Drive-by shooting into underage NYE party in Sioux City kills 1, injures 4 – Radio Iowa

Drive-by shooting into underage NYE party in Sioux City kills 1, injures 4 – Radio Iowa

A New Year’s Eve party ended in tragedy in Sioux City after a fatal drive by shooting. Police were called shortly before 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day with a report that shots had been fired into a house.

Sioux City Police Chief Rex Mueller says several people were injured and an 18-year-old girl died of a gunshot wound.

“The initial indication is there was an active, underage party at this residence at the time of the shooting. We believe that multiple individuals inside the residence and fled following the shots being fired,” he said in a news conference this afternoon. “The shots were apparently fired from the street into the residence. The exact number of rounds has yet to be determined.”

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Mueller is asking for witnesses and party-goers to contact police.

“We believe that multiple individuals who we haven’t identified were at this house party. We need to speak to all of those individuals,” he said. “So if it’s parents I’m reaching out to here or individuals themselves, we would like to speak to anybody who was at this house party at any point in time during the evening and would appreciate any information on that so we can make contact with them.”

Sergeant Mike Manthorne said the other people injured all sustained non-life threatening injuries and are in stable condition at Sioux City hospitals.

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“We had a total of five people injured, including the deceased (woman),” he said. “Four of those are believed to have been from projectiles, from gunshot injuries and one was from a secondary injury.”

No suspects have been identified and police say their investigation shows more than one gun fired at the home.

(By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)I

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