What Is Discord Slow Mode | How You Can Enable/Disable It?

Discord Slow Mode

Hello, Gamers! What is your plan for today? Up for spending 5 hours on Discord app? If Yes, do add me to your group today. My friends are pretty boring. Discord has literally managed to own our half of the time schedule. On the contrary, this becomes pretty annoying when we are on the verge of sending unlimited messages in one go. Enters Discord Slow Mode. To know What is Discord Slow Mode, go on further and I am sure you will never regret it. 

Story Time: Not that you ask but this is casual me bragging over my life and its mess. “It was 10 days back, during a weekend with actually no weekend plans. Where no plans means Discord plans. I binged over Discord all day long without any break. Nothing felt like morning or evening but just a plain day with Discord in my hands and me on my bed. After I finally forced myself to close the application, all I had by the end of day was my swollen eyes and stiff fingers.”

So, this is your reminder to not skip today’s masterpiece. Go along and learn about Discord Slow Mode. Below you will find everything you are probably looking for: What is Discord Slow Mode and How to Enable or Disable Discord Slow Mode.     

Define Discord Slow Mode

As the name speaks for itself, Discord Slow Mode is one of the profound features in Discord that allows the user to slow down his operations without rushing into one. A cooler timer can be set by the user. The moment he enables the Discord Slow mode, he gets restricted with his activities. A user can never jump to a great amount of content. 

With Discord Slow Mode, the user gets control over his text channels. Suppose when people type and type continuously after every word. This literally gets on our nerves sometimes. However, the moment a user enables Discord Slow Down, he can control the channel conveniently. This restricts the number of messages which a user sends to the channel as per the cooling time. 

Discord Slow Mode

Adding More, the cooling time can be adjusted as per the desire of a user. Be it as short as 5 seconds or as long as 6 hours. Also, the Discord slow mode does not work for admins. An admin can send as many messages he wishes to, despite the fact that Discord is enabled or disabled.  

Enable or Disable Discord Slow Mode 

As you will move ahead with this article, you will get to know the steps in order to enable or disable slow mode in Discord. Firstly, you need to have ‘Manage Channel’ permission to enable or disable discord slow mode. 

Go on further to start your ride with Discord slow mode. 

Enable Discord Slow Mode (Desktop/Web)

1. Open Discord > Settings placed next to the name of your channel. 

2. Below the head ‘Overview’ section, there will be a meter to control the slow mode duration, starting from 5 sec to 6 hours. 

Discord Slow Mode

3. Make your choice and click Save Changes

Here you have a successfully fixed timer concerning the Discord slow mode. Now, a user will have to wait before sending the message until the countdown finishes.

Disable Discord Slow Mode (Desktop/Web)

1.  Tap on Settings beside the name of your channel. 

2. Below the head ‘Overview’ section, scroll your slow mode duration to ‘OFF’.  

Discord Slow Mode

3. After you are done, press Save Changes to save your updations. 

Enable/Disable Discord Slow Mode (Android, iOS)

1.  Open Discord > long-press your channel’s name.  

2. As the screen flashes with a menu, click ‘Edit Channel’

3. Scroll down the screen until you see the tab with ‘Slowmode’. Move the slow mode duration as per your choice. You can either fix the countdown timer or switch to ‘Off’. 

Discord Slow Mode

4. Click Save to fix your changes. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to work well with Slow Mode of Discord, I know that you will rock the Discord now. I say- Kill the app with your smartness. Also, to make it suspicious, you can also make your name and avatar Invisible by clicking here. Come On, we need to try our hands on every possible feature of Discord. 

For further assistance, confessions, or suggestions, you can write to us in the box below. We will be happy to serve you right. 

See Ya!

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