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Excited about the Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer? Me too! Easter Egg has been the talk of the town since the release of the Elemental trailer. Let’s see what’s all the fuss about!

Easter eggs can be found throughout the first teaser video for Pixar’s Elemental. Fire, land, water, and air are the main protagonists in the animated film. It is based on the elements of the planet. Despite their differing opinions of one another, they all coexist. 

The love story between Wade (water) and Ember (fire), who fell in love but are unable to touch one another, is the main subject of the film. We will explore a lot about the Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer in this article. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer | Features

Easter Egg In The Elemental Teaser Trailer

Elemental is a beautiful collaboration between Disney and Pixar. Elemental’s animation studio is renowned for its Easter eggs. It references previous Disney films, including upcoming Pixar films and inside jokes in its narratives. Easter egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer and Pixar films is no exception. Let’s see what other features it has.

1. The Most Clever A113 Yet 

A113 receives a nod in the Elemental teaser, which is a well-known Pixar Easter egg. At the California Institute of the Arts, A113 was the classroom number of many of Pixar’s leaders and animators. Every Pixar film features A113 due to the large number of graduates who began their careers there. Finding the A113 Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer can be difficult, but it is nonetheless present.

Easter Egg In The Elemental Teaser Trailer

Location of the A113 Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer –

  • The registration plate from Toy Story 
  • The camera from Finding Nemo 
  • The “Now Approaching Elemental City” sign is posted on Ember’s subway wall. Symbols represent A, AH, and Al underneath those phrases. The periodic chart is necessary to get this Easter egg. 1st element is H for Hydrogen, 13th element is Al for Aluminum.
  • Put them together, and it will stand as A113.

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2. The Cloud Characters Look Like Gus From Partly Cloudy 

Easter Egg In The Elemental Teaser Trailer

Partly Cloudy is a short animated movie that Pixar published in 2009. It shows storks bringing babies down to Earth from the heavens to their parents and happy, fluffy clouds giving birth to children. Gus, the primary cloud, weeps so loudly that he causes a thunderstorm in what is now regarded as one of the greatest Pixar shorts ever.

References to Partly Cloudy’s clouds appear as Easter eggs in the Elemental Teaser Trailer. Cloud figures are among the floating objects Ember sees when she enters the train. This may support the idea that Pixar movies are set in the same world once more.

3. The Water Characters Share the Same Design as Pixar’s Souls

Easter Egg In The Elemental Teaser Trailer

Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer is the most significant. But there are other noticeable traits too. The Soul in that 2020 animated film, which is portrayed as transparent, blue, Jelly Bean-like figures until they enter the body, demonstrates the link between humans and souls.

Several of the water-themed characters in the Elemental teaser resemble the soul figures from the previous film Soul. All of them are translucent and range in size. The characters in the water don’t have souls, but their design might be a tiny nod to the Academy Award-winning film ‘Soul’.

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4. The Subway Time Table is Exactly Like the Periodic Table 

Easter Egg In The Elemental Teaser Trailer

The subway timetable that is displayed on the wall is another Easter egg in the Elemental teaser trailer. The periodic table is humorously reflected in the subway timetable, which is based on elements for the characters. To arrange the 118 components according to their properties, there are rows and columns in different colors. A similar layout is used for the subway timetable in the trailer.

This is it. Now you know everything about the Easter Egg in the Elemental teaser trailer.

Watch Easter Egg in the Elemental Teaser Trailer

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Wrapping Up

Our surfing about the Easter egg in the Elemental teaser trailer ends here today. But, I will update the article as soon as there are some new updates about Easter Egg. So, make sure to stay tuned to the Path of EX website. In the meantime, help your fellow gamers by sharing this informative article on Easter eggs in the Elemental teaser trailer. 

Thank you for reading. See you in the next article! Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Elemental Disney Movie About?

The story depicts the bond between Ember (Lewis), a fire element, and Wade (Athie), a water element, who cannot touch each other; but discover how much they have in common.

2. What is the Next Pixar Movie in 2023?

Elemental is the next Pixar movie in 2023. One of the next upcoming Pixar movies based on an original idea is Elemental. This one has been in the works for a few years, and at D23, Pixar finally announced that Elemental has a June 16th, 2023, release date

3. Is Elemental a Romance Movie?

Elemental will be the third romantic Pixar movie. The first is WALL-E and the second is Toy Story 4. This will be the fourth Pixar film to be composed by Thomas Newman after Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Finding Dory.


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