Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas? Is Christmas Actually Biblical?

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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From the early centuries, people have been celebrating their one big festival, Christmas. Soon it turned more into a cultural thing and now the whole world celebrates this beautiful holiday. It sure is a great time for all the religious and non-religious people in the world, but some might wonder, Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas? The question might look pretty normal but its answer might pinch some people. So, here is a disclaimer, “Please Suck It Up!”

If I were to answer clearly, then yes, Atheists do celebrate Christmas and it is all for the right reasons. Some might go on long debates on how this is hypocritical, and blah blah, but keep up with me till the end of this article and you will also at least understand their perspective. 

As one might wonder history was made by some stupid but powerful people without giving a single thought on the consequences of their actions. Here we are wondering do Atheists celebrate Christmas and if yes, then why do they celebrate it. And how? All of it is super interesting to answer, so quickly scroll and find all the reasons behind it. 

Why Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas? 

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas? Is Christmas Actually Biblical?

There are literally so many reasons for Atheists to celebrate Christmas, not because it’s Christmas, but because of the history, it has been evolved from. The culture that we celebrate does not explain how Christmas became about Santa and a tree. So, how did we end up here?

I will begin from the basics. Before the 4th century AD, there was not even a single mention of Christmas or anything like it in history and by the way, that includes Bible. They celebrated Solstice, which comes on Dec 22. After the long, cold, and ruthless winters, the Sun finally begins to stay for longer hours and it definitely was a reason to rejoice in the past. So, they celebrated Solstice before Christians came in and took inspiration from the festival. 

Those thinking that “No, it is actually the birthday of Jesus Christ”. People theorize that Jesus was probably not even born in winters. The original nativity story states that shepherds were grazing their flock. It definitely can’t be winters. The Jehova’s Witnesses speculate the birth date of Jesus Christ to be somewhere in September. There is no clarification or proof that Jesus was actually born on Dec 25. So, what was the better option for the early Roman Christian pagans? Take the Solstice festival, make it around a God, add Thanksgiving, and boom, you have Christmas.  

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Another reason to celebrate Christmas around a festival is that Saturnalia was also celebrated wildly in the past days. Romans wanted to populace Christianity and its acceptance. So, again the pagans might have decided to celebrate Christmas around Saturnalia cause people already had a festival to celebrate now they gave them a bigger reason. 

Along with Christmas, there can be a long dialogue on how they stole all the other festivals like Easter, Equinox, and God knows what not. 

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that how did the Christmas tree and the white beardo Santa Claus come into this scenario? Obviously, if there’s no historical reference to back this up, it is merely a cultural festivity ritual and nothing more. 

As stated by Krister Sundelin on Quora, “As time went by, Christmas has evolved further into a cultural tradition, including the decorated yule tree (explicitly wrong in the Bible, and brought into the English-speaking world by prince-consort Albert), gift-giving, Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas would probably turn in his grave if he saw the monster he had mutated into) and so on.” I bet that Saint Nicholas line made you laugh. 

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How Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

How Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Contrary to public belief, celebrating Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. That’s why Atheists celebrate Christmas. The holiday gives enough time to everyone to be around your family and simply appreciate life. It is not the hypocrisy of an Atheist to celebrate Christmas because Christmas is not just about Jesus if it is any. It is a culture and everybody loves a good holiday.

It has also been found that many Atheist scientists take their kids to Church and even tell the kids about Jesus Christ. They say it is not for them to decide what religious belief their kids want to follow. They just want to give their kids a taste of religion and spirituality before they grow up and decide for themselves. 

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Atheists take their kids to Church, have family dinners, and might even wish people Merry Christmas. Nonetheless, the holiday season is great to eat good food, spend a great time with family, and smell that pine scent all-around your house. 

Wrapping Up

Christmas surely brings a good time to laugh over Santa jokes and have delicious family dinners. However, not everyone believes in Santa Claus and Jesus Christ. Yet, people can celebrate Christmas just not for the same reasons you believe in. I hope this article answered your question “Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?”. If you found it informative and logical, then comment below.

Even if you are a little pissed, you can still comment and we will surely accept your take on this too. Have a great day and enjoy Christmas as much as you want. 


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