Do Girls Have to Message First on Bumble: Are Girls Really In Charge?

Do Girls Have to Message First on Bumble

Did you sign up on Bumble and are wondering about the intricacies of how the app works? And are you wondering do girls have to message first on Bumble? Bumble is an interesting social platform to meet new people, and find potential matches there. In this article, we will decode how messaging works on Bumble.

On Bumble, if you like a profile, you can swipe right to let them know that you like them, or if you are a premium subscriber, you can SuperSwipe on their profile to stand out from the rest. Once you let the user know that you like them, you can take things a bit further by messaging them.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in to learn about do girls have to message first on Bumble.

Do Girls Have to Message First on Bumble?

Bumble works a bit differently than other dating apps. The app has built-in features like First Move privileges. The First Move privileges feature allows a user to send the first message directly from the You Matched screen. So, once the two users match, the user with First Move privileges will be allowed to send a message.

According to the Bumble website, women Make the First Move by sending the first message. So, it is quite clear girls have First Move privileges and can send messages on the platform.

So, men on Bumble aren’t allowed to send the first message to a woman they’ve matched with. However, it is to be noted that in a same-sex match, though, either person can initiate a conversation. 

The First Moves on Bumble is time-sensitive in both Date and BFF modes, which basically means you have 24 hours from the time you match with someone to send the first message. You also have 24 hours to respond to the First Move message.

How Does Messaging Work on Bumble?

Do Girls Have to Message First on Bumble?

After you have matched on Bumble, both the connections who have swiped right on each other will appear at the top of your Conversations page. You can send a message once two members match.

It is to be noted that matches on your page will expire after 24 hours; Bumble shows each match’s countdown by making the circle fade. Although men on Bumble can not make the first move by sending the first message, the woman has to send the initial message.

Once both parties send a message, the 24-hour timer goes away, and there are no time limits on how the conversation progresses. You can send a message either directly from a “You Matched” screen, or you have to head to your connections screen and tap the grey logo located in the bottom right-hand corner to view and message your matches.

Wrapping Up

Bumble is an online dating and networking application launched in 2014. You can meet new people, find potential partners and build meaningful relationships on the platform. I hope all your doubts regarding do girls have to message first on Bumble are clear. Now don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do girls actually message first on Bumble?

Yes, on Bumble, women always Make the First Move in all modes. If they don’t initiate a conversation within 24 hours, the connection expires.

2. Can guys message first on Bumble?

 If a man has matched with a woman, only the woman can send the first message. For men who have matched with men or nonbinary individuals, either person can send the first message.

3. What happens after 24 hours on Bumble?

After matching with someone on Bumble, those who can make the first move have 24 hours to start the conversation or the match will expire.

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