Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? Get A Productive Hack

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? Get A Productive Hack

Are you using the new iOS 17 version? If yes, then you must be exploring all the new features like Check-In, FaceTime on Apple TV, and many hidden features of this new release. Apple introduced Split View in iPads in 2019, so now users are looking to know does iOS 17 support split screen feature with the new iOS 17 update release. Scroll down to get an answer to this trending question now. 

Apple has already introduced the Split Screen feature on Macs and iPads. This feature allows users to view and run apps side-by-side on one screen. So, let me tell you, for now, Apple has not extended the Split Screen feature on iPhone with the release of iOS 17. Apple has not made the actual or official announcement for this feature. 

In the below post, I will help you explore the question, Does iOS 17 support split screen? Also, I will help you know the pros and cons of using the Split Screen view. 

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen?

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? Get A Productive Hack

No, iOS 17 does not support the Split-screen feature. However, Mac and iPad users have Split screen enabled on their respective devices. However, Apple has not extended this feature to the iPhone. 

Android users have been enjoying the Split screen view on their devices for a long time. Similarly, Mac and iPad also have the multi-tasking feature to view two apps simultaneously, but sadly, this feature is still not updated on iPhone devices.

Why Does Apple Not Support the Split Screen on iPhone?

Apple has not given any explanations for not updating the Split Screen feature with the new iOS 17 release. However, it can be assumed that the issue might be broader as apps will not scale up well, and their configurations might differ. 

Even though Split Screen is the most requested feature by iOS users, still Apple has not extended it with its new releases. So, I can say that it might be risky for Apple to extend the Split screen feature on iPhone.

Can I Get Split Screen from Third-Party Sources?

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? Get A Productive Hack

Officially, the Split screen feature is not available on iPhone devices. But you can access this feature from third-party sources. Scroll down to get the steps for enabling Split Screen on your iPhone from third-party sources. 

  1. Navigate to the App Store
  2. Search for the Split View app in the search bar. 
  3. Tap on the app’s icon to open its available downloading option. 
  4. Tap on the Install option. 
  5. Wait to finish the download. 
  6. Once downloading is done, start using the app to view two apps side-by-side on one screen. 

Pros and Cons of Split Screen 

Every technology has its pros and cons. So, similarly, Split Screen has many advantages and disadvantages. Here, I am sharing points for both sides so that you can decide to access Split Screen. 

Advantages of Split Screen

  1. The Split screen feature allows its users to be more productive. Like, while working, you do not have to roll between windows. You can open a web browser on your half-screen and document to work on the other half. 
  2. Users can also remain entertained while working. 

Disadvantages of Split Screen

  1. Users can find difficulty using two apps on one screen. 
  2. iPhone users might get distracted while working on important documents.

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen?

How to Split Screen on iPhone iOS 17 | How to Split Screen on iOS 17 | 2023

Wrapping Up

Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen? If you are looking for the answer, let me tell you that Apple has not introduced this feature on the iPhone with the latest iOS 17 update. It has also not been updated by the developers when the split-screen feature will be released with the new iOS updates. 

Do you think Split Screen is an advantageous feature? Please share your opinions in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does iOS 17 Support Split Screen?

No, iOS 17 does not support Split Screen for iPhones. However, Mac and iPad users can enjoy this feature on their devices. 

2. How to enable Split View in iOS?

You can use Split View on Macs and iPads. On these devices, you can tap at the top of the window on which you are working and then select the Split View option. After that, the current screen will be half on the screen and the other half available window you can use for another task. 

3. Does iOS 17 have a screen-sharing feature?

Yes, you can screen share from your iPhone to Apple TV. 

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