Caution! Don’t Send Red Heart Emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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When in Rome Saudi, do as the Romans Saudis do!

A recent interview of a Saudi official has made a stir around the internet, and since then, everyone is wondering why can’t we send red heart emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia. The news is not limited to the red heart emoji, but you get the idea. So, who was this official, and what would happen if you sent a girl red hearts on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia. The punishment might shock you. 

As reported by Okaz newspaper, sending a heart emoji or someone explicit text to a girl or a boy might land you in jail with a good fine. This law was introduced on recommendations of Cybercrime experts in Saudi Arabia, and people think it is done for good. 

If you do not understand what’s happening, stick with me a little, and you will know exactly why you can’t send red heart emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia. 

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Send Red Heart Emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

Caution! Don’t Send Red Heart Emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

Al Moataz Kutbi is the official who was interviewed by Okaz newspaper. He is a member of the Anti-Fraud Association in KSA. His full statement reveals that one could be held accountable for harassment, and if a lawsuit would be filed against the sender, s/he could land in jail. 

Kutbi also warned people to refrain from any conversations without having the other party’s consent. He refers to a situation where people sometimes harass users on WhatsApp or other social media platforms by sending them heart emojis or other emojis. It can also include sending obscene images and explicit text messages. The receiver only has to file a lawsuit, and once proved guilty, the sender would have a minimum fine of SR100,000 and a minimum of two years in jail.  

Any kind of abuse or conversation without the consent of the receiver or a conversation that sexually harasses someone physically or mentally can be used to file a lawsuit of “harassment crime.” Here, emojis will also be included as part of the conversation.

The punishment doesn’t end here. If the guilty person did the harassment again and is found guilty, then s/he will have to face five years in jail and a fine of SR300,000. 

It is a pretty good move by Saudi Government, with innumerable people reporting cybercrimes every day. People should think a second before sending someone a text. 

If you live in KSA, you should always have mindful conversations. Make sure you always have contentful chats and not send texts or messages that harass someone mentally. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know why you shouldn’t send red heart emoji on WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia. If found guilty, you could be charged with a fine and imprisonment of 2 years. Moreover, if found guilty of repeating the crime, the fine would be triple, and you will be imprisoned for five years. 

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