Eritrean kids, rest of class segregated in Tel Aviv kindergartens

Eritrean children were separated from the rest of their classes at kindergartens in the Tel Aviv area, a report by Channel 13 released on Wednesday claimed.A journalist from Channel 13 interviewed an Eritrean woman from Tel Aviv whose child was allegedly among the children segregated from the other children in the kindergarten. The woman, who has a five-year-old girl with special needs, said her daughter regularly asks her why she is separated from the other children that are not Eritrean.”My daughter all the time asks ‘why are we separate?’ Why are brown and white separated?” the Eritrean woman said in the interview.”At the kindergarten my daughter goes to, there are two places… a place below for Israelis and a place above for only Eritreans. Why? Why is my daughter separated? It hurts my heart. I want her to feel like all other people, like Israeli children,” her mother said.There are currently tens of thousands of African migrants in Israel, particularly Eritreans and Sudanese, many of whom are asylum seekers and refugees fleeing difficult situations in their home countries.The Municipality of Tel Aviv denied the claim that segregation occurred at kindergartens in the city, saying it was a result of the demographic balance in the area and the fact that children with learning disabilities, in this case language impairment, are segmented according to their mother tongue.

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