9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love | Signs He’s Into You

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Emojis have become an inseparable part of all virtual conversations. They bring life to a boring conversation and make it super interesting and fun. While they are quirky and witty, people widely use them to express their deep feelings, especially men. If you only know a little about it, then go through this article, and you will know what the “Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love.” 

Why just men? If you are a girl and have feelings for him, you should start looking for ways to tell him you like him. While emojis can be a great way to say the same to him, you should know what it means when he frequently sends you some particular emojis. After reading this article, you’ll have an idea how much he likes or loves you. 

Emojis can have multiple meanings on multiple platforms. There are different meanings of emojis on Snapchat, and there are other emojis on regular chatting apps like WhatsApp and its alternatives. This article only refers to the emojis that a guy sends you on a personal chat.   

Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love

Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Seventeen Magazine

Does he chat with you often? Do you guys love using emojis? I am sure you do. After all, if we take emojis out of our chats, it won’t be that fun. Sometimes emojis help you to maintain that spark between you. If you can relate to this, you have all the reasons to know all the emojis guys send their girl when in love.

Let’s not keep you waiting anymore. Quickly go through all the emojis and think about the ones that he uses often.  

1. The Throbbing Heart❤️ 

When someone can’t say it directly, they are more likely to use some other ways to express their love. Chatting with someone who often uses the heart emoji can mean they feel a certain way for you. 

The Throbbing Heart; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: transparent PNG Images For Free

The throbbing heart is one of the most widely used emojis guys send their girls when in love. Why won’t it be? It is beautiful, symbolizes love everywhere, and cannot be used with everyone. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t use the heart emoji with people I’m not close with. So, when a guy sends you this, it probably means he likes you.

To make things a little extreme, this is also one of the emojis guys use when they love you. If you think that is the case and you feel the same about the guy, then do not think twice before giving a good reply.

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2. The Kiss Face Emoji

The Kiss Face is a super cute emoji that guys often send their girls when in love. Why won’t they? Everybody loves to give a little peck to their loved ones, and that’s not possible every time. Maybe there are miles between you, perhaps you guys don’t know each other that much yet, but if he sends you a kiss face, there are chances he’s beginning to love you. 

The Kissy Face Emoji; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: NewsBeezer

Many friends also use this emoji, but that doesn’t mean every guy who sends you this loves you. Only the one who gives you all his attention and affection would use this emoji to express his love. 

We all have to agree that kissy emojis are one of the most used emojis. Not only guys, but everyone uses this emoji; even in common and normal conversations. This does not mean that the guy is casually sending you this emoji. Guys can be particular when it comes to chatting with a girl. If there is some spark between you guys, and he is using the kissy emoji more now than ever, then take the hint girl.

On the contrary, these emojis can also be something that might be just normal for him. Take for example, if you guys are friends and talking for a long time. In addition, you guys use these emojis normally, then there might not be any specific hidden meaning to him sending you the kissy emoji.

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3. The Couple Emoji

The Couple Emoji; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Emojipedia

Now, this is a pretty straightforward emoji, a couple together with a heart in between. If a guy sends you this, then there is a huge chance he’s already falling for you. The couple emoji is not used very often, but if someone uses it while chatting with you, you must know it is one of the emojis guys send their girl when in love. 

Let’s be clear on one thing. If a guy sent you this emoji, then darling, let your horses run high and do not stop. Consider this a very personal opinion – a guy sending you the couple emoji means that he sees a special relationship with you.

The couple emoji is one of those that are not used often. if a guy sent you this, it means that he scrolled through the emojis keyword looking for a specific emoji. I mean, this tells me something about the guy.

If talking about the significance and the portrayal of such an emoji, then the couple emoji represents a couple together. I think, a guy sending you this emoji definitely wants to have a special bond with you.

4. The Kiss Mark

The Kiss Mark; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Emojipedia

What better way to express your love? A Kiss Mark is often used by guys while saying good night. It is also used when he wishes you something or congratulates you. Now, you can be sure everyone does not use this emoji. 

Only the ones that feel strongly for you will use the kiss mark emoji. If the feelings are mutual, then you can reply with the same. 

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5. The Smirk Face????

If you are familiar with the flirting scene, you must know how often this emoji is used. It can be used in all kinds of ways. If you’re witty, playful, and even flirtatious, then this smirk face is your go-to emoji for sure. 

The Smirk Face; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Emojipedia

The emoji can be used when you are complimenting him or just being sarcastic over something. No matter what, this smirk face means you guys have some chemistry and are one of the emojis guys send their girl when in love. 

6. The Eyes-Covered Monkey

6. The Eyes-Covered Monkey; 9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Emojipedia

The eyes-covered monkey is a super cute emoji that he can use either when you are complimenting him or when he feels shy over something. Whatever it is, the emoji is surely playful, and if a guy used it, you could reply to him back using some other playful emoji. 

Guys often feel shy, especially introverts. Sometimes they don’t know what to reply to, so they use the hands-on-eyes monkey emoji to express themselves.

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7. The Eye-Heart Emoji

9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: CityPNG

Eye-heart emoji is used by most of us. I am also sure most of us feel like “????” only when talking about our crushes. The same is the case when a guy is crushing over you. He may comment with this emoji on your pictures and DM you some compliments. 

When a guy uses eye-heart emoji, it means he’s in awe of her. That makes it one of the emojis guys send their girl when in love. 

8. Wink Eye Emoji

9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Today in 24 English

Flirting comes naturally in some guys, and from what it seems like, the wink-eye emoji was made for flirting purposes. How can it not be! It’s fun, it’s quirky, and whatnot. Most of the time, this emoji also means a guy is hiding his feelings under the guise of a witty conversation.

If someone uses this emoji often, then there is a big chance he is falling for you, consciously or unconsciously. That’s why it is one of the emojis guys send their girl when in love. 

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9. Two Hearts Emoji

9 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love
Source: Emojipedia

The two hearts emoji is used less than the heart emoji, but it can mean more. As it has two hearts, no one needs to explain what it means when sending you this beautiful emoji. They want to share their love with you. 

A guy might send you this emoji when he knows he’s in love with you. It is the ninth one on the list of emojis guys send their girl when in love. 

Wrapping Up

I hope by now you already know what emojis that your guy uses often. If you also feel the same about him, you can also send him some that resonate with your vibe. If this article was helpful to you, then comment below. 

You can also share this article with your guy and tell him that you already know how he feels. Have a great day! 


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