Do I Need Filmmaking Skills To Create Youtube Content?

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Creating video content is an enjoyable way to participate in social media and use platforms such as YouTube as an income generator. As competition between creators is increasingly fierce, vlogging turns into filmmaking. More and more YouTubers are using elaborate cinematography techniques in their videos to capture the attention of their audiences. 

The Simplest Form Of Youtube Content

Much of the content that is uploaded on YouTube is in the simplest form – vlogging. Because it is relatively easy to set up a YouTube channel, many people simply use their smartphones to record their content. Some optional equipment may be used, such as a tripod stand, ring light, and microphone. 

These YouTubers can successfully gain substantial followers, especially when using marketing services such as SocialGreg. Some may not be editing their videos, not even minimally. Very well-known examples are home cooks that record their recipes for YouTube content, often manually holding up a smartphone to show parts of their cooking.

Some cinematography is still involved in these videos, particularly in lighting. Most vloggers quickly learn how to control the lighting in their videos to make them more appealing. The use of a ring-light is for this specific reason, to avoid uneven lighting when filming. This technique is routinely used, albeit on a bigger scale, in the filming of major movies. 

Shooting Videos Using Drones

Drones (officially called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are becoming increasingly affordable for the general public. Many drone models allow for shooting videos and taking photos, and so naturally, content creators use these drones to capture awe-inspiring videos for YouTube. 

Some channels are entirely dedicated to producing visually pleasing content using only drones. Examples include channels that post nature videos and other scenic views. Especially when using machines that fly to higher altitudes, aerial views of natural and city landscapes add a beautiful touch to many videos. 

That is not to say that drones aren’t used with less cinematic intentions when filming YouTube videos. Some content creators use their drones to record videos of stunts or experiments. In this case, the use of drones is solely for safety purposes and has not for cinematic effect. 

Other Traditional Cinematography In YouTube Videos

Many techniques that have been used by cinema producers for decades are now being employed by YouTube content creators. One very obvious trick is the creation of one-shot scenes for cinematic effect. They are scenes that appear to have been shot using a single camera, giving the illusion of a single continuous shot. Of course, the scenes are edited to look that way, but it is one of the oldest tricks in Hollywood. Many YouTube videos will employ this trick, possibly without knowing anything of the history behind it. 

Stop motion animation is also a popular method used by YouTubers. It is a filming method that involves repeatedly stopping the camera to move something in the scene, and recording again. This filming method is particularly popular among content creators that use TikTok instead of YouTube. The app has a built-in stop motion system for creating some types of videos, including a timer for easy filming. 


Although not strictly necessary, cinematographic knowledge and filmmaking skills can be used to create content of a better quality. Depending on the type of videos and theme of the channel, different levels of video editing may be employed.

As competition between YouTube channels increases, the use of more advanced filmmaking techniques becomes prevalent. To answer the title question of this article: some skills may be required, but advanced skills are entirely optional and dependent on the type of media being produced. 

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