Does NGL Show Who Sent Messages: Here’s How to Find the Sender!

Does NGL Show Who Sent Messages

NGL is a popular anonymous message sending social media platform that you can put a link on any of your social media platforms. You can get messages that you can later reply to and then share them. The stand-out feature of the NGL app is that it is anonymous, and users are quite curious to know about the sender of the message. To learn does NGL show who sent messages, go through this blog thoroughly.

With the feature of anonymity comes the curiosity to know about the sender of the message. The messages are sent in the form of questions through the NGL link, can be seen on the app, and further action can be taken by the receiver. They can reply to the message and can share it on other social media platforms.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about does NGL show who sent messages and how to see who sent you NGL message.

Does NGL Show Who Sent Messages?

does NGL show who sent messages

Yes, you can know who sent you a message on the NGL app only if you become a pro-member on the NGL app. Only upgrading and becoming a pro-member can let you know who sent you the message.

Once you go to the NGL app, you need to navigate to the inbox and click on the letter. As you are about to know who has sent it, the app will call to action that you need to unlock, and then you need to upgrade and become a pro member.

It is to be noted that you won’t see the exact person and the exact Instagram username. But, you will find hints like someone on an iPhone from New York or someone on Android from London has sent you this message. 

So, basically, you will find hints regarding who has sent you the message, but you won’t know the actual username of the sender.

How to See Who Sent You Message on NGL?

does NGL show who sent messages

Now, that we know being a pro-member will give you access to hints that will help you reveal the sender of the message. In the guide mentioned below, I have explained the steps to check who sent you message on the NGL app.

Step 1: Launch the NGL app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the inbox inside NGL app.

Step 3: Click on the message for which you want to know who sent you message. (You should have a received message for this).

Step 4: In the message, you will see two options Who sent this or reply. Click on Who sent this button.

Step 5: If you are a pro member, you will be able to know the hint of the sender. If you are not a pro member, you will see the Unlock button with text “pro members can see exclusive hints on each message.

Step 6: You need to be a subscriber to learn about the sender. The overall identity of the sender won’t be revealed. The hints usually include nearby location, Message Sent date & time, Device & NGL ID.

Wrapping Up

NGL is the platform where users can share their honest feelings and opinions with their followers.  I hope all your doubts regarding does NGL show who sent messages are clear.  Now, don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you see who sent NGL message for free?

No, you can’t see who send you message on NGL for free.

2. Are NGL messages really anonymous?

Yes, NGL messages are anonymous because it does’t reveal the person identity or person Instagram username.

3. Does NGL send fake messages?

Yes, many users have claimed that the app was actually sending them fake questions on the platform.

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