team of EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique provides eye care services for both adults and children.  

Now, you may ask why you should do an eye test when your vision is completely fine. Well, there are a number of eye problems that are asymptomatic in the beginning or have pretty normal symptoms. Like itching or dry eyes. You might have the most beautiful eyes in the world, however, if you keep on ignoring your eyes, then be sure that it will cause you some serious trouble in the near future. As said by many, prevention is better than cure, you are more than welcome at EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique to get your eyes tested for absolutely free. 

You do not need to spend even a penny to check whether your vision is correct or weak. We truly hope you have a correct vision, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull off an eyeglass look. It looks boho, chic, and everything stylish. So, do not think before getting a good pair of glasses from EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique in Manhattan, NY. 

What Services Does EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique Provide?

All optometry services are provided by EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique, including-

  • Refraction for eyeglasses
  • Glass repairs and adjustments
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Foreign body removal
  • A qualified Ophthalmologist Consultation
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Comprehensive eye exams

To top the reviews they have their own high-tech laboratory to provide the precision their customers expect. 

Talking about customers, EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique has more than 9,000 satisfied customers who have given them high ratings on Google. They also do 3290 eye exams. But, the store is not just about eye tests. They have more than 4,200 frames in stock and 15,250 edged lenses. With jaw-dropping numbers like this, I am sure you would want to visit the EuroOptica store as soon as possible.

What Does EuroOptica EyeWear Boutique Deal With?

Do you want choices in frames? They got it. I know most of us are suckers for luxury brands and they have got it all. The collection of luxury brand frames you get at the EuroOptica Eyewear store is simply mind-numbing. Just have a look and see for yourself-

  1. Lindberg
  2. Matttew
  3. HENAU
  4. Maui Jim
  5. Lindberg Precious
  6. Paul Smith
  7. Ray.Ban
  8. l.a.Eyeworks
  9. lafont
  10. Chloé
  11. Celine
  12. Etnia Barcelona
  13. Prodesign
  14. Varilux
  15. Crizal
  16. Transitions
  17. Anne & Valentin
  18. Oliver Goldsmith
  19. sabine be..
  20. Mykita
  21. Face A Face
  22. Gucci
  23. Berluti
  24. Xperio UV
  25. Eyezen
  26. Barton Perreira
  27. Blake Kuwahara
  28. Oliver Peoples
  29. theo
  30. ic! berlin
  31. Naoned
  32. Claire Goldsmith
  33. Andy Wolf
  34. Wissing
  35. Persol

EuroOptica never compromises on quality, especially when it comes to contact lenses. Your specs protect your eyes from so many hazardous rays. After all, they are the most important part of a spectacle. DAILIES, Crizal, AirOptix, Varilux, and Acuvue are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more leading brands they deal with. Also, this is just to let you know that your eyes are going to be in safe hands. 

Address & Contact Details

You can visit EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York City. Call them anytime at (212) 501-7070. You can also book an appointment online by visiting their website. 

Visit them from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

On Saturday visit EuroOptica Eyewear Boutique from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

On Sunday, visit them from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  

You can also check out their Instagram page for more updates. They regularly post some really cool pictures. 

Wrapping Up

EuroOptica is a must-visit eyewear store if you want to look fashionable and elegant, along with taking good care of your eyes. Do a free eye test on your first visit. Their efficient team will make you feel at home and you won’t have to worry about your eyes from now on. 

Check out all their frames from the virtual try-on section on their website and tell us how was your experience.  


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