Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

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The dnd mode is beneficial for us. At least I love this feature in my phone because it allows me to get a sound sleep during the night. So, do you also have this feature on your phone? Do you also wonder will my alarm go off on dnd or not? If yes, then do not be surprised; there are many people with the same query across the globe. So, Does Do Not Disturb block alarm? Let’s find out!

The dnd mode is available on almost all phones and other communication devices. This mode comes in handy when you want to stay away from your phone and sometimes do not want any disturbance while resting or taking a nap. This mode allows you to keep your phone on mute and avoid any kind of distraction. Moreover, you can use your phone data in this mode.

Does iPhone Alarm Stop by Itself?
Does iPhone Alarm Stop by Itself?

All the notifications, calls, alerts, and text messages are stored on the phone, and you can check them after you have turned on the general mode. So, put all your questions to rest and read our blog to know more about the dnd mode on your phone.

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm In Android?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

No, do not disturb mode never blocks alarm on Android. Hence, it will ring even if your mobile is switched on this mode. On an Android phone, the alarms will go off but in silent mode. Hence, you only get notifications about the alarm ringing without any sound.

This option is customizable, and you can make the alarm ring. Removing the alarm application from the do not disturb mode is possible. The alarm will ring if the do not disturb mode is switched on. Follow the steps below to do the same.

1. Open your mobile.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Click on the option “Do not disturb” on Settings.

4. Click on Allow Exceptions.

5. Select Alarm.

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Does Not Disturb Block Alarm in iPhone?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

No, the alarm on iPhone is not blocked by the do not disturb mode. This mode can identify calls, alerts, and text message notifications. In this mode, your phone would make any sound or vibrate. To turn on this mode on your iPhone, go to the Settings menu and turn the general mode to do not disturb. The set alarms would turn off and ring when the mode is activated.

iPhone will lock when you do not touch the screen for a minute. It will remain the same if you turn it to Do not disturb mode. The alarm will deactivate when the phone is switched off.

The alarm will ring when the ringer switch is muted or put on silence. You will not face any problems by keeping the do not disturb mode on. In the old version of the iPhone, you get notifications for the alarms in do not disturb.

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Will My Alarm Go Off On DND?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

Yes, The alarm will go off in Dnd mode. Android devices will not ring; only a notification of the alarm going off will be there. But on iOS devices, the alarm will ring with a sound. Hence, your alarm should be on. Some people keep their phones on Do not disturb mode overnight and worry whether the alarms will ring.

Turning the phone to DND mode can help to save battery and give some rest to the phone, and it will work better the next morning. When the phone is on Do not disturb mode, calls, notifications, alerts, and text messages get stored. Once you switch it to General mode, everything gets back to normal. 

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Does Not Disturb Blocks Alarm On Apple Watch?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

No, Do not disturb mode does not block alarms on the Apple watch. It does not affect the alarms. When the watch is on silent mode and not on charge, the alarm notification will show without any sound. But, on silent mode when the watch is charging, the alarm will ring with a sound. 

The do not disturb mode on the Apple watch stops the general notifications. While the watch is on the settings, get highlighted on the watch in red and purple, and they will turn grey while off. 

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Does Do Not Disturb Button Block Alarm?

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm | Will My Alarm Go Off on DND?

No, your alarms will not get blocked with the do not disturb button. The alarms will ring off even when the device or mobile phone is on do not disturb mode. The mode only stops or mutes general notifications for calls, text messages, alerts, and more. When the mode is on, the phone will not ring, vibrate or provide any notification. You can check the notification only in general mode.

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Wrapping Up

So, all your queries regarding the do not disturb mode on your mobile phone are answered. You will not be able to hear or get your alarm, but all your messages, calls, and notifications do not reach you. So, you can have a good night’s sleep. I hope the article helped you understand this feature in your phone. You will get more information on our website, Path of EX, so subscribe to it now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Do Not Disturb Block Alarm?

No, DnD does not block your alarm. You will get to hear your alarm at the time you have set.

Will my alarm go off on DND?

Yes, the alarm will go off on dnd mode for Android devices, but for iOS devices, the alarm will ring with a sound.

Will the DnD button on my phone block the alarm?

No, the dnd button will not block the alarm. It will still ring when the dnd is on.

Will the DND block alarm in my iPhone?

The dnd does not block the alarm on iPhone. In this mode, the phone will ring with a sound, vibrate and even light up.


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