Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head of 2023 | Pumpkin Head Location

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It’s Halloween, and Elden Ring is back with its Elden Ring MAd Pumpkin Head. Probably every gamer on the planet is looking for Halloween updates of their favorite titles. It doesn’t matter if it’s Warframe Halloween, Roblox Halloween, or Minecraft Halloween. Everyone is rushing because the Halloween updates are so exciting and only lasts a short while. Here you can learn more about the Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin update 2023. I will disclose every tiny detail on the Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin update. So keep scrolling.

Pumpkin heads are available in Warframe, and Roblox has a Royale High Halo interface. In the game, you can also find new spooky chest locations, skins, and mysterious buildings. What do you think Eden Ring has for you this Halloween? You’ll get the answer to your question later in this post. The Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin is back for another year, so let’s take a closer look.

You will have 30 days to make purchases from the new Halloween items for your favorite game. That’s intriguing, isn’t it? Discover more amusing and helpful details similar to this one below. Let’s explore who is Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin head, the location, and the combat.

Who Is Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head?

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head

In Elden Ring, Mad Pumpkin Heads are the field bosses in the game. These enormous humanoids are armed with powerful weaponry and helmets resembling pumpkins. Since players do not have to fight them to proceed in Elden Ring, these bosses are optional.

A typical nemesis of this boss is Mad Pumpkin Head. As a spirit, Mad Pumpkin Heads can be summoned to help in combat by using Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes.

Mad Pumpkin Head Location In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin head can be located in the following places:

  • Roadway Ruins
  • Ruins of Caelum

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Mad Pumpkin Head Combat Information

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin has an army with positioned at different points. You can find them all while shooting dresses with pumpkin heads and spooky skins.

  • Position: 65
  • Possibility: No
  • It is susceptible to a critical hit after having its posture shattered or its parry blocked
  • Attacks will only deal 20% of the base damage if they hit the head because it has additional armor.

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Fighting Strategies

The best Mad Pumpkin Head fighting strategies that you can use in the game are:

  • Use the Lone Wolf Ashes to assist you in knocking him out, allowing you to deal free damage.
  • Attack from behind to prevent a headshot.

Use  Of Melee

He will launch a series of heavy, sluggish strikes before slowly shifting his stance and retaliating. This is your opportunity to make him pay. When evading his assaults, aim to position yourself behind him so you can smash his exposed back later.

Ranged  Uses And Magic

Avoid casting spells or shooting arrows toward his head. You can roll away or keep moving to gain enough space to cast spells or shoot arrows. You can even use Spirit Ashes to confuse him so you can strike his back.

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Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Boss (WAYPOINT RUINS)

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head

There are four Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Bosses 

  • Optional boss
  • Closest Site of Grace: Agheel Lake South
  • Multiplayer allowed for this boss
  • You can summon Spirit Ashes for this boss

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Location

The Mad Pumpkin Head Boss primarily uses his right hand to hold his flail, but it can also use his left claws to swipe out of you. It performs an AOE attack by headbutting the earth in a literal sense. 

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Boss can be found 

  • Underneath Waypoint Ruins. 
  • Head down a staircase in the center of the ruins, south of the Giant Miranda Sprout.

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head Boss Combat

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin Head

Elden Ring Mad Pumpkin bosses have their own armies positioned at different points. You can find them all while shooting dresses with the pumpkin heads and spooky skins.

  • Health: 664 HP
  • Defense: 101.3
  • Damage: standard damage 57pxStandard, strike damage 57pxStrike

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Wrapping Up

So that’s how you may obtain the Eden Ring Pumpkin Head. I hope you fully grasped how to sculpt your own Eden Ring pumpkin head. Please follow the above-mentioned simple instructions to carve your pumpkin head in Eden Ring. Remember to return to Path of EX for more updates. Enjoy Halloween, and be careful, everyone.

Happy Spooky Season!


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