Dolly Roblox Walkthrough 2023: All Dolly Roblox Game Puzzles

Dolly Roblox Walkthrough Guide

Roblox has an exciting new horror game, Dolly, that features a doll that captures and turns humans into dolls. Your goal in Roblox Dolly is to make it out of the dreaded hospital by completing puzzles and escaping rooms. In this article, you’ll get the complete Dolly Roblox walkthrough guide that you need to follow to complete the game.

Dolly Roblox is a game quite similar to Roblox’s Color or Die because of its survival genre and a horrifying villain that you need to escape. With three different possible badges depending on game modes, you can win and show off your achievement to friends.

So, are you ready to conquer the Dolly game and escape the haunted hospital? Let’s take a look at all the steps you need to follow to complete the game with my Dolly Roblox walkthrough guide.

Dolly Roblox Walkthrough: Complete Guide [2023]

At the beginning of the Dolly Roblox walkthrough, you enter the hospital and notice things have changed as the waiting room features a doll instead of the receptionist. Things get scary when Doll 42 at the reception tells you that Dolly would be pleased to see another human enter the building.

Your goal in the game Dolly is to escape the hospital safely without being targeted by Dolly, the doll that converts humans into horrifying dolls.

1. Collet Roses For the Reception’s Vase

The first place you enter in the Dolly Roblox game is the waiting area of your hospital. Here, collect roses hidden away around the reception to put inside the empty vase on the receptionist’s desk. Here are all the spots of the Dolly Reception roses:

  1. Beside the box marked “Fragile.”
  2. In the flower pot at the entrance.
  3. On one of the chairs.

2. Arrange the Books

Complete Dolly Roblox Walkthrough Guide [2023]

Once you’re done with the three roses in Dolly Roblox, pick up the books lying on the receptionist’s chair and waiting chair and arrange them on both the bookshelves. Also, pick up the book, standing on the right bookshelf, and arrange it on the opposite bookshelf.

Once you’re done arranging all the books, one of the books from the left bookshelf will fall.

3. The UV Flashlight

Move the fragile box and pick up the flashlight before you (you’ll see notes on the wall above.)

Shine the UV light on the wall just behind the receptionist’s chair, and you’ll see a light there; it’s a button. Push the button to open the door to the next room.

You can use your flashlight to read yellow notes on the walls throughout the game.

4. Collect Fluids

Once you’re in the corridor, enter the first room on your left, and your task is to collect fluid packs hidden in the room.

Here are all the spots of the Dolly Fluid packs:

  1. The chair on your left when you enter the room.
  2. The bookshelf.
  3. Patient’s bed.
  4. The desk

Once you have all four fluid bags in Dolly Roblox, hang them on the IV Pole in the room.

Wrapping Up

Dolly Roblox might seem like a terrifying game at first, but you can get through the hospital in one piece with the proper steps and solutions.

Happy Gaming!

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