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encounter codes

Since its release, Roblox has proven to be quite a successful project for the developer Voldex. Recently, the developer of the game introduced a new mode as an in-game update, Encounters, which again turned out to catch a lot of attention from the fanbase. In this article, we would hook you up with a few Encounter Codes which would help you to improve your Roblox gaming experience.

You may be wondering what these codes are. Well, we have got you covered. Encounter codes are basically the free in-game rewards and gifts that are released by the developers. These codes include keys, crystals, gems or orbs. These codes are given out from time to time as a way to celebrate certain milestones achieved by the game.  

To help you grab these free gifts for yourself, we have made you a list of the latest Encounter Codes in the Roblox game. Check this list out and tell us in the comments how your experience was using these encounter codes.

What Are Encounters And Encounter Codes?

Roblox Encounter Codes (June 2022): Free Crystals, Orbs & Reward | Redeem Encounter Codes

Inspired by one of the most popular Roblox series, Super Smash Bros, Encounters is a PvP battle mode that takes the combat battles to a next level. Encounters offers an explicit schedule of in-game characters that can be used by gamers. It enables the players to reach new levels, unlock different maps and gain an advantage over their enemies. 

It is really dependent on the gaming style of a player that whether they want to take the gameplay slow or fast, one thing that’s certain is that you will definitely find the most suitable character and combat style for yourself. It is really just a matter of time and you will be achieving new heights in the game. That is why you need access to the most significant codes to have an amazing gaming session.

All Encounter Codes | Working in September 2023

Without further ado, let us now have a look at the encounter codes in the Roblox game which you can use to obtain free gifts in the game. Keep track of our website because any upcoming new codes would be updated on this article.       

Roblox Encounter Codes (June 2022): Free Crystals, Orbs & Reward | Redeem Encounter Codes

Active Encounter Codes

  • 325KLIKES – free crystals
  • 275KLIKES – free crystals
  • 250K LIKES! – free crystals
  • 225K LIKES! – free rewards
  • 200KLIKES – 515 crystals
  • 150KLIKES – 1,000 crystals
  • 100KLIKES – 500 crystals and one conqueror orb
  • 75KLIKES – 500 gems
  • FFA – one key

Expired Encounter Codes

  • 1v1

How to Redeem The Encounter Codes?

Roblox Encounter Codes (June 2022): Free Crystals, Orbs & Reward | Redeem Encounter Codes

 It is a rather easy task to redeem the codes in Roblox. In order to redeem these codes, all you got to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Launch Encounters in your Roblox application.

2. Click on the Twitter icon given on the left side of the screen.

3. Type in the desired code.

4. Press Enter.

That’s all you have to do. You now have obtained your desired rewards using the encounter codes.

How to Get New Encounter Codes?

The most reliable source to get the latest Encounter codes is the official website or what comes directly from the developers. Hence, make sure you follow the official Twitter and Discord handles of the Roblox group to get the latest updates on the upcoming encounter codes. And in case you are still not able to get your hands on the information you need on the new updates related to encounter codes, we are always here to help you.

How to Play Roblox Encounters?

Roblox Encounters, since its release, has successfully been maintaining a consistent hype among the gaming community. While the game gives you an exciting experience of combat battles, it is quite easy to play as well.  


Below mentioned are the default controls of Roblox Encounters on PC. Let’s check them out!

  • Hold WASD to move.
  • Double tap to move faster/dash.
  • Press F to dash forward.
  • Press Spacebar to jump.
  • Press Left Shift to sprint.
  • Press G to guard.
  • Press Left mouse button for basic moves.
  • Press Right mouse button for special moves.
  • Press E for unique moves.
  • Press Q for ultimate moves.

Roblox Encounters also has features like practicing against the bots, partying with your teammates in casual mode, increasing your rank in competitive mode and unlocking various skins and outfits of your weapons and characters respectively.

Wrapping Up

This new mode Encounters has been a banger for the developers of the Roblox series. We hope this article helped you to get all the information you require about the latest and upcoming Encounter codes. Since Roblox is your cup of tea, you should definitely get a taste of games like Roblox! If you face any problem regarding the same, feel free to leave a comment and we would be glad to help you out. 


1. Who are the Best Characters from the S Tier in Roblox Encounters?

The best characters from the S tier in Roblox Encounters are Kasunagi, Pactwo, and Fiona.

2. Is Seth good in Roblox Encounters?

Seth, a character from B tier can prove to be a great character in Roblox Encounters. With his ability to cut down his enemies and knock them out from a distance, we would suggest you to go with Seth in group fights.

3. How can I get Gems in Roblox Encounters?

There are two ways to get Gems in Roblox Encounters. Gems can either be purchased from the store or they can be earned by completing some quests.

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