Do you want to help with a COVID vaccine clinic in Great Falls?

Do you want to help with a COVID vaccine clinic in Great Falls?

GREAT FALLS — If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer, the COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Great Falls could use your help.

The Cascade County Department of Emergency Services would like to have eight volunteers per clinic to help with traffic control.

The clinics are held at the Family Living Center at the Montana ExpoPark.

As of Friday, the National Guard was helping but they may not always be available. Members of healthcare organizations and the county Community Emergency Response Team were also helping, but they have a lot of other responsibilities as well.

“You’re not going to be directing heavy traffic, just inside of the ExpoPark. Individuals who monitor the gates, individuals who monitor the comings and goings of people there so they make sure they’re on the list. Make sure they’re there at there proper appointment times,” explained Brad Call, Cascade County DES director.

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If you’re interested, call the Department of Emergency Services at 406-454-6900 or email [email protected]

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