Dordle Answer #0036 of 1 March 2022 | Daily Dordle Words

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Muskan Gupta
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Tell Me Honestly, You are in which team? Wordle? Dordle?, or Both? If you ask me, I am on both sides. Wordle for a kick start and Dordle for the rest of the day. Well, to start with Today’s Dordle Answer, you need to be extra creative and think out of the box. Path of Ex is here to lend you a helping hand for the same. Read along with us to know the Dordle Answer #0036 of 1 March 2022. 

Playing Dordle with friends is the ultimate level of competition. Me and three of my friends fix a specific time slot for the day as per our comfort and play Dordle together, everyday. The player who has played the highest number of Dordle games in that time slot with the most wins in regard to Today’s  Dordle Answer is the star of the day. 

Try it once and you will love it, Undoubtedly!

Before we go ahead with the clues regarding the Dordle Answer of 1 March, 2022, I need you to know that you have to be brave today. Now jump off this article below to guess the correct Dordle Answer for Today. 

What is Dordle? How is it Played?

Dordle, another innovative game, is one that allows the players to solve two words simultaneously. There are 2 boards in this game and a player is ought to guess two answers at the same time. Though this can be tricky, it allows the players to play it more than once a day. 

How to Play Dordle?

There are two queries that a player is ought to guess concurrently. A player has 7 attempts to make a wrong guess. There are total 5 letters in each word

This game can be played online. It doesn’t require a player to either install it or download any linked application. 

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Rules to Play Dordle Game

When a player attempts his guess, the letters are colored instantly, in order to let the player know whether his guess is right or wrong. If the guess is correct, letters turn green and if it is wrong, letters turn yellow

5 Letter 1st Word Starts With AX

Spoiler Free Space

The 1st Dordle Answer for today starts with AX and it has three vowels. Considering this as a first hint for Dordle Answer today, read further for the second one. 

  1. Axial
  2. Axiom
  3. Axion
  4. Axman
  5. Axile
  6. Axils
  7. Axing
  8. Axels
  9. Axled
  10. Axles
  11. Axite
  12. Axmen
  13. Axone
  14. Axons

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5 Letter 2nd Word Starts With BR

Major Clue- This word involves 3 vowels.

The 2nd Dordle Answer for today, 1 March 2022, starts with BR. To know what it could be, give your mind a little warm up and go through the words below which start with BR. 

  1. Bring
  2. Broad
  3. Break
  4. Brown
  5. Brand
  6. Brief
  7. Broke
  8. Brain
  9. Breed
  10. Bread
  11. Brick
  12. Brush
  13. Brave
  14. Brass
  15. Brook
  16. Bride
  17. Brake
  18. Brisk
  19. Brink
  20. Brace
  21. Bravo
  22. Brunt
  23. Braxy
  24. Braws
  25. Brats
  26. Brees
  27. Brens
  28. Brosy
  29. Brows
  30. Bries

Today’s Dordle Answers on 1th March 2022

Spoiler Space- This is a spoiler alert!

Done for the day? Guessing Today’s Dordle Answer on 1 March 2022, especially the first Dordle Answer can be hard. Do not worry and look down.  

Today’s Dordle Answers on 1 March 2022 are AXIAL & BRAVE. 

#0036 Dordle Word Left– AXIAL

#0036 Dordle Word Right- BRAVE

Dordle Answer #0036 of 1 March 2022 | Daily Dordle Words
Dordle Answer #0036 of 1 March 2022 | Daily Dordle Words

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Wrapping Up

The Dordle Answer of 1 March 2022 is guessed right. First day of the month was hopefully a good day for you, like it was mine. Hope you got everything you were looking for today and we really wish to serve you in the coming future. 

Path of Ex will come to you tomorrow again with new hints in regard to Dordle Answers for today. Do visit us because we never want you to feel like a loser anyway. See ya Pals!


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