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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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When you choose to study English or a subject within Arts and Humanities at university, you should be ready to write lots of essays. For most students undergoing a lot of academic pressure, writing an essay becomes the main chore they need to accomplish to proceed to the next level as smoothly as possible. It’s hard to master this skill. It requires both creativity and logical planning. However, the following advice will help you do your best.

1. Planning is important

You can think that planning is equal to time-wasting, but a good plan will help you to organize your ideas and saves your time in the future. If you ask – “Please, write my essay for free,”  the professional writer never skips this step. It helps to know what to write, and faster came up with the paragraphs. While writing an outline, you will probably stick at first. It is difficult to organize all thoughts. Mind mapping is the easiest way for many people to do a plan.

You can write your association with the topic and generate new ideas faster. For example, we should connect your essay with ecology. What are the first associations? Eco-friendly lifestyle, environmental protection, and recycling. So try to figure out how to describe these points creatively.

Do not worry – the first draft is just an initial version of your essay. You may have a polished composition in your head, but the first draft will be rough, imperfect. But it will contain the main ideas you will include in the final, revised essay. To facilitate the task of getting your ideas down on paper for the first time, keep in mind the aim of the essay, who the readers are, and what they will be looking for. Focusing on these factors should make it easier to decide what to write.

Then take your outline or jotted thoughts and flesh out the essay’s parts in full paragraphs and sentences without worrying about exact wording, phrasing, or organization. Aim for writing at least three paragraphs: one each for the thesis, body, and conclusion. Within each paragraph make sure that you have at least one main idea. If you can come up with more material than the minimums suggested here, all the better. It is often less difficult to cut down an essay than it is to build it up.

2. Have a logical structure

Think about this while you are planning. Whether it is an argumentative essay or speech for debates – it should have a logical structure. First, determine your point of view. Think about your attitude to the topic. Paragraphs shouldn’t contradict each other.

In the introduction, try to describe the main idea of your essay, express your point of view and the general direction of your essay. It should grab the readers’ attention. Use shocking information, quote, or question. The main body should contain 2-3 paragraphs. Here, you can elaborate on your topic more deeply. Explain your position that you wrote at the beginning, add arguments.

It is essential to set out your point in the first sentences. Each main idea you wrote in a diagram or outline will become a separate paragraph in the body of your essay. The opening sentence should include the main idea of the paragraph. The conclusion should summarise your main ideas. But do not repeat your introduction.  It should comprise three to five sentences. 

3. Don’t forget about quotations.

It is essential to support your ideas with pieces of evidence and scientific researches. Read the guideline carefully and use the allowed quotation style. The dominant styles are the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago style format. The composition looks much more persuasive if you use citations and trustworthy sources. It will impress examiners.

4. Try to be as creative as you can

It is easy to write an essay using the tips above. But if you want to write an outstanding essay, you should be as creative as you can. Find your unique approach to the problem that arises in the headline. 

Creative writing is closely connected to essay writing. Do not be afraid to write your thoughts, even if they seem unusual in the beginning. For the examiner will be rather interesting to read fresh ideas then read the same thoughts repeatedly written.

It will help you grab the readers’ attention. You can also ask your teachers about tips for essay writing. They may also have some helpful suggestions on how to improve your writing style so that you will sound as professional as possible in your essays.

5. Be your own editor

Pay attention to all the details. Check the structure of your paragraphs. Your major arguments should be in the first and last paragraphs inside the main body. See if your essay meets all the requirements. One of the essential tips for writing an outstanding essay follows closely behind this tip – proofreading. Checking your composition for grammatical and punctuation errors is very important.

Finally, read through your essay before submitting it. Go back and read sections several times to make sure you have omitted nothing important. Take the time to proofread your work more than once before submitting it.

Important to Mention

Make sure that you have answered the question and your essay is related to the task. Do not forget that some of your readers do not have any knowledge about your topic. The more you write for readers who do not elaborates on what you are talking about – the more understandable your essay becomes. Do not lose sight of the topic assigned to you and support your answer with facts, explanations, reasons, and other examples in your essay.

Ask for reviews. How do you ask for assistance in reviewing your essay? If you ask someone you know, explain your plans for applying for college admissions or academic awards. Then explain the importance of the personal statement part of the essay and your desire for feedback to improve the essay. Then explain to them why you have chosen to ask for their feedback (you might touch on some of the criteria above). Usually, the person will feel flattered by your request and will comply despite the time and effort required to review your essay.


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