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Alerting the enemies, creating thunder, and marking your own territory is an action derived from a large extent of passion. It can make damage to the greater level. However, we are going to talk about Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting, its frequency, and much more on this page. 

The moment I heard about this spell, it drove me crazy. Being hearable and creating a sense of fear among the enemies is what I have always dreamt of. As I started from the 1st level, it was pretty good but as I went up to another level, I felt goosebumps running through my skin. 

Move forward and you will learn about the minute details of DnD Thunderous Smite 5e thoroughly. Ready? Get-Set-Go!

What is Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting? 

DnD - Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting Tools | Best Paladin

DnD 5e Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting is a first-level paladine spell. This is a kind of spell that lets your weapon ring with thunder on the first time you attack with a melee weapon strike. The thunder so rang is audible within 300 ft. and the attack deals an additional 2d6 thunder harm to the target. 

However, your target must succeed on a Strength saving throw if it is a monster/creature. Or he can be pushed 10 feet away from you and knocked pronely. 

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There are high chances that a spell cast at higher spell slot levels (say: more than 2nd level) can increase the damage by 1d6 for every level above the 1st one. 

Attributes (Source: Player’s Handbook)

Casting TimeOne Bonus Action
DurationConcentration, up to one
Spell ClassPaladin
Sub-ClassZeal (PSA) Cleric, Stone (UA), Sorcerer

With this spell, a weapon of the caster is captivated in a manner that their next hit deals extra damage. 

Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting
Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting

What is the Frequency of Smite in Paladin 5e?

A Smite can cast as many times as he/she can land a hit and get the spell slots to gas it. Although, it can do massive damage powered by limited sources. 

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Can a Sound Be Made When You Attack In Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting? 

Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting

A thunder-like sound can be made when you pass a strike with smite until 300 ft of the range. The spell says “ the first time an attack with a melee weapon strike is made during the time limit of the spell, a consequence happens”. So you can cast the spell. And then you can make an attack on the next turn. In case an attack is missed, you can make a shot again in your next turn if that charm is still moving. 

Multiple attacks can be made till you make the hit. The spell continues to move if you stay concentrated. 

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Wrapping Up

Understanding a 5e Thunderous Smite DnD Paladin Spellcasting can be complicated. Although, PathofEx wrapped up every bit of required information in this article. I hope you had a thorough read and in case of any confusion, drop your query down. 

P.S. My experience with this spell was extremely loud, vivid, and roaring. I really wish it does the same to you. 

Anyways, have an amazing DnD, Dungeon Dudes!

Good Luck! Auf Wiedersehen

DnD - Thunderous Smite 5e Paladin Spellcasting Tools | Best Paladin


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