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Muskan Gupta
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Hi_Ya! Wordle Wonders! Let’s be open first, I am planning to binge Dordle for at least 5-6 times a day today. Drop your plan for the day below. However, getting hooked up to the Dordle Answers for today is another kind of setback. To pull you out of this mess, Path of Ex is always just a click away. Dordle Answer #0039 of 4 March 2022 is just around the corner. As you will go along this page, you will be introduced to a bundle of hints in reference to Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022 further. 

Binging Dordle with friends, cousins, and family drives me insane sometimes. Everyone in my own little world knows my love for Dordle. It all started with Wordle, but two is always better than one, isn’t it? Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022 is going to shake you off from deep inside. Be prepared!  

Read along to know the correct Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022. This thrill is going to drive you crazy. Head on, Dordles! We also have spoilers for you ahead, so I bet you cannot skip this today. 

What is Dordle? How is it Played?

Dordle, another innovative game, is one that allows the players to solve two words simultaneously. There are 2 boards in this game and a player is ought to guess two answers at the same time. Though this can be tricky, it allows the players to play it more than once a day. 

How to Play Dordle?

There are two queries that a player is ought to guess concurrently. A player has 7 attempts to make a wrong guess. There are total 5 letters in each word

This game can be played online. It doesn’t require a player to either install it or download any linked application. 

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Rules to Play Dordle Game

When a player attempts his guess, the letters are colored instantly, in order to let the player know whether his guess is right or wrong. If the guess is correct, letters turn green and if it is wrong, letters turn yellow

5 Letter 1st Word Starts With SH

Yeah…this is a spoiler-free space. The first clue by Path of Ex is that The 1st Dordle Answer for today, 4 March  2022 starts with SH. As you might be wondering, there are so many 5 letter words that start with SH, we have narrowed down the list to a total of 30 words that start with SH. Head on Further! 

  1. Share
  2. Short
  3. Shown
  4. Shall
  5. Sheet
  6. Shape
  7. Shift
  8. Sharp
  9. Shock
  10. Shelf
  11. Shell
  12. Shirt
  13. Shoot
  14. Shore
  15. Shook
  16. Sheer
  17. Shame
  18. Shake
  19. Sheep
  20. Shade
  21. Shine
  22. Shaft
  23. Shout
  24. Shiny
  25. Shaky
  26. Shear
  27. Shark
  28. Shave
  29. Shrug
  30. Shone

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5 Letter 2nd Word Starts With CU

Second Clue Dropping: The second Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022 starts with CU. Go on further to guess what could be the Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022. 

  1. Curve
  2. Cubic
  3. Curry
  4. Curse
  5. Curly
  6. Curia
  7. Cumin
  8. Curie
  9. Cushy
  10. Cutie
  11. Culex
  12. Cuvee
  13. Cuddy
  14. Cutty
  15. Cuppa
  16. Curio
  17. Cubby
  18. Cutup
  19. Cully
  20. Cubit
  21. Cutis
  22. Culti
  23. Curet
  24. Cutes
  25. Cuppy
  26. Cutch
  27. Cutey
  28. Curst
  29. Culet
  30. Cuish

Today’s Dordle Answers on 4 March 2022

Spoiler Flash Ahead!

Highly spirited people who really cannot afford to give up today can skip this space freely. Others do not lose heart and move ahead for Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022. 

Today’s Dordle Answers on 4 March  2022 are SHAKY & CURRY. 

#0039 Dordle Word Left- SHAKY

#0039 Dordle Word Right- CURRY

Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022
Dordle Answer of 4 March 2022

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Wrapping Up

Did Dordle’s Answer of 4 March 2022 shaked you from inside? Because it surely does the same to me. After using all of the vowels, a letter K was my savior indeed! Anyways, Dordle answer of 4 March 2022 is done and dusted. 

Who knows what Dordle will bring to us tomorrow. Would the Dordle Answers for tomorrow be easy-peasy or a pain in the ass. Well, whatever it would be, Path of Ex will always be there, standing firm beside you with a new bundle of hints. Do Come!


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