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‘Buzz Off! This human is busy Dordling’ I wish I could send this message to every person out there who tries to ping themselves during my Dordling Time…Duh! Dordle Answer of 3 March 2022 has to be by far the most creative Dordle Word till now. Nevertheless, this requires you to be the best version of yourself. On this page, you are going to meet some amazing clues in reference to Dordle Answer #0038 of 3 March 2022 below.  

The fact that you can binge Dordle for multiple times is by far the best feature of Dordle. And if I crack Dordle Answers for today more than twice a day, then no energy can beat my confidence, Indeed! If you also want to rock the Dordle Answers of 3 March 2022, which I think you do, head-on. 

Dordle Answers of 3 March 2022 are really uncoordinated to each other. For well-defined guidance and a sorted way to crack the Dordle Answer of 3 March 2022, move along with the article

What is Dordle? How is it Played?

Dordle, another innovative game, is one that allows the players to solve two words simultaneously. There are 2 boards in this game and a player is ought to guess two answers at the same time. Though this can be tricky, it allows the players to play it more than once a day. 

How to Play Dordle?

There are two queries that a player is ought to guess concurrently. A player has 7 attempts to make a wrong guess. There are total 5 letters in each word

This game can be played online. It doesn’t require a player to either install it or download any linked application. 

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Rules to Play Dordle Game

When a player attempts his guess, the letters are colored instantly, in order to let the player know whether his guess is right or wrong. If the guess is correct, letters turn green and if it is wrong, letters turn yellow

5 Letter 1st Word Starts With PO

No Spoilers Available Here!

First clue by Path of Ex: The 1st Dordle Answer for today, 3 March  2022 starts with PO. Check out the words below which start with PO and save your ass today with a correct Dordle Answer of 3 March 2022. 

  1. Point
  2. Power
  3. Pound
  4. Polar
  5. Porch
  6. Poker
  7. Pouch
  8. Poppy
  9. Poise
  10. Polio
  11. Posse
  12. Potty
  13. Posit
  14. Polyp
  15. Polka
  16. Poach
  17. Pooch
  18. Polis
  19. Poser
  20. Porky
  21. Pokey
  22. Poppa
  23. Porgy
  24. Poesy
  25. Poult
  26. Poler
  27. Poilu
  28. Potto
  29. Pogey
  30. Poind
  31. Poori
  32. Pommy
  33. Popsy
  34. Poboy
  35. Podgy
  36. Podia
  37. Pocky
  38. Pocks
  39. Pokes
  40. Poke

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5 Letter 2nd Word Starts With IN

The second Dordle Answer of 3 March  202 starts with IN. Think what could be the 2nd Dordle Answer for today from the list of words written below. 

  1. Index
  2. Input
  3. Inner
  4. Inter
  5. Incur
  6. Indie
  7. Inert
  8. Infer
  9. Inset
  10. Inlet
  11. Inept
  12. Intro
  13. Inane
  14. Infra
  15. Inlay
  16. Ingle
  17. Ingot
  18. Inure
  19. Incus
  20. Inion
  21. Inapt
  22. Incog
  23. Inkle
  24. Infix
  25. Indue
  26. Indri
  27. Inurn
  28. Invar
  29. Indow
  30. Inked

Today’s Dordle Answers on 3 March 2022

Spoiler Alert: Not suitable for spoiler haters!

The ones who are done for the day now. Today’s Dordle Answer on 3 March  2022 is mentioned below. Have a look underneath and bail out for today. 

Today’s Dordle Answers on 3 March  2022 are POSSE & INLAY. 

Dordle Answers on 3 March  2022
Dordle Answers on 3 March 2022

#0038 Dordle Word Left– POSSE

#0038 Dordle Word Right- INLAY

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Wrapping Up

Had fun guessing the Dordle Answer of 3 March 2022, wasn’t it? I can surely play Dordle anytime of the day. A normal work routine always creeps me out with its monotonous nature. Dordle is the best way for me to escape the reality of life. 

Path of Ex will show up on your screens again tomorrow with a new round of clues and spoilers. We really can’t keep up without seeing you. And we really do wish to meet you again, everyday. Catch You Later, Pals!


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