Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat | How To Use In-Game Chat?

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Want to use voice chat while portraying Batman, Arya Stark, Superman or another character in MultiVersus? Find out if MultiVersus offers voice chat by reading our guide. We have all the answers to your doubts regarding does MultiVersus have voice chat or not. Read on and find out.

Imagine using that raspy voice to insult your opponents while playing as the Batman, Shaggy, Harley Quinn or any other of the MultiVersus character list. However, the pressing issue is if MultiVersus offers voice chat and supports it. Not to worry, read our guide to learn does MultiVersus have voice chat or not.

Great teamwork requires great communication, which is accomplished only by using MultiVersus voice game chat to coordinate attacks with your teammates and slay the enemies. So does MultiVersus have voice chat? Let us find out.

Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat or Game Chat?

Neither voice chat nor game chat is available on MultiVersus. Unfortunately, it means there isn’t yet a method to use a microphone or even text chat to communicate with other players.

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Does MultiVersus have voice chat? The answer is NO. Players won’t be able to plan strategies with friends or other allies during matches, which might lead to some misunderstandings. However, you are free to converse using any third-party program or tool, including Discord. Which is kind of unfortunate!

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Does MultiVersus Have Voice Chat Or Game Chat | Answered

Will MultiVersus Include Voice Chat?

Don’t be disappointed thinking you can never talk or text your fellow players in MultiVersus. Let us give MultiVersus some time, people it’s just in its early stage of open beta. So be patient and MultiVersus developers may at some times include an upgrade to the fighting game that makes in-game conversation possible.

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Wrapping Up

This was all you have to know about the question does MultiVersus have voice chat? We agree that the answer is disappointing but voice chat may potentially be added to MultiVersus. This is not to say that it can’t be added in a later version if people ask for it. We the Path of EX will definitely update this blog for you if MultiVersus includes voice chat. 

Happy Gaming!


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