Cute Dunkin Pride Cups 2022 | Enjoy Your Pride With Sweets & Sips

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Pride month is back with a lot of goodies. So you have all the reason to shout out loud and celebrate the month of colors. So get yourself grooved up with a sweet tooth to treats that celebrate with Pride. After many other brands like Starbucks, we also have Dunkin following the trend. Since last year Dunkin pride cups have been all over the place. So show off your queer spirit with the Dunkin Pride Merch.

Dunkin has introduced a limited-edition Pride collection for June. They celebrate Pride month by making gifts and other savories you can enjoy with anyone you feel this Pride. Their collections and merch would be available till the stock lasts and only at Dunkin stores in America.

Are you still wondering what is in the Dunkin Pride collection this month? Then, let’s find out more about the Dunkin Pride Collection or merch. 

Prettiest Dunkin Pride Cups and Tumblers 2022 Collection 

Cute Dunkin Pride Cups 2022
Cute Dunkin Pride Cups 2022

Dunkin has already come up with their tumbler and straws for the Pride collection. The Dunkin merch is available in 2600 stores across the nation. The Pride-themed collection by Dunkin is the best thing you can use or gift to your BFF this Pride month. The Tumblers cost $29.99 each.

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Dunkin Pride Collection 2022

The Giant Donut Chain Dunkin has introduced their Pride collection to celebrate the rainbow community this month. They have come up with a range of products keeping in mind the preferences of everyone. It is a limited edition collection specially introduced for the Pride. 

1. Gift with Pride

Dunkin Pride Merchs 2022
Dunkin Pride Cups 2022

Hey, Pride is here! And Dunkin has the best e-gift cards, which are Pride-themed. These cards are available online at And that’s not all. For each e-gift card purchased between June 1st to June 30th, Dunkin will donate $1 to the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, which significantly aids in relieving hunger for the LGBTQ youth organizations.

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2. Have a Pride Donut!

Dunkin Pride Donut 2022
Dunkin Pride Donut 2022

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Dunkin Pride collection. The famous old-fashioned cake donut of Dunkin comes with rainbow sprinkles. The donut looks impressive and tastes delicious, and you would get it in selected stores across the country. So, enjoy every bite with Pride. The Donuts are available at $1.09 each. It is available at selected Dunkin locations, and the price may vary with the place.

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3. Reusable Pride Straw

Dunkin Pride Ruseable straws 2022
Dunkin Pride Ruseable straws 2022

The straws come in bright rainbow colors. They are reusable and can be easily gifted to someone during the Pride month. They come in a pack of four and cost $4.99.

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Wrapping Up

Grab your favorite Dunkin Pride merch from the nearest stores. I have listed the merch along with their prices. They are available at the Dunkin store. You may gift them or have them for yourself. Whatever way you buy the merch, it would go towards helping the Pride community. So, enjoy your donut and coffees with your BFFs with Pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dunkin Pride Collection?

It is the limited edition Pride-themed collection introduced only for June in all the Dunkin stores across America. 

What is in the Dunkin Pride merch?

In the Dunkin Pride merch, you would find tumblers, straws, and e-gift cards that are Pride-themed.

Where can I get the Dunkin Pride collection?

For June, the Dunkin Pride Collections and merch are available across all the Dunkin stores across America.


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