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The education sector is more competitive, and the demand for grades is turning out to be a great necessity than ever before. Writing too is competitive and isn’t with every student striving to produce the best out of their writing pieces. One thing about writing is that it is always practicable in almost every aspect. For instance, wring blog content demands some level of expertise. Academic content, too, requires some level of know-how. If you think it from the blog aspect, then you can quickly relate it to a mode of attracting audiences or marketing a given product.   Essential Academic Writing Tools for StudentsFor instance, ThesisHelpers demands better-written pieces crafted in a well thought out manner. Therefore, you now understand the wideness and competitiveness that comes with writing. However, in this piece, we shall narrow it down to a minor writing aspect: academic writing. Like other writing forms, academic writing has its principles to which a student needs to adhere. Some of these principles are at times tough enough to complicate the entire process. But do you worry when the world has an influx of tools to support your academic writing? The following are the most common but essential writing tools that will serve any student better.        

  • Grammarly

Most people use Grammarly for various purposes. It is a widely renowned application that helps students polish a few grammatical and spelling areas within a given academic writing piece. Fortunately, Grammarly supports both the free version the premium version. The latter supports a wide range of features that will help you detect many errors and polish your work to the extremes. The former supports a few features that will reduce grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  

  • Hemingway App

Another common substitute for Grammarly is the Hemmingway App. Hemingway is one of the most excellent writing tools that most writers will run to avoid failures in Grammarly or any other rugged applications. The device is suitable enough to handle any academic writing piece, point out grammatical errors, and optimize your writing to a desirable level.      

  • Freemind

The onset of using mind mapping tools establishes your love for mind mapping; it is because some of these tools make the process more comfortable, and most users will wonder how they did it. In short, applications like Freemind simplify almost everything in terms of mind mapping. If you want to structure out your essay, you don’t have to worry either. With Freemind, mind mapping the easier would take a few minutes, and you’ll be happy having achieved some essential role. It is one application that allows you to love things around and turn them into a reliable outcome.  

  • Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a powerful writing tool that defines itself just by the name. One demanding task is keeping track of each citation. While following up on the source is more challenging, it is essential to establish several factors that can reduce the citation’s workload. A more excellent option is to give Cite This For Me a shot. The application has excellent citing capabilities and helps cite documents in MLA, APA, and Harvard Styles of writing. You’ll enjoy it. 

  • Grab My Essay

Another powerful tool a student can quickly run for when writing an academic piece is the Grab My Essay tool. Since you can’t do it all alone, you can rely on the tool to beat the nearing deadline. Grab My Essay supports various operations such as research and editing of critical academic texts. 

  • Prezi

One of the most common presentation standards is PowerPoint, and most people would rely on it as one of the gold standards. But such a notion is sometimes wrong with the existence of other powerful presentation tools like Prezi. If you want to dazzle your professor with a few effects, Prezi will do everything fine. It is a fabulous tool that works intuitively, ensuring to give every presentation you make a unique feel. Check it out and forget about relying on a single presentation tool.    

  • Dropbox

It is also another essential and everyday necessity when it comes to writing. The tool supports various services, such as keeping your files within reach, regardless of where you are trying to access them from. 

  • Google Scholar

Google has a range of products to support academic writing. Among the essential tools is Google Scholar. It supports various educational writing services, such as broader access to a library of academic papers.  

  • LanguageTool

If you want to polish your academic work quickly, then you should run for the LanguageTool. It helps point out mistakes in more than 20 languages. It is fantastic when you want to achieve more in academic writing.  


With self-control and self-discipline, following up with these writing tools will always guarantee better academic papers grades. Don’t allow distraction during your academic papers. Give in your effort, and consider supportive tools to polish everything. Enjoy working on your subsequent academic write-up. 


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